Call To Arms


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Call To Arms

  1. 1. H o w d id t h e C iv il Wa r te a r a p a rt f a m ilie s a n d s ta te s ?
  2. 2. Families had divided loyalties. Fathers would join one side while their sons would join the other.
  3. 3. D e f in e M a r t ia l L a w .
  4. 4. Rule by army instead of an elected government.
  5. 5. Wh a t w e re th e s tre n g th s a n d w e a k n e s s e s o f th e S O U TH ?
  6. 6. S tre n g th s South ready to defend homeland Skills that made them good soldiers Among the most brilliant officers from West Point.
  7. 7. We a k n e s s e s Few factories to produce guns & supplies. Few Railroads Small population
  8. 8. Wh a t w e re th e s tre n g th s a n d w e a k n e s s e s o f th e N O R TH ?
  9. 9. S tre n g th s 4x as many free citizens Large industry to produce weapons 75% of Railroads were in North Strong Navy
  10. 10. We a k n e s s e s Had to conquer a large area Were invading unfamiliar land Needed basic fighting skills training.
  11. 11. Wh a t s ta te s w e re b o rd e r s ta te s ?
  12. 12. U n io n - Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, & Delaware. C o n f e d e r a c y – Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, & Virginia
  13. 13. Wh o w a s J e ffe rs o n D a v is ?
  14. 14. West Point Graduate Only President of the Confederate States of America Respected for his honesty and courage Believed he alone should direct military plans
  15. 15. H o w w e r e L in c o ln a n d D a v is d if f e r e n t a s le a d e r s ?
  16. 16. Davis was wanted to direct all military plans Lincoln lacked experience but because of patients was a strong leader and fine war planner. Was also able to
  17. 17. W h a t g o a ls d id e a c h s id e h a v e ?
  18. 18. N O R TH Blockade southern ports Take control of the Mississippi River Seize Richmond and capture the Confederate Gov't
  19. 19. S O U TH Fight a defensive war Wear out Union troops so they would give up Counted on European money & supplies.
  20. 20. W h a t b a t t le s t o o k p la c e e a r ly o n ?
  21. 21. Battle of Bull Run War at Sea Battle of Antietam Battle of Shiloh
  22. 22. D e s c r ib e t h e B a t t le o f B u ll R u n .
  23. 23. Many gathered to watch the battle atop a hilltop outside Washington D.C.
  24. 24. Confederate troops held their ground. General Jackson earned his “Stonewall” nickname because he stood as firm as a stone wall.
  25. 25. Union troops end up feeling the battlefield.
  26. 26. “Off they went...down the highway...across fields, towards the woods, anywhere, everywhere, to escape. The further they ran the more frightened they grew...To enable them better to run, they threw away their blankets, knapsacks, canteens, and finally muskets, cartridge-boxes, and everything else.”
  27. 27. Showed both sides they needed to train their soldiers.
  28. 28. D e s c r ib e t h e W a r at S e a.
  29. 29. Union navy superior to Confederacy. Blockaded southern ports. South developed Ironclad ships South never mounted a serious
  30. 30. D e s c r ib e t h e B a t t le o f A n t ie t a m .
  31. 31. Confederate messenger lost General Lee's battle plans. Union, with plans, attacked. Day long battle over 24,000 killed or wounded No clear winner – North claims victory
  32. 32. D e s c r ib e t h e B a t t le o f S h ilo h .
  33. 33. Union troops surprised the South. Union victory. First huge battle of the Civil War More died in one day than 3 wars combined
  34. 34. W h a t g o a ls d id t h e N o r t h a c h ie v e ?
  35. 35. Its naval blockade Took control of the Mississippi River – split the confederacy in two.