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School of styling


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India`s first boutique firm to provide consulting on dressing and personal style.

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School of styling

  1. 1. School of Styling Style is Value
  2. 2. India`s First boutique firm to provide consulting on dressing and personal style.
  3. 3. What are we up to School of Styling is an initiative to democratize Right dressing and Smart styling across platforms and people.
  4. 4. Services Pro Business Leaders This is a Business Dressing and Style enhancement workshop for the top management of an organization.
  5. 5. Services Pro Business Movers This is a Business Dressing and Styling workshop for the mid management and entry level executives of an organization.
  6. 6. Services Pro Personality This is an individualized consulting program which takes care of complete wardrobe building, Image makeover and occasion specific attire like for wedding etc.
  7. 7. Services Bespoke look for Events Here we work on establishing the desired style statement for the key people involved in the event. Includes services like conducting grooming sessions for participants, Styling for Jury and custom shopping.
  8. 8. Testimonial What the participants particularly enjoyed about the workshop was your ability to provide for individual feedback on clothing based on Body Type, Skin Colour and nature of job. Clearly you and your team are well experienced and have knowledge which goes beyond any such workshops that we have conducted in the past. Let me assure you that this workshop has been quite a DNA altering experience for the participants and we would look forward to many more such sessions from you in the near future.   Vikas Maheshwary National Training Manager NIIT Ltd, Plot No 85, Sector 32, Gurgaon
  9. 9. Credentials Design Partners to Lets Design – India`s first Design based reality TV show The Show has been on air recently on Zoom TV.
  10. 10. Credentials Team of Fashion Consultants having worked for various ads, corporate clients and celebrities
  11. 11. Credentials Promoters with fashion industry background of 12 years
  12. 12. Remember Smart Dressing communicates before and beyond visiting card. It leaves impression in the mind, visiting card ends up in the cardholder.
  13. 13. Fact Check 66% of HR Pros say physical appearance is important in differentiating candidates. 90% of HR Pros believe that well groomed candidates make a better impression. Well groomed employees climb the corporate ladder faster –Say 84% of HR Pros. 90% of HR pros believe that being well groomed is key to making a good first impression. Source -
  14. 14. Thank You. School of Styling Rajesh Khanna +91-9899006288 [email_address]