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Wild Thinking of BigdataBase


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Wild Thinking of BigdataBase: SQL+HBase

Published in: Technology
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Wild Thinking of BigdataBase

  1. 1. Wild Thinking of BigdataBase Schubert Zhang Sep.23, 2011
  2. 2. Vision• Make a new DataBase• with features … – High Scalability – Stores Big Data (PB)• Target to applications – Real-Time – and Analysis
  3. 3. Our Trial• BDE versioned • Need to do more HugeTable – Improvement of HBase – Improvement of Storage Model• SQL + HBase – Improvement of Data – HBase as Storage Engine Model as a DB – Customized Storage – More DB features: Model in HBase • Indexing … – Special SQL • ACID … – Limited DB model and • Partitioning … features – SQL Syntax …
  4. 4. Wild Thinking – MySQL + HBase• MySQL/ Application PostgreSQL support SQL plug-able Storage Engine MySQL/PostgreSQL Server – MyISAM, InnoDB, BDB … MySQL Storage Handler/ PostgreSQL Storage Wrapper – How about HBase? MyISAM • without doubt: HugeDB InnoDB – We should wrapping Storage Engine and customizing HBase. (Middleware to HBase) – A middleware between MySQL/PostgreSQL and HBase HBase is needed. Cluster
  5. 5. Wild Thinking – new SQL Server• New design and implementation of a SQL server.• Refers to Hive, H2, or other open source SQL Engines.
  6. 6. The HBase Middleware• Wrapping and customizing of HBase client API.• Follow the API of upper SQL-server…• Major features: – Indexing (see megastore) – ACID (see megastore) – Partitioning – Parallel Query (see Dremel)• Special Features – Time-series
  7. 7. More …• Thinking …