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Sss printed program

  1. 1. Program GuideMAY 2-12, 2012 Presented By
  2. 2. THank you Sponsors & Members WELCOME About The Chicago Humanities Festival Welcome to Stages, Sights & Sounds, an international performing arts festivalStages, Sights & Sounds is presented by for families and theatergoers of any age. This year’s festival is our thirteenth and runs May 2–12, 2012 at venues in Chicago and Evanston. We’ve designed our programs to be as engaging for adults as they are for young people, and we encourage you to come with or without children. In 2000, CHF launched the multidisciplinary Children’s Humanities Festival, renamed Stages, Sights & Sounds in 2009. In 2011, more than 5,000 children,Additional support provided by teachers, and parents attended the festival, including nearly 2,000 students from the Chicago Public School system. Stages, Sights & Sounds has also Chicago Department of Culture and Tourism contributed new commissions to theater and musical repertoires; presents Crown Family Philanthropies interactive events that encourage conversations between audiences and artist; CWR Pediatrics in honor of Ann and Roger Cole and provides affordable, quality arts experiences for all ages. Illinois Arts Council Kirkland & Ellis, LLP This fall, the Chicago Humanities Festival presents its 23rd annual festival. Over MacArthur Foundation the years, as the festival has stretched from a single-day symposium to several The McCormick Foundation weeks of autumn events, it has remained faithful to its mission to deliver to Chicago Susan and Lewis Manilow people of all ages opportunities to explore, enjoy, and support the humanities. Humanities National Endowment for the Arts Join us this fall to explore “America” through events in October and November Festival Nuveen Investments 2012. is a member of Quebec Government Office—Chicago International Virginia Lee Cook Foundation Please visit for more information. Performing Arts Southwest Airlines for Youth. Stearns Charitable Trust in memory of Virginia S. Gassel Become A Member Ticket Info CHF is proud to bring premiere arts View a complete schedule of and humanities programming to events and more information the public through live events and on each program at its online archive of multimedia and Media and Back-of-Ticket Sponsor podcasts. We rely on member support Purchase tickets online or by to keep our programs accessible to calling the CHF Box Office Chicago communities. at 312-494-9509 Monday–Friday, 10 am to 5 pm. Join us for as little as $100 annually to support our mission. Ticket PricesSupport is also provided by Adults: $11 in advance, Visit or $13 at the door Chicago Parent call 312-661-1028 ext. 722 Children: (17 and under) Neighborhood Parents Network to learn more. $5 in advance, TimeOut Chicago $7 at the door Cash only at the door, please.2 Chicago Humanities Festival May 2012 May 2012 Stages, Sights & Sounds 3
  3. 3. CHICAGO HUMANITIES FESTIVAL PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE VENUES MCA JL Muesum of Josephine Louis, Contemporary Art Theater Chicago, Theater Northwestern University 220 E. Chicago Avenue 20 Arts Circle Drive Chicago, IL 60611 Evanston, IL 60208M SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 2 3 4 5A 10:30 am 10:30 am 10:00 am 11:00 am #100 Superman 2050 JL #102 Nearly Lear JL #106 Nearly Lear JL #200 Nearly Lear JL #103 The Postman MCA 10:30 am 7:00 pm 12:30 pm 1:30 pmY #101The Postman MCA #107 Superman 2050 JL #202 Superman 2050 JL #104 Superman 2050 JL #105 The Postman MCA 7:00 pm 2:00 pm #108 Nearly Lear JL #203 The Postman MCA 4:00 pm #204 Nearly Lear JL2 6 2:00 pm #300 Nearly Lear JL 7 10:30 am #400 Mur-Mur MCA 8 10:30 am #402 Nearly Lear JL 9 10:30 am #405 Fairy Tales JL 10 10:00 am #408 Nearly Lear JL 11 10:30 am #412 Fairy Tales JL 12 11:00 am #500 Fairy Tales JL - 2:00 pm 3:00 pm 12:30 pm 12:30 pm 12:30 pm 10:30 am 7:00 pm #501 Nearly Lear JL #301 Mur-Mur MCA #401 The Postman MCA #404 The Postman MCA #407 The Postman MCA #409 Mur-Mur MCA #414 Fairy Tales JL 3:00 pm 5:00 pm 12:30 pm #502 Mur-Mur MCA #302 Superman 2050 JL #410 Fairy Tales JL12 5:00 pm #503 Fairy Tales JL 7:00 pm #504 Mur-Mur MCA4 Chicago Humanities Festival May 2012 May 2012 Stages, Sights & Sounds 5
