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February 11th, 2012CARASis a beneficiaryof this contest    photography and design by Leland Carina at
Table of ContentsProducer’s Message    4Judging Criteria      6Order of Eventts      8Beneficiary          10Production Te...
Producer’s Letter                                                                                                         ...
Judging Criteria                                                                                                          ...
Order of Events                                          Cocktail Hour                      Introduction of Master and Mis...
Beneficiary                                                                                                               ...
Judges                                                                                                                    ...
Judges                                                                                                                    ...
Emcees                                                                                                                    ...
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No Cal Ls Lb Bb Program 2012 Final
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No Cal Ls Lb Bb Program 2012 Final


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No Cal Ls Lb Bb Program 2012 Final

  1. 1. February 11th, 2012CARASis a beneficiaryof this contest photography and design by Leland Carina at
  2. 2. Table of ContentsProducer’s Message 4Judging Criteria 6Order of Eventts 8Beneficiary 10Production Team 11Judges 12Emcees 16Contest Staff 17Sponsors/Donors 19
  3. 3. Producer’s Letter Producer’s Letter When Randal Kinnear, President of ILSbCBB, encouragement, Luna, for your ideas, edginess, intelligence and beauty, asked me to produce the contest I had a Ms. V for your community knowledge and dedication to the bootblack twofold reaction: shock and excitement. I community, and Shawn Kinnear for your support, ability to follow asked him two questions: Why do you want a through on everything, walking the old lady to the car and so many queer femme producing a Gay Male Sir/boy other things. I honor you all and humbly thank you for all the work you and an open gendererd bootblack contest did for the contest and do for community. whose tradition is sexual play? And can we pull off a contest in 5 months? He obviously I would like to thank all the people who supported us, the volunteers, answered them sufficiently. Yes, I am insane. our sponsors, our emcees and all those who stepped up to help in any Yes, I am a quadruple Aries. Yes, I agreed as capacity. We all know what it takes to entertain and educate each other long as I could choose someone to mentor and the work that is put into it. Thank you for supporting us with your my job away. Yes, Schon, T and the boi all attendance. agreed to continue living with me and loving me while I produced. I would like to thank my partner Schon, who really bears the brunt of all the crazy shit I get myself and consequently us into. Whose insight, My four years of working on contests with great mentors like those in comfort and support I need almost as much as air and whose integrity my ACLC Club taught me so very much about planning contests. ACLC, outweighs mine by mountains; she continues to be my rock and my my home Club, encourages members to pursue local, national and light. international involvement. I realized, also, that keeping myself alive, relevant and in touch with all ages of people opened my learning curve I hope you enjoy our contest and the intention of its spirit: to celebrate even wider. I learn. I grow. I fuck up. I change. I celebrate. I learn. It is and hold in esteem those who were and are our sexual pioneers, to an endless cycle of bliss. have a bit of perverted playful fun, to pursue a future of fucking, fisting and flogging and to celebrate the people who step up and choose to Taking on a contest that has rested is a great challenge. Like all of represent us. us organizations have a history, too. I welcomed the excitement of creating and renewing the spirit of Drummer and the former NCLSbCBB. Thank you. The history of how things ebb and flow will continue as with all organizations. I want to thank my mentors and teachers especially Deborah Isadora Wade Jay Hemphill and Michael Holeman for teaching me the history of community by their story telling. I love to listen to their stories; oral history continues to have life in our community. The trick is to learn from the past, not pass on our prejudices/dramas, and enjoin with others to bring us together to play. This year’s contest is designed to honor that past. To really remember and respect the players who stepped out to find one another. Some of that stepping out was in the bar scenes, some of that was through motorcycle clubs and some of it was the beginning of organized contacts and contests. Organized contacts and the need to take care of each other, led to organizations, organizations led to contests, contests led to education and the circle continues to this day! I would like to personally thank the production team who contributed so much to make this happen so quickly: Jessie Vanciel for your smile, your enthusiasm, your mad skills at connecting communities and your
