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Cheap Computing


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How to get just about everything for the computer for free

Published in: Technology
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Cheap Computing

  1. 1. Vic Laurie
  2. 2.  Is free stuff any good? What’s the catch? Are there any problems? What does “free” really mean? Is it safe? What free stuff is available? Where do I get it?
  3. 3.  “Freeware is not a cheap or second-class option - it can often be functionally superior to equivalent commercial software and even of higher quality.” The Open Source - Many substantial free programs from major companies Many excellent small programs from individuals or small businesses
  4. 4.  Internet browsers ◦ Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera Blogging software and content management ◦ Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress Web site management ◦ Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP Office suites ◦ OpenOffice, LibreOffice Adobe Flash and Reader
  5. 5.  Some authors create software simply to help others and/or to enhance their reputation Some authors hope you will be generous and donate a few bucks Authors can earn a living by customizing and supporting their software Some free programs have big brothers that the authors hope you’ll buy Some programs are free for a while and then become pay applications But sometimes there is a problem
  6. 6.  Limited features Software may be buggy Interface may be very minimal and hard to use Not as polished Limited support Software may install unwanted additional programs Software may actually be malware
  7. 7.  Some programs are actually free with no strings Donationware Nagware Trialware Crippleware Adware Foistware Malware
  8. 8. 1. Find out what is available2. Find out how good it is3. Find a reputable and safe source4. Back up system5. Download and check file with antivirus6. Install
  9. 9.  Download from reputable sites only Check with anti-virus before installing Check with program like Malwarebytes ( Check online at VirusTotal ( Back up system before installing anything
  10. 10.  Computer software and utilities Office suites Music Video eBooks Games And much more
  11. 11.  Avast! (May try to install Chrome browser} Microsoft Security Essentials Panda Cloud Antivirus Avira AntiVir AVG Antivirus Discussion and download links at anti-virus-software.htm
  12. 12.  Picasa - Photo management Paint.NET - Photo and picture editing 7-Zip – File archiver Avidemux – Video editor KMPlayer – Video player Audacity – Audio editor
  13. 13.  Softpedia - Snapfiles FileHippo - MajorGeeks - CNET – (Requires you to install their proprietary downloader)
  14. 14.  IrfanView 7-Zip Replicator Notepad++ FileZilla TrueCrypt MalwareBytes Microsoft Security Essentials LastPass Sysinternals
  15. 15.  Music ◦ ◦ music/ ◦ ◦ eBooks ◦ places-free-books-online.htm#genre_pages  Actually now has 464 places
  16. 16.  pc-games.htm ◦ Jigsaw puzzles ◦ Online games ◦ Sudoku ◦ Board games ◦ Children’s games
  17. 17.  200 Free Outstanding Online Classes ◦ free-outstanding-online-classes.htm 425 Free Online Courses from Top Universities ◦ MIT ◦
  18. 18.  Many PC users need never spend another dime for software after they get their new PC (or tablet or phone) Be cheap and enjoy the world of freeware!  THE END