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  1. 1. Mi llen nial F lav or
  2. 2. Should we shop here? What about here? Let’s goshopping! Or maybe here? This place? That place?
  3. 3. Executive Summary Goals set by the client, Discovery Clothing Company, Brand Goals that Millennial Flavor will create an integrated marketing campaign set to achieve as best as possible. As 1 Chicago’s largest independently owned clothing retailer, Discovery has been doing well in recent years, As we despite not having any coordinated ongoing marketing Identify compelling brand identity efforts or customer tracking abilities in place. This integrated marketing communications campaign has been assembled set out 2 in an effort to build and expand upon Discovery’s current success. to start our Find a way to build loyalty among Discovery shoppers An exhaustive examination of Discovery, its competitors, the industry, and the market have yielded some significant mission one 3 insight that can translate into excellent opportunities for Discovery. Additionally, both quantitative and qualitative Develop direct CRM options question consumer research has provided additional insights that will help form and strengthen future communication efforts. 4 came to The strategies and objectives recommended herein are designed to identify Discovery’s core customers, develop a Develop partnership opportunities mind.... compelling brand identity, and build loyalty among Discovery shoppers. They will also develop direct CRM options and partnership opportunities, increase social media exposure, 5 and leverage viral marketing and mobile marketing opportunities. Increase social media exposureMILLENNIALFLAVOR 6 Leverage viral marketing / mobile marketing opportunities MILLENNIAL FLAVOR
  4. 4. How can we set Discovery apart A little research might help! from the crowd ?MILLENNIAL MILLENNIALFLAVOR FLAVOR
  5. 5. Brand Realities Brand RealitiesResearch Methods Used:• Primary 1 Discovery has a few key attributes. $12.99 $12.99 Quicker inventory turnover than competitors Discovery does not always have the lowest price.MILLENNIALFLAVOR 2 Get lastest fashions into the store faster MILLENNIAL FLAVOR
  6. 6. External RealitiesResearch Methods Used: External Realities• Professional Secondary Resources Online retailers are nowCompetitor Research Industry Research• Low barriers to entry in the category have led to an exponential increase in competition (ComScore, June 2010). • Item based loyalty programs (IBLP) have more positive impact that competitors conventional discounts. They reduce• With the advancement of website interfaces and web ordering systems online- only retailers are taking business away from brick and mortar retailers more each attrition among current customers Millennials are price sensitive, and tend to reduce responsiveness to year (Lazarczyk, 2008). competitor campaigns.(Zhang) and likely to remain that way• Discounters like Target, TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack are now considered • Mobile is one of the biggest trends in What we to be among the competition for the category. In our research we found retail at present. Smartphones and Category Expansion discovered about that some consumers will shop with higher end retailers for certain items smart apps are creating smarter savvier and shop with stores like Discovery for basic items such as tanks and tees. shoppers. (NZ Marketing Magazine) Millennial buying power is high (Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing & Textiles, November 2009) • Consumer market for fashion apparel Discovery’s currentMarket Research has become more diverse by designer surroundings brands, store brands, personalization,• Millennial (1982-2001) consumer buying power is over 1 trillion per year and they advertising and ethnicity in the global are extremely influential over adult consumer purchases (Bellman, Teich, & Clark, 2009, p. 47). marketplace (Consumer Culture Fashion, March 2010) Millennials are attracted to• People are typically more price sensitive due to the lack of employment security • According to NPD Group, women fast fashion and frequent caused by the recession. Consumer spending is expected to be sluggish this year due to low housing values and limited job growth (Chicago Business). account for more than half of fashion industry trends. (Chicago product introductions Consumers Dipping Up Tribune, February 2010)• Millennials are considered to be more smart and savvy shoppers today than ever before. & DownMILLENNIAL MILLENNIALFLAVOR FLAVOR
