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Code Generation With Xtend


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Slides of a talk held at XtextCON 2014

Published in: Software
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Code Generation With Xtend

  1. 1. Code Generation with Xtend Jan Köhnlein 2014, Kiel
  2. 2. A Java Dialect Reduces the Noise Adds a Lot of Useful Features Used Everywhere in Xtext
  3. 3. Compiles to Java 5 Code Uses Java’s Type System & Library Zero Integration Issues
  4. 4. A Code Generator With Xtend
  5. 5. Extension Methods someMethod(arg0.arg1),
  6. 6. Extension Methods someMethod(arg0. arg1)
  7. 7. Syntactic Sugar Templates Type Inference Extension Methods Functional Programming
  8. 8. Builder APIs Operator overloading Active Annotations …