  4. 4. Superman The 2050 Postman Josephine Louis Theater at Northwestern University Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Theater 20 Arts Circle Drive Evanston, IL 60208 220 E. Chicago Avenue Chicago, IL 60611 Devised and performed by the Ensemble, Theater Un-Speak-Able Executive Producer Director Assistant Director Creation With Stage Director Stage Manager Zachary Baker-Salmon Marc Frost Alica Da Cunha Vélo Théâtre Charlot Lemoine Tania Castaing José LopezCAST About the Show About the Show Epic story, pocket proportions—seven Laden with letters and packages toSuperman/Clark Marc Frost actors share one tiny platform, just deliver, a postman sets out on hisLois Lane Kathleen Wrinn 3-by-7 feet of space, and upon it an bicycle. Opening one of the packages,Lex Luthor Thomas Kelly original Superman tale unfolds. Set he discovers a fantastic and magical in a fictional 2050 Metropolis with a world inside. One package—andMr. White Melissa Cameron remarkable resemblance to Chicago, adventure—leads to another in thisJimmy Olsen Brittany Bookbinder the show’s imaginative, resourceful wordless play, a living postcard full ofBipsy Lily Emerson cast members use only their bodies imagination, humor, and the wonder of and voices to create every prop, discovery.Mercy Becky McNamara scene, sound effect, and character in a battle between Superman and Lex About the Company Luthor for the future of the Midwest’s Vélo Théâtre was founded by Charlot beloved high-speed rail network. Lemoine and Tania Castaing in 1981 in Angers, France. The company creates visually-rich performances About the Company with few or no words, based on the Based in Chicago, IL, Theater idea that actors can interpret objects Un•Speak•Able is dedicated to telling just as they can interpret words and stories using the entire body, mind, phrases. Vélo Théâtre performed heart and soul. Working indoors and There’s a Rabbit in the Moon in the outdoors, TU creates live theatrical 2010 Stages, Sights & Sounds festival. performances combining elements of Photos by Robert Etcheverry movement, dance, mime, circus and These performances are presented in partnership with clown. the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and are generously underwritten by Susan and Lewis Manilow. Performance Schedule These performances are presented in partnership Wednesday, May 2 #101. 10:30 am with the Theatre & Interpretation Center, Northwestern Thursday, May 3 #103. 10:30 am University. Thursday, May 3 #105. 7:00 pm Saturday, May 5 #201. 11:00 am Performance Schedule Saturday, May 5 #203. 2:00 pm Wednesday, May 2 #100. 10:30 am Monday, May 7 #401. 12:30 pm Thursday, May 3 #104. 7:00 pm Tuesday, May 8 #404. 12:30 pm Friday, May 4 #107. 12:30 pm Wednesday, May 9 #406. 10:30 am Saturday, May 5 #202. 1:30 pm Wednesday, May 9 #407. 12:30 pm Sunday, May 6 #302. 5:00 pm Photos by Greyory 6 Chicago Humanities Festival May 2012 May 2012 Stages, Sights & Sounds 7
  5. 5. Nearly Mur-Mur Lear (The Wall) Josephine Louis Theater at Northwestern University Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Theater 20 Arts Circle Drive Evanston, IL 60208 220 E. Chicago Avenue Chicago, IL 60611 About the Show Nearly Lear’s initial research and development What if the great and tragic story of was in association with Emma Rice and Mike Shepherd of Kneehigh Theatre, England. King Lear were told by the King’s closest companion—his own fool? This is Nearly Lear. Seen through CREDITS the eyes of Lear’s devoted clown, Performer Susanna Hamnett About the Show Norris (who, in good Shakespearean In Mur-Mur, a wall, with