  7. 7. Consumer Realities Consumer Realities Research Methods Used:Research Methods Used:• Professional Secondary Resources • Primary Quantitative; On-line Survey• Primary Qualitative; In-depth InterviewsSecondary Research Primary Qualitative Research Primary Quantitative Research Survey Results:We analyzed over 100 articles, scholarly work, We conducted, in association with other Roosevelt University We conducted a market research survey for the client, Discoveryand professional databases in an effort to reveal groups, over 60 in-depth interviews during the Clothing Company, in February 2012 using an online survey • 233 Responses We conducted a survey that receivedtrends and key facts about the consuer market. month of February 2012. Interviewees were a mix site called Survey Monkey. The survey was promoted through 233 responses. of Discovery consumers and non-consumers. Roosevelt student networks via social media and word of mouth.Research Findings • Young Adults Nearly half, 45% of the consumer• The large majority of 20-somethings are tech-savvy, Interview Objectives: Survey Objectives: market is between the ages of 19-24. multitasking, forward-thinking workers who demand Conceptualize consumers purchasing behaviors • Assess the current brand Identity and brand awareness flexibility and perceive workplace loyalty differently than Understand consumers decision-making process • Identify core customers and level of brand loyalty • African American & Caucasian African American their parents did…It’s not unusual for 20-somethings to flip • Determine true competitive set and Caucasian show to be the two predominant segments between several tasks simultaneously, especially those Interview Take-Aways: within the consumer market. Only one elective response involving technology.” (Huebeck, 2012) • Customer’s process for purchasing clothing is heavily was given, European (Greek). dependent on the initial motive or reason for the shopping trip.• With the growing trend of young girls seeking to be • 74% Awareness Among the qualified sample which older younger, targeting 18 this age group will achieve • One interviewee shared that her shopping trips and process represents Discovery Clothing Store’s consumer market, the secondary effect of enticing 13-17 year olds as well of purchasing clothing is planned around specific events or the data shows that the brand has approximately 74% (Jayne, 2011) activities she needs an outfit for and how much she can afford brand awareness among it’s consumer market. to spend on the outfit.• According to a study conducted by Bain & Company, • Non-Loyals 65% of the consumer segment women who consider themselves to be stylish spend • Interviewees stated that Discovery clothing is a way to add that are aware of Discovery Clothing three times the average on apparel, accessories a bit of “interest” to their wardrobe but not to be used as a Stores are NOT loyal to the brand. and beauty purchases by female shoppers in primary source of clothing; mainly for accessories or to add • the US (, September 2010) layers to more expensive/higher quality items they have • Forever 21 The leading brand in the Low Priced invested in. Fashion clothing category according to our survey respondents is Forever21. • Another person suggested that knowing that a product is currently popular or trendy will impact their decision to purchase the product over price or quality. • Ideas Motivate Having an idea or being inspired to purchase something specific motivates these respondents to shop and gets them in the door.MILLENNIAL MILLENNIALFLAVOR FLAVOR
  8. 8. Consumer Realities Consumer Realities “With the growing trend of young girls seeking to be older younger, targeting 18 this age group will achieve the secondary effect of enticing 13-17 year olds as well” Women shop mainly (Jayne, 2011) because they already have an idea of what they’re looking for.What we Young girls Older women want to want to seem older seem youngerdiscovered After price, 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35from current shoppers AGE up-to-date fashions are the number& non-shoppers of one driver of store selection. Forver21 is Top of Mind Brand forDiscovery low priced fashion in Chicago Low Loyalty- 65% of Discovery 1) Forever 21 customers do not shop at Discovery regularly 2) TJ Maxx 3) DiscoveryMILLENNIAL MILLENNIALFLAVOR FLAVOR
