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An introduction to Cryosurgery.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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  1. 1. CRYOSURGERYWhat is Cryosurgery?Cryosurgery is the selective exposure of tissues to extreme cold, often byapplying a probe containing liquid nitrogen, to bring about the destructionor elimination of abnormal cells.
  2. 2. The Action – Liquid Nitrogen Liquid nitrogen boils at -196ºC and is the most effective cryogen for clinical use. Temperatures of -25ºC to -50ºC can be achieved within seconds when applied using a spray or probe, resulting in superior effectiveness when compared to that of -20°C when applied by a swab. Cryosurgery works because these freezing temperatures have a destructive force on cells.-196ºC Ice crystals form inside the cells and then tear them apart. More damage occurs when blood vessels supplying the diseased tissue freeze.
  3. 3. The Action – Nitrous OxideNitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas, can be used effectively incryotherapy. Nitrous oxide devices work based on expansive cold, whereby liquidN2O (nitrous oxide) is brought through a micro capillary under a constantremaining temperature of -89°C directly onto the area to be treated.Nitrous oxide can be stored safely and does not have any storage ortransportation hazards associated with liquid nitrogen
  4. 4. What skin lesions can be treated using cryosurgery?Cryosurgery can treat man skin lesions including the following:• Warts• Veruccas• Skin tags• Early stage skin cancers (both basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas)• Actinic Keratosis (pre-cancerous skin growths)• Seborrheic Keratosis (non-cancerous benign skin growth)
  5. 5. Advantages of cryosurgeryCryosurgery is a minimally invasive procedure with superior effectiveness and is often preferredto other surgical procedures as there is minimal pain, scarring and cost:Cosmetic: Provided freezing is not excessive, lesions heal with minimal scarring.Treatment time: Treatment is quick and easy. Effective freezing happens between 5 and 30seconds.Reduced pain: Anesthetic is rarely used as patients often feel little or no pain during or aftertreatment.Reduced cost: With cryosurgery there is no bleeding or odor so there is no need for furtherexpensive equipment. Surgery time, clinician time and staff numbers are all reduced.
  6. 6. The Devices: Cryosuccess • Nitrous Oxide device • Freezes to -89ºC degrees • Highly portable • No storage or transportation risks associated with liquid nitrogen • 300 second of gas per 23.5g cartridge • Minimal 1% loss of gas in an unused cartridge per year
  7. 7. The Devices: Cryosuccess treatment cases Before AfterBefore After
  8. 8. The Devices: Schuco Cryospray • Advanced liquid nitrogen spray technology • Brass collar design • Ergonomic design for an easy grip and complete control • 5 year warranty • Supplied with 5 brass spray tips, sturdy canvas carry bag and specialist adaptor for use with Brymill CRY-AC orifices • Must be stored and used in a well ventilated room. (High Risk: Pure Nitrogen will remove any Oxygen in air and you will immediately suffocate)
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