its graffiti and tradition, is actually Noreen disguised Director Edith Tankus its secrets, alternates as a playground as a boy), the story is not only LIghting Design Michelle Ramsay and refuge for five young characters— poignant and tragic, but also gentle, Set Design Lindsay Anne Black CAST two teenage couples and a pesky mischievous, and funny. younger brother—swept up in an air- Sound Gavin Fearon Laurianne Brabant bound acrobatic ballet. Their flirting, About Susanna Hamnett Film David Parker teasing, and fearlessness become Mélanie Raymond Through performance and teaching, Stage Manager Christina Cicko a moving reflection of a very special actor Susanna Hamnett has Jod Léveillé-Bernard time in life. continuously sought to develop a Steeve Munger unique theatrical voice that fuses Hugues Sarra-Bournet About the Company various passions and disciplines: Based in Montreal, DynamO Théâtre Shakespeare, clown, storytelling, is an internationally renowned theatre vaudeville, the serious, and the mischievous. After studies at London’s SCRIPT company whose work focuses on developing, producing and performing Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Theater of Acrobatic Movement Hamnett worked professionally in Yvan Côté, Jacqueline productions. Europe before moving to Toronto. Gosselin, Robert Dion, Script Nearly Lear is her first full-length solo Daniel B. Hétu, Pierre These performances are presented in partnership with performance. Leclerc, Guylaine Paul the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and are generously underwritten by Susan and Lewis Manilow Collaboration Jacques Lessard Performance Schedule Directing Robert Dion Thursday, May 3 #102. 10:30 am Set Design Michel Demers Friday, May 4 #106. 10:00 am Performance Schedule Friday, May 4 #108. 7:00 pm François Dupuis, Sunday, May 6 #301. 3:00 pm Music Saturday, May 5 #200. 11:00 am Jean-François Pednô Monday, May 7 #400. 10:30 am Saturday, May 5 #204. 4:00 pm Costume Tuesday, May 8 #403. 10:30 am Pierre-Étienne Locas Sunday, May 6 #300. 2:00 pm Design Thursday, May 10 #409. 10:30 am Tuesday, May 8 #402. 10:30 am Lighting Michel Beaulieu, Thursday, May 10 #411. 12:30 pm Thursday, May 10 #408. 10:00 am These performances are presented in partnership Design Sabrina Steenhaut Friday, May 11 #413. 10:30 am with the Theatre & Interpretation Center, Northwestern Saturday, May 12 #501. 2:00 pm University. Saturday, May 12 #502. 3:00 pm Stage Saturday, May 12 #504. 7:00 pm Christina Cicko Manager8 Chicago Humanities Festival May 2012 May 2012 Stages, Sights & Sounds 9
  6. 6. Fairy What else Tales does CHF do? The Chicago Humanities Festival’s mission is to create opportunities for Josephine Louis Theater at Northwestern University people of all ages to support, enjoy and explore the humanities. We fulfill this 20 Arts Circle Drive Evanston, IL 60208 mission through nearly 130 yearly events, including the annual Stages, Sights & Sounds and fall festivals, year-round lectures and talks, and professional development programs for educators, as well as through promoting our vibrant online humanities community.CREDITS About the Show What really happened between Little Events for Educators Script, Design, Nori Sawa Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Performer CHF offers professional development events for educators. CHF’s Books Wolf? How does The Little Mermaid Unbound features lectures from renowned university faculty on great literature, Production really end? Solo puppeteer Nori Táňa Švehlová with an eye on integrating them into classroom use. The remaining spring Manager Sawa delivers fresh takes on classic session is on Elizabeth Stoddard’s The Morgesons on Saturday, May 19, Light & Sound fairy tales. From Japan and based in Martin Špetlík 10 am to 2 pm. $6 registration fee applies. Call the CHF Box Office at Technician Prague, Sawa uses puppets, masks, 312-494-9509 to register. music, paper cutouts, and