  9. 9. Realities Exposed Key OpportunityFrom all of our research we identified specific key problems andinsights that we found to help us reveal a key opportunity to use tocreate our campaign and set Discovery apart from the others. Attract and build loyalty amongKey Problems young, fashion conscious women on Price is not a Point of Difference a budget by adding perceived value to in consumer’s minds Discovery through emphasizing their Consumers are brand switchers quick turnover and ability to get the latest fashions before other stores. Discovery lacks a distinct brand personality Key Insights Based on the overall brand goals and the key opportunity evolved from our research we created some Marketing & Communications Objectives to help us develop an integrated campaign to achieve the goals set by Discovery. Discovery turns over their inventory faster than their competitors. Discovery has a faster distribution network, because they ship straight to the stores. Adding perceived value to purchases will build stronger consumer loyalty.MILLENNIAL MILLENNIALFLAVOR FLAVOR
  10. 10. Marketing Objectives Communications ObjectivesBased on the overall brand goals and the key opportunity evolved from ourresearch we created Marketing & Communications Objectives to help usdevelop an integrated campaign to achieve the goals set by Discovery. “Drop Primary by D you sh iscovery e op, be ve going cause ry time to find y new fa ou’re Distinguish Discovery every shionsPrimary day.” , from Competitors on more than just price.Increase sales by promotingtrial among 18-24 suburbanfemale discount shoppers toconsider Discovery first. Secondary Secondary Modify attitudes of current ry will iscove stand ing at D Shopp feel special & customers “ you’ll Increase sales by getting lapsed ma ke you se it’s where .” ecau hions by adding perceived value to apart b he latest fas or infrequent Discovery as offering find t Discovery more than just low prices. on more than just price.MILLENNIAL MILLENNIALFLAVOR FLAVOR
  11. 11. key opportunity From our and our marketing communications objectives for our campaign Find It First, For Less. idea that positions Discovery we came up with an apart from all the rest.MILLENNIAL MILLENNIALFLAVOR FLAVOR
  12. 12. Target Profiles Primary Target “I like to go ou and the occa t, hit parties sional club – so staying ah Women 18-24 fashion curv ead of the e is a survival Never shop at Discovery tactic for me. ” Make $12-30k annually Lives in the Suburbs around Chicago Key Traits Budget Conscious Now that we have our idea, Socially Active Current Behavior we have to know who we are talking to • Searches for fashion ideas online • Looking for fashion as value – doesn’t care where she gets it in order to best communicate our idea to them. • She feels Forever 21 has a broader selection, plus she can check out their items online, so she favors them. Key Insight • “I like to go out, hit parties and the occasional club - so staying ahead of the fashion curve is a survival tactic for me.” Budget Conscioius Women 18-24MILLENNIAL MILLENNIALFLAVOR FLAVOR
  13. 13. Target Profiles Target Return On Investment “I shopped there wh en ISecondary Target was younger, but I’v e “I want to dress well moved on. Most place s in brand names, but are more or less theWomen 18-24 I don’t have a ton to same, and I feel sillyLapsed or Infrequent UsersMake $12-30k annually spend. And no one is gonna check the still shopping with the younger crowd.” ROI on TargetsLives in the Suburbs around Chicago label on my cami.” • In the Chicago Metropolitan Area, there are around 445,500 women between the age of 18-24Key TraitsBudget Conscious • If an average Discovery shopper spends aroundSocially Active $120 per year*, then converting just 1% of these women into Discovery shoppers will more than pay for the marketing efforts within the year.Current Behavior Sets *Estimate based on comparables.• Dip Downs - These women prefer to shop at Nordstrom Rack and other locations they view as offering higher end clothing. They make their way to Discovery in search of ‘basics’ to go with their higher end items.• Too Old for This - Former Discovery shoppers who began to feel too old for the brand, and don’t know of any compelling reason to bring them back. 445,500 Women 18-24Key Insights• “I want to dress well in brand names, but I don’t have a ton to spend. And no one is gonna check the label on my cami.”• “I shopped there when I was younger, but I’ve moved on. Most places are more or less the same, and I feel silly still shopping with the younger crowd.” Socially ActiveMILLENNIAL MILLENNIALFLAVOR FLAVOR
  14. 14. Find it first, for less. We have our idea.. We know who we plan to talk to.. Outdoor Loyalty Now, How do we plan to get the word out? Social Mobile Media Radio Partnership PRMILLENNIAL MILLENNIALFLAVOR FLAVOR