  4. 4. Judging Criteria Judging Criteria All Contestants Participate in: provides the judges with a chance to see some of the creativity and Interview (60 points possible) organizational ability needed in demonstrating a fantasy. Fantasy topics The purpose of this category is for the judges to get to know the are assigned by International and our topic for 2012 is “Cowboy”. contestant. Any question may be poised by the judges; however, the questions should be pertinent to the selection of a contestant who Community Bootblack Only: is knowledgeable about the Leather Community, the community in Technical Interview CBB (25 Points) which they live, and the lifestyle that they will be representing as a The propose of this category is for the judges to get to know the titleholder. The interview will also provide judges with an opportunity technical knowledge of the bootblack. Any question may be poised see how contestants manage themselves in what some might consider by the judges; however, the questions should be pertinent to the a stressful situation. Personal Image is also considered throughout the selection of the a contestant who is knowledgeable about the competition. Leather Community. This includes The Technical Boot Shine,allows contestants to show their skill, ability and talent for an “off-stand” Speech (40 points possible) type of boot shine. Each contestant will be required to bring a pair In this category, the contestants make a speech under 2 minutes of black “shinable” laced leather boots to the competition, and upon on a topic they have selected themselves. The titleholders will arrival at the weekend’s events will present them to the technical boot be representing Northern California LeatherSIR, Leatherboy and coordinator who will check each pair for suitability. Community Bootblack frequently in other communities and Leather functions, and the judges will evaluate the contestants within that role Blind Technical Boot Shine (25 Points) During this section of the contest, in mind while they present their speeches. Their choice of topic as well bootblacks will be given up to forty-five (45) minutes for the judges as their presentation will be considered when scoring. The contestants to observe them with their choice of either the LeatherSIR and/or are also judged on their choice of formal Leather attire. Leatherboy from their region, (if available) or a Dom and/or sub of their choosing for demonstrating an Interpersonal Skills (50 points possible) oil-tanned boot shine on grease The is an overall category that takes a look at the presentation of the boots and optional leather care contestant to the judges , audience and to those individuals he or she skills. relates to during the contest. Scoring LeatherSIR and Leatherboy only: Olympic Scoring System Jock Strap (40points possible) The category maybe one of the most In the Olympic scoring system, the difficult categories to score. The intent is to allow enough leeway for highest and lowest of the judge’s the contestant to decide what they consider erotic garments and to scores will be discarded in each s display that image to the audience and Judges. The Judges decide the coring category and the remaining number of points scored by their own reaction to the erotic wear and scores will be summed. The somewhat to the audience reaction to the erotic wear. Erotic wear contestant whose aggregate score is should stimulate a second look at the individual and suggest sensuality highest will be declared as the winner. and sexuality. We also follow California Law that says a jock strap must The contestant whose score is second have a strap up the back. This is not about having the “perfect” body, highest will be declared as the runner it is about being comfortable in your body, whether a Bear or a Body -up. In the event of a tie under the Builder. Olympic scoring system, the non- Olympic scores will be used to Fantasy Sex Scene (60 point possible) determine the winner. If both the The fantasy is that portion of the contest where the contestants are Olympic and non-Olympic scores are provided with an opportunity to display their particular interest in the tied, the scores of an alternate judge realm of fetishes or leather. Hopefully this portion of the contest will be will be used to break the tie. fun for those on stage as well as those in the audience. The fantasy
  5. 5. Order of Events Cocktail Hour Introduction of Master and Mistress of Ceremonies Introduction of Contestants Announcement of Sponsors Announcement of Beneficiary Presentation of Club Colors Introduction of Judges, Judges’ Boy, Tally Master and Den Daddy Contest Rules Speeches Fantasies Jock Strap Presentation of Robert Davolt Award Producer Message Announcement of Northern California LeatherSIR 2012, Northern California Leatherboy 2012 and Northern California Community Bootblack Party. Play. Fuck. Be safe. Hope to see you at the Beer bust tomorrow at BeatBox, 3pm-8pm! Leather Alliance Weekend 2012 March 1 - 3, 2012 You know you want to. Lenny Broberg Roast/Tribute at The Arc of SF March 1 photography by Leland Carina Community Awards Dinner March 2 Mr SF Leather 2012 Contest March 3 photo by Leland Carina at all photos taken at