his body to tell beautiful and sometimes slightly The Summer Institute for Teachers, held each year in July, is a multi-day twisted versions of traditional tales. workshop for a small group of teachers. Information and registration will be available in May 2012 on the CHF web site. About Nori Sawa Born in Japan but now based in the Czech Republic, Nori Sawa began his professional activities in Europe, for the Cultural Ministry of the Japanese 23rd Annual Chicago Humanities Festival Government. He has performed and taught theater arts in more than 20 countries. In 1999, he was awarded the Franz Kafka Medal for his global The 2012 festival will explore the many meanings of America, both at artistic activities. home and abroad. From art and literature to the history and present of the Americas, the Festival will bring to Chicago the best that has been These performances are presented in partnership thought and said about our grand hemispheric experiment. with the Theatre & Interpretation Center, Northwestern University. Dates: Sundays, October 14 and 21 and November 1–11, 2012. Performance Schedule Tickets go on sale Tuesday, September 4. Wednesday, May 9 #405. 10:30 am Thursday, May 10 #410. 12:30 pm Friday, May 11 #412. 10:30 am Friday, May 11 #414. 7:00 pm Year-Round Talks & Performances Saturday, May 12 #500. 11:00 am Saturday, May 12 #503. 5:00 pm CHF also presents a series of talks and performances in the winter and early spring. The 2012 slate of programs featured art historian Wanda Corn, performance artist Marina Abramović, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Israeli author Etgar Keret. Members receive discounted tickets to year-round programs. The 2013 lineup will be announced in late fall 2012.10 Chicago Humanities Festival May 2012 May 2012 Stages, Sights & Sounds 11
  7. 7. Chicago Humanites FestivalBoard of Directors Staff & InternsOfficers Staff Interns Willard Fraumann Mary Kate Barley-Jenkins Camille Izlar Chair Director, Programming Web Content Intern Harve A. Ferrill Matti Bunzl Ted Ledford Vice Chair and Secretary Artistic Director Web Content Intern Scott C. Smith Rem Cabrera Charlotte Melbinger Vice Chair and Treasurer Director, Institutional Giving Box Office Intern Karla Scherer Jennifer Cambras Liz Schulze Vice Chair Manager, Audience Services Marketing Intern Marilynn J. Thoma Saloni Dar Kelsey Rotwein Vice Chair Associate Director, Education Fellow Development andDirectors Administration Production Staff Stuart Flack John P. Amboian Executive Director House Managers Allegra E. Biery TBD Mary A. Boyer Joan M. Fox Managing Director Stage Managers Deborah G. Engle TBD R. Scott Falk Heidi Hewitt Mary Louise Gorno Director, Production Cheryl A. Harris Special Thanks Matthew Heinrich Clark Hulse Webmaster Christopher N. Knight Special thanks to all John R. McCambridge Carol Kang our wonderful Stages, John W. McCarter, Jr. Web Communications Sights & Sounds Jeffrey S. Ross Manager volunteers for sharing Anita K. Sinha Alexandra Katich with us their time and Grace K. Stanek Development Coordinator energy. Thanks also Harrison I. Steans to Koko Cooper, Diane Avy H. Stein Jara Kern Claussen, Beata Leja, Christopher Q. Stephan Director, Marketing and Minsky, McCormick & Annette W. Turow Communications Hallagan, and Jennifer Corrina Lesser Smith.Emeriti Senior Program Manager Stephen Lieto (Thanks also to TBD Richard J. Franke Program/Production from Heidi.) Ommolorp Founding Chair Coordinator ercipsuscin velit ad del ut aliquis dolent vel Richard Gray Julia Mayer ea feuis dio et praesto Founding Vice Chair Senior Program Manager eugiam veliquamcon Audrey Peiper et digniatummodEmeriti Directors tem quatum zzriliq Director, Individual Giving vendignim amet, cor Jean S. Berghoff Carol Rosofsky ipis euisl utpat. Ud et, Paul C. Gignilliat Counsel to Development, volorercinit praessi tat Ruth Ann Quinn Programming, and Special nibh enibh erit alis Richard J. Stern Events