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May you a happy mid autumn festival.

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Moon Festival - YHMCO, BW Fittings Manufacturer

  1. 1. Tachia Yung HoMachine Industry CO., Ltd
  2. 2. 8/15 on Lunar Calendar is one important day for Chinese. I t ’s Mid Autumn F e s t i v a l . Pe o p l e w i l l c e l e b ra t e g o o d harvest at the day. Admire the moon with their family at night. Full moon symbolizing familyreunion in Chinese tradition. It’sthe reason why Chinese cherish thisd a y s o m u c h .
  3. 3. Legend of the Moon Festival
  4. 4. In ancient China, we had 10 Sun God. They shine the earth by turns. However, one day, they decided to play together. This decision results a very bad consequence . The land was burning. Waterdepletion. Thousands of people dead.The world became the Living Hell.
  5. 5. Hou Yi, the warrior was veryangry. He took the magic bow asweapon and then climb onto thehighest mountain. Finally, he killed 9Sun Gods and saved the world. People demanded him to be theemperor because of his brave andkindness behavior. In addition, theHeavenly Queen Mother gave him theElixir of life as the reward. Power tends to corrupt. Thehero became a cruel tyrant over time .
  6. 6. Chang-O (Hou Yi’s wife), witness this terrible change. She felt very painful. In order to save common people, she ate the Elixir of life to prevent this brutal man b e c a m e t h e E t e r n a l . Hou Yi tried to stop his wife. However, to see Chang-O fly to the moon was the only thing he could do. Her sacrifice touched everybody.From then on, people start to worshipthe moon, to worship the kind andbeauty goddess, Chang-O.
  7. 7. Why do we eatmooncake on 8/15?
  8. 8. Zhu Yuan Zhang, theson of peasant wanted to drove theM o n g o l s o u t o f C h i n a . His armies were hided in differentplaces. He needed a clever way toinform them the attacking time. Liu, his close The military orders advisor finally were hided in the came up with a moon cakes . brilliant idea. And arranged 8/15 to start the war.
  9. 9. A t t h e e n d o f t h e w a r, t h e y successfully overthrew the Yuan Dynasty. Zhu became the emperor and set up Ming Dynasty at last. People ate moon cakes tocelebrate the great victory. As timego es by, it became o ne o f theC h i n e s e t r a d i t i o n s .
  10. 10. Pomelo is the occasional fruit. And itspronunciation in Chinese means "bless the children“. BBQ with dear family m embers and friends. Have fun time under moonlight.
  11. 11. YHMCO, the historical and professional Taiwan SS BW pipe fittings manufacturer. Wish you a HappyTel: +886-4-2681-5496Fax: +886-4-2681-5456 Seria Yang Moon Festival!Web Robert HuangVideo introduction