  6. 6. Beneficiary Production Team Northern California LeatherSir/boy, Community Bootblack Production Team 2012 Deborah Isadora Wade Ms. ACL 2009 CARAS: Jessie Vanciel Community Academic Consortium for Mr. Citadel 2010 Research on Alternative Sexualities Luna CARAS is dedicated to the support and promotion of excellence in International Community Bootblack 2012 the study of alternative sexualities, and the dissemination of research results to the alternative sexuality communities, the public, and the Ms. V research community. International Ms. Bootblack 2007 Founded in 2005, the Community-Academic Consortium for Research Shawn Kinnear on Alternative Sexualities (CARAS) is a national-level, 501(c)(3) nonprofit California Leatherboy 2009 organization that supports research addressing understudied sexual communities, with a current focus on BDSM/leather/kink/fetish sexualities and consensual non-monogamous relationships such as polyamory. Employing a community-based research model, CARAS has assembled a network of academics, clinicians and respected members of these communities who will work directly with researchers to promote DOES YOUR REALTOR scientific and other forms of scholarly research. KNOW ABOUT THE Executive Director DUNGEON? Richard Sprott, PhD When you are ready to buy or sell, call SETH MUNTER CARAS Board, 2011-2012 Race Bannon, Bert Cutler, PhD, Catherine Gross, Vivienne Kramer, David Leadbeater, PhD, ChrisMarks, Sarah Taub, PhD, Gary Wynn, MD, and Harvey Zar, MD The Master of Real Estate 415.260.0900 DRE #01386604
  7. 7. Judges Judges HEAD JUDGE Ms. V Rod Wood International Bootblack 2007 Northern California Mr. Drummer 2000 Ms. V holds the title of International Bootblack Rod Wood was Northern California Mr. Drummer 2007. She is a native Northern Californian. She 2000, having represented the Russian River area. is a graduate of the Journeyman III Academy of Previously, he’d been Russian River Leather Daddy California and has enjoyed sharing her knowledge in 1991, and “Mr. July1989” for the L.A. Gauntlet II and passion for boots and Leather Tradition as calendar. Rod has been involved with fundraising both a presenter and a mentor. Ms. V began her for the Sonoma County Food Bank, as well as AIDS/ exploration in Leather in 2005 and discovered Breast Cancer Emergency Funds. Since his Mr. bootblacking as a means of sexual expression, Drummer title, Rod has worked as Den Dad for the SOMA Bare Chest ritual, service and connection. She has served as the Resident Bootblack Calendar, and as a Local Producer for the San Francisco LeatherSIR/ at both Powerhouse Bar and Chaps II Bar. She had the distinguished boy Contests. He is on the board of International LeatherSIR/boy & honor to bootblack at B&B Corps Roll Call 2011. She is currently the Community Bootblack, and continues coaching leather contestants. Rod organizer of the Northern California Bootblacks and the bootblack for has been in a leather relationship with his boy for nearly 9 years. Stompers Boots. Thomas Pupp Richard Sprott Sacramento Leather Sir 2006 and Northern Mr. Alameda County Leather 2009 California Leather Sir 2008 SF Leather Daddy XXIII In the late 1990’s I began my journey into leather. Richard Sprott entered the San Francisco leather I found a leather mentor that was willing to scene in 1990, and after a few years joined the show me the leather life style and decided that Defenders/SF. That led to involvement in the this was my calling. In 2006 I competed in the Leathermen’s Discussion Group, serving on the Sacramento valley leather contest and achieved Board since its inception in 1999 until 2006; the title Sacramento Leather Sir. In 2008 I had the serving on the organizing committee of the SF opportunity to reign as Northern California Leather Leather/Levi Weekend since its inception in 2001 Sir and participated at the international contest.I enjoy being a Sir, and until 2006; and being chosen as SF Leather Daddy XXIII in 2005. In 2009, mentoring leather curious boys in the old guard protocol. I am an active he was chosen as Mr. Alameda County Leather 2009, a title produced volunteer with the AEF (Aids Emergency Fund), and Mama’s Family. by the Alameda County Leather Corps. In all of these capacities, he has organized major events, including “runs” with the Defenders/SF and LLW boyjean that had up to 225 people attending, and being one of the co-chairs for Interntational Community Bootblack 2007, the local organizing committee for the Leather Leadership Conference Northern California Bootblack 2007 in 2008, which had 340 people attending. He is also serving currently as boyjean has been involved in the Leather life for the Executive Director of CARAS (the Community-Academic Consortium almost twenty years and has identified as a boy for Research on Alternative Sexualities), a nonprofit corporation for as long as he can remember. boyjean has designed to promote scientific and scholarly research on kink/BDSM participated in a variety of Leather organizations, sexuality, polyamory and other forms of negotiated non-monogamy. including past coordinator of the International Richard has a Ph.D. in developmental psychology from UC Berkeley, and Community Bootblack contest, and has held the in his academic career he has investigated the ways in which stigma, titles of Northern California Bootblack 2007, and prejudice, minority dynamics, language, identity development and International Community Bootblack 2007. he spends his time mentoring community development all intersect and affect each other. He has a others both as a boy and as a bootblack and coordinates the bootblack wonderful leather family supporting him: his husband Dave, his pup events for both Folsom and Dore Alley. he has the privilege and honor Spunky, and his dog Chomper. of serving his Sir/Daddy and regards service as a passion that comes from the heart.