  15. 15. PACE AdsTACTICS PACE Ads & CTA Ads TYPE: Out Of House/ Mobile Discovery will purchase ad space at PACE locations within 5 miles of existing Discovery locations. These ads will hammer home the “Find it First, For Less” messaging. In-car banner ads will be placed in the Chicago Transit pink link trains. This line services the city and suburbs which is where our target market lives. Additionally, these ads will feature QR codes directing users to the mobile sign-up pages for Discovery’s loyalty program. Store Windows & In Store Signs TYPE: Out Of House The outward-facing window signs at Discovery have always served to increase visibility for the brand, and many of Discovery’s current shoppers mention them when asked how they learned about Discovery. In-store signage will also be updated to reflect the ‘Find it First’ positioning will help target infrequent customers at a low-cost. FIF Telescopes TYPE: Out Of House Ambient Discovery will be placing nude mannequins standing by a telescope near competitive strong holds and high traffic suburban locations. People walking by will see the ‘Find it First’ call to action, and will be enticed to take a peek through the telescope. Once they are looking through the scope, a :15 ‘View-Master’ like series of slides will play. It will show the mannequin strutting her stuff on a runway, followed by a Discovery shopper jealousy eyeing her fashions and rushing the runway, literally grabbing the clothes off the model’s back. MILLENNIAL MILLENNIAL FLAVOR FLAVOR
  18. 18. Social Media TWITTERFor our target, to add perceived value to our brand and product, we must engage with them on a non-sales basis. “My First...” Type: Online ContestDo Don’t • Twice a week• Create online conversations • Make it all about sales Discovery will Tweet• Encourage consumer engagement • Ignore consumer questions/comments a “my first” topic for• Provide added value for consumers followers to discuss • Potential topics:• first job, firstFacebook Foursquare kiss, date etc.Type: Loyalty Contest Type: In-Store Check ins • Followers will be asked to include hashtag• Discovery fans will sign up to receive customized referral link • Discovery employees will announce “in-store Foursquare “#DiscoveryMyFirst”• Link will be used to refer friends to loyalty club sign-up page check-ins” during periods with high traffic when tweeting firsts• Each week, the fan with the most referrals • The first customer in-store to come up to the counter • The follower with wins a prize from Discovery showing they checked in to Discovery will receive a prize the most retweets (Gift card, percentage off next purchase, free item etc.) will receive a prize from DiscoveryContest will run during the first four weeks Promotion can run as frequent as manager deems necessary (Gift card etc.)of the “Find it First” campaign This in-store engagement will run throughout the entire campaign This engagement will run throughoutBlogger Outreach course of campaignType: Engagement• Discovery will reach out to fashion bloggers and influencers in Chicagoland area• “Find it First” messaging will be reinforced by blogger mentions/features of Discovery• Bloggers will receive a behind the scenes look at Discovery’s processes of getting clothing fast and firstThis will provide PR support throughout thecampaign and support all campaign tactics.MILLENNIAL MILLENNIALFLAVOR FLAVOR
  19. 19. Pinterest YouTubePinterest FIF Haul VideosType: Online Engagement Type: Viral Video• Discovery employees • Discovery will set up will take daily photos in-store Haul video of inventory as it stations in select arrives on the truck Discovery stores• Photos will be added to • Discovery employees Discovery Find it First will be asked to engage board on Pinterest customers with in-• Photo will include price store incentives and brief product • Customers will be description encouraged to make• Followers will be videos showing off encouraged to re-pin clothing selections their favorite items • The videos will be• Discovery Pinterest instantly uploaded account will be linked to Discovery social to Facebook for media channels added exposure (Youtube, Facebook)This will engagement This promotion will runwill go on throughout during the 2nd monththe entire campaign of the campaignMILLENNIAL MILLENNIALFLAVOR FLAVOR
  20. 20. Loyalty Program PartnershipFashion-based Loyalty Rewards Fast Fashion 101Type: Loyalty Program/Mobile Type: College-Focused ParnetershipWe’ll drive users to sign up for the program using SocialMedia, in-store iPad kiosks, QR codes on Outdoor ads Discovery will partner with universities to offer anthat drive to a mobile-optimized sign-up page, and via ‘apprenticeship’ course where students learn the ins andan employee ‘store ambassador’ incentive program. outs of the buying process by working with Discovery. Partner with schools near Discovery locations that offerEach of these different channels will be trackable via referring a Fashion Merchandising focus; like Illinois Institute ofURL, meaning Discovery will even be able to track which Art and Benedictine University. The final project for thechannels, and even which individual members of their course would be assembling product for and promoting asalesforce are the more effective at promoting the brand. fast fashion show to the student body & local community. University PartnershipsIncreasing Near Discovery locationscustomer loyalty • • Offer a Fashion Merchandising focus • Illinois Institute of Art and Benedictine University Develop Building a CRM database custom ‘apprentice’Learning about Fast-fashion show coursecustomers as final projectMILLENNIAL MILLENNIALFLAVOR FLAVOR
