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Christmas in canada ii


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Christmas in canada ii

  2. 2. MYTHICAL FIGURE AND DATE There mythical figure is Santa Claus and Santa is also similar to the U.S it happens December 25th.
  3. 3. CHRISTMAS FOODS Pig Legs Shellfish Ham and Eggs or Pancakes Barley Candy and Chicken Bones (Candy) Eggnog and Cookies Nuts and a plethora of Vegetables Cranberry sauce and Potatoes Oranges
  4. 4. CELEBRATIONS & DECORATIONS Light-up contest Mummering Sinck Tuck Cookie baking party Pine Christmas trees Christmas Lights Boxing Day
  5. 5. SOME OTHER INTERESTING FACTS Did you know that up in Canada gets 12 to 14 feet of snow in winter? Did you know that they open presents on Christmas Eve? Did you know stores stay open until 5:00 or 6:00 pm on Christmas Eve? Did you know that there is a Santa Parade? Did you know that cities glow with lights?