  8. 8. Judges Judges Darren Bondy Bryson “Pup Nitro” Hankinson Mr. San Francisco Leather 2011 International Leatherboy 2011 Mr. Powerhouse 2011 Mr September 2011 Bare Chest Calendar Nitro was born and raised South Carolina. In Darren Bondy has been into leather/kink since 2005, he moved to Atlanta where he met Sir the age of 18. He completed a 13 year goal by Alan Penrod and began to discover his “Leather competing at IML, with an impressive eighth place Heart”. Nearly a year later he earned his collar finish. Darren has over 20 years of community and was given his pup name, “NITRO” (Needs service and fundraising under his belt. Darren’s Intense Torture to Reach Orgasm). Nitro currently passion for fundraising has benefited numerous serves as the Secretary of Atlanta SM Solidarity, non-profit organizations over the years including San Francisco Bay Area the Pledge Master of Panther Leather/Levi Club, and is a Co-Founder of Leather Alliance, AIDS Emergency Fund and Positive Resource Center the Hotlanta Rubber and Gear Club. Nitro teaches BDSM and Leather in San Francisco. He was one of the original founders of Phoenix Rising Lifestyle classes on a variety of topics and enjoys any play involving tight Foundation as well as a contributing member/volunteer when he lived bondage, mummification, rubber/latex, electricity, cbt, and watersports. in Miami for Body Positive Resource Center, Communion Foundation He also serves as a mentor to other boys, helping them find their voice and Winter Party. Most recently, The Leather Archives & Museum and within our beautifully diverse leather community. Leathermen’s Discussion Group have been added to the list, benefiting financially from the work of Darren as Mr. San Francisco Leather. Darren has initiated a monthly leather party at Powerhouse called “Black Luna Saturday” to ensure our city has a regular leather party. Proceeds from International Community Bootblack 2011 these parties benefit Leather Alliance and various non-profits, as well as California Communit Bootblack 2011 “Making the Connection,” a series of shared experiences and dialogues that he created during his title year. Darren is committed to rebuilding Luna hails from Oakland, California and was a vibrant, healthy, and sustainable leather/kink community. He feels hooked on bootlacking after attending a passionate about building and supporting an all-inclusive community. presentation at the Exiles. This program fueled He is very active and supportive of both of his sash wives, Ms. San her passion for boots. She has trained with a Francisco Leather Leo Peralta (2010) and Miss Bethie Bee (2011). host of talented bootblacks each imparting their own special talents. Today, Luna is active in the next generation of leather and kink while she also honors tradition. Sir Alan Penrod She served as volunteer for fundraisers and events including San International LeatherSIR 2011 Francisco Gay Pride, the Dykes on Bikes, International Ms. Leather, AIDS Sir Alan has been active in the Leather & BDSM Emergency Fund, and Breast Cancer Emergency Fund. Luna is a member lifestyle for nearly two decades. He is the President of the Exiles and is affiliated with the Leatherman’s Discussion Group. of Panther Leather/Levi Club, a full member of She has bootblacked in Leather Alley at SF Gay Pride, Dore Alley Fair, Atlanta S/M Solidarity and the co-founder of the Folsom Street Fair, the SF Eagle, and Chaps II Bar. Her role as resident Hotlanta Rubber and Gear Club. Sir Alan is the bootblack of The Powerhouse allows her to motivate and inspire a new owner and executive producer of “Southeast generation of bootblacks. She continues to share her passion for boots, Black and Blue Weekend”, the chairman of Atlanta bootblacking and leathercare through education. She was a featured Leather Pride Weekend, and a planning committee presenter at the Back to Black Bootblack Intensive in January 2010. member of “Spring in the South (SITS) BDSM Weekend”. He facilitates Luna Sf is a Switchy Top, who enjoys leather gloves, corsets, various BDSM classes and demos specializing in clothes pins/clamps, caning, boot play, bondage and inflicting pain for the purposes of pleasure and paddling, hot wax, mummification, bondage, BDSM scene negotiation, discovery. and DOM/sub relationships. Alan believes in maintaining a tradition of protocol & etiquette, teaching the core values of Trust, Honor, and Respect within his leather family.