  21. 21. An offensive media approach will be taken in order toMEDIA Media Objective tap into the success of key competitors in the category. Reach 70% of the target audience 2-3 times a week. Radio will be utilized to help build frequency in a targeted geographic area. It will allow Fashion-based loyalty program; The campaign will be teased for 2 weeks, then will experience Discovery greater flexibility in terms of scheduling and last minute changes, and will simultaneously building a CRM a strong pulse for the first 6 weeks to launch the new brand offer another effective way of reaching out to database, learning more about their identity. Following a month-long hiatus, the campaign will mobile audiences. customers and their behavior, and pulse again coming into the Back to School season. increasing customer loyalty. OOH tactics will be implemented • The focus on high frequency was decided upon because to achieve a high level of Mobile Marketing will serve to reach frequency in a targeted customers out in the world in a manner of the target, a non-loyal audience, the purchase cycle, geographic area. This will also where they can interact with the which is short, and the competitive situation, which involves allow effective targeting of brand, rather than just being ‘talked multiple competitors in the region of most store locations. category shoppers who shop at at’ by mass media channels. This will competitors by placing ads near also serve as an excellent point for Geographic Targeting competitive store locations. gathering new customer information. Focus will be on the Chicagoland area, with heavy Web-Focused PR will be utilized to • More than 44% of Americans concentrations of out of home and ambient strategies sister with the social media tactics. over age 12 own a smartphone being implemented within 3-5 miles of existing Discovery (Edison Research, 2012) store locations or near competitive strongholds. Social Media will be utilized to create • Forrester predicts that by 2016, 1 a reliable point of interaction with Billion people will own smartphones. Discovery and to create a channel for • 67% of Smartphone Owners use Seasonality developing infrequent shoppers into loyals, and loyals into brand ambassadors. their phones to aid their shopping (LJS Strategic Research) Seasons will be determined by category sales trends, with This will also serve as an excellent point Partnership with Colleges and • 81% of them do so before for gathering customer information. Universities gives Discovery access to arriving at the store a focus on delivering the new messaging just prior to and Customers exposed to branded the univerisities pre-exsisting media • 44% do so while actually in-store, during prime sales months. Focus will be placed in May- social media content are 7x more exposure to the majority of their target. right next to the products they’re June for the launch, and then renewed again in August likely to increase their spending. This wil aslo help with brand reputation. after (LJS Strategic Research) through early September to boost back-to-school sales. Why integrate all these channels? Each have a greater value when working in tandem than they do alone. : • Customers exposed to both Social Media and OOH are an additional 1.5x more likely to increase their spending • Customers exposed to Social Media and PR were found to increase their weekly spend amount by +17% MILLENNIAL MILLENNIAL FLAVOR FLAVOR
  22. 22. Campaign Accomplishments Calendar Overview By Media/Tactic 1 B Identify compelling brand identity Find It First, For Less U 2 Find a way to build loyalty among Discovery shoppers B asedSCHEDULE ion- ogram 3 Develop direct CRM options L h Fas ty Pr oyal G 4 Budget Allocation By Media/Tactic Develop partnership opportunities E 5 University Fashion Apprentice T Increase social media exposure Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeMILLENNIAL 6 Leverage viral marketing / mobile marketing opportunities Haul Videos, QR, FourSquare MILLENNIALFLAVOR FLAVOR
  23. 23. MILLENNIAL FLAVOR Hunter Koerner Liz Schulze Nicole Pierce Shavon BanketMILLENNIALFLAVOR