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Developing A Facilities Vision - California Savings Summit 2013


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Most people know the importance of Preventive Maintenance, but it can be hard to justify and hard to implement. In this session, you will learn how to justify your PM program by preventing costly mechanical failures, extending the life of your equipment, and reducing energy expenses.

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Developing A Facilities Vision - California Savings Summit 2013

  1. 1. Setting Standards, Proving Results and Preparing for the FutureDeveloping a Facilities Vision
  2. 2. Internal Departmental Challenge: What causesfacilities problems?• Inadequate funding• Inadequate staff training• Need for more staff• Inefficiencies• Doing the “Status Quo”• Low Moral• No time or tracking method for PM
  3. 3. Outside Forces = Challenges• Buildings and Equipment deteriorate• Decreased Public Investment• Voided Warranties• Deferred maintenance• Customer Expectations
  4. 4. How Does Facilities MaintenanceSave $$$Unlike other investments, the return on investment forfacilities maintenance doesn’t necessarily result in increasedrevenues. Instead, good facilities maintenance producessavings by lowering:• Replacement costs• Labor costs• Overhead and utility costs
  5. 5. Preventive MaintenancePay me now or pay me laterAn ounce of prevention is wortha pound of cureChange the oil or change theengine – you choose
  6. 6. PM impact on Overall Costs:SchoolDude PM All Stars enjoy:• 50%-65% reduction in emergency work• Lower cost per work order - Avg. Cost per workorder being 28-39% less
  7. 7. PM Impact on Capital NeedsPM Masters extend equipment life by 16-25%PM Masters extend Roof and HVAC System Life by2 years (conservative figure)
  8. 8. PM impact on Energy Efficiencies• Energy Expenses account for 32% of operatingbudgets – *AS&U M&O Cost Study• 50-60% of energy costs savings availablethrough M&O improvements - *Stanford, UCLA,Cornell, RMI Study
  9. 9. Use Your Tools• Software and Technology are animportant tool in your toolbox!• Let technology be part of yourrespected methodology• Gone are the days of “I think” or “Ifeel”
  10. 10. Paperless Work FlowRepairRequestersM&O or ITSupervisorsTechniciansTrack andCommunicate backto Requester Site Approvaland
  11. 11. Security Roles & Automatic Routing• Requesters• SiteAdministrators• Technicians• Supervisors• SystemAdministratorsKeep it simple, or use a chain-of-command
  12. 12. Request Form – anytime, anywhereInstant email updatesSummary viewSimplifyProcesses
  13. 13. Utilize New Request Routing
  14. 14. Simplify Processes• Quick view of the current state• Access, assign and move on
  15. 15. Easy Reporting
  16. 16. Perception is RealityNow is the time to be at the tableMarket your M&O departmentData is the foundation of powerPerceptionGapWhat you doWhat othersthink you do
  17. 17. Have You Ever Asked for Money or Staff?
  18. 18. 4 Step Process to Get theResources You Need1. Improve your image2. Establish a respected methodology3. Educate the decision makers anddecision influencers4. Present your request for staff andmoney
  19. 19. Why Technology is Criticalto Your SuccessChange your image by leveraging InformationChange your image by high interaction with yourcustomersEnables you to be Proactive, not ReactiveEstablishes a “respected methodology” whichearns you RespectManage Processes – not problems
  20. 20. Evaluating the Maintenance ProgramAfter demonstrating their support of maintenance,it is fair for stakeholders to expect themaintenance program to show resultsEstablish measurable baselines against whichprogress can be measured (e.g., average time ittakes to complete a work order, average cost/ft2, etc.)A good computerized maintenancemanagement system can provideevaluation data(work orders, energy usage, etc.)
  21. 21. SCHOOLDUDE 34
  22. 22. SCHOOLDUDE 35
  23. 23. SCHOOLDUDE 37
  24. 24. SCHOOLDUDE 38
  25. 25. Go Tell Your StoryExecutive MeetingsDean CouncilsCommunity CouncilsBoard of Trustees MeetingsStaff MeetingsNews FlyersPoster BoardsCoffee Table bookCustomer ForumsIntranet or internal webpageSocial Media
  26. 26. Take Home• PM pays – the journey is worth it– Reduces emergencies 50%– Reduces corrective work– Reduces costs– Improves service levels• The journey is not easy– Take one step at a time– It takes time to shift the cycle
  27. 27. RemainingThoughts,Comments, Storiesor Questions?