  9. 9. Emcees Contest Staff Bubblinsugare Tally Master Leather Alliance Entertainer of the Year 2009 Roger Hunt Northern California Leatherboy 2003 Bubblinsugare has emceed all over the bay area Roger was Russian River Leatherboy 2003 and and in Dallas,Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada and Seattle, went on to hold the title of Northern California Washington. She has emceed for the Butch- Leatherboy that year. After participating in the Femme Socials, DOB,, Ms. 2003 International contest, Roger produced the San Francisco Leather fundraiser and many other local Russian River LSLb contest through 2006. In events. Bubblinsugare prides herself on raising 2010, Roger Hunt joined the executive board of money for many charities the best way she knows the International LeatherSir/boy and Community how, using what her Momma gave her! She is Mama’s Bubblinsugare Bootblack contests. and won the 2009 Entertainer of the Year award for the Leather Alliance. Roger was Sainted by the Russian River Order of the Sisters of Perpetual She also won the Golden Gate Guards’ Golden Dildeaux award for “best Indulgence in 2010. He was honored with a Pantheon of Leather booty”. She has Emcee’d the Dyke March Main Stage at Delores Park for Northern California Regional Award in 2011. He volunteers time for local the last two years and is the Emcee for Pink Saturday! She would like to non-profit organizations. Roger lives in San Francisco and part-time in thank her posse and her fiance Panther who always is there to support Guerneville with his fiancé and Dad, Rod Wood, to whom he is collared. her when and where ever she needs it! Judges’ Boy Lance Holman boy tyler Fong Mr. San Francisco Leather 2010 American Leatherboy 2011 boy tyler was born and raised in the SF Bay Area. Lance Holman has been a San Francisco Bay Area He works in health care during the week and plays resident for over 20 years and began his leather at Leather events on weekends. He is a Fraternal journey in the heart of the Castro. Lance believes Member of The 15 Association, Member of Delta in the virtues of Honor, Passion and Pride and International, pack brother in the SF K9 Unit, works to share these qualities trough playful Honorary Member of the Golden Gate Guards and compassion. He hosts many events that benefit is Mama’s TGSF boy and Mama’s Ultimate boy. He the local charitable organizations and foster will be serving as Judge and Judges’ boy at various events in 2012 as positive sexual interaction. Lance holds the title of Mr. San Francisco well as music performances with the Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra, Leather 2010. The first African American Mr. San Francisco Leather, he Danville Community Band and SF Lesbian/Gay FreedomBand. also enjoys the honor of being named International Mr. Leather 2010 First Runner Up. Contestant Ambassador Steve Ward Mister Steve Ward has been an active member of the Bay Area Leather / kink community for some 15 years. He has held offices with the Defenders San Francisco, the 15 Association, the Leathermen’s Discussion Group, Alameda County Leather Corps, the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance, and is currently on the National board of Leather Leadership Conference. Mr. Steve has also helped to produce many events and community discussion groups. He is currently on a path to become a better Daddy and Master.
  10. 10. Our Amazing Sponsors Platinum Sponsors: BeatBoxSF, Inc Leather Masters, Inc. Gold Sponsor: San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance Leatherman’s Discussion Group Ms. SF Leather Silver Sponsor: Leland Carina Photography Seth Munter: The Master of Real Estate Stompers Boots Bronze Sponsor: Jay Hemphill and Michael Holeman Northwest Leather Celebration The ExilesThank you to all our sponsors!