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How can we connect?                                      Satya and Simon are going to keep in touch with their Learn about...
CYBER CAFÉS                                                                            Cyber café – a café or coffee shopA...
WiFi ACCESS                                      Most of the hostels that you found in Paris should offer WiFi access, as ...
Task 2.14What are the advantages of uploading images to online albums andallowing friends to access them rather than email...
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  1. 1. How can we connect? Satya and Simon are going to keep in touch with their Learn about friends to tell them about their adventures. To do this,• how different technologies can they will need to use the Internet. be used together• applications software versus locally installed software• advantages and disadvantages of online data• online storage versus local storage• features, functions and target audience of different forms of online communities• ways in which ICT is used to communicate and collaborate on a global scale Starter Most providers have ‘roaming’ facilities enabling you to use your mobile phone abroad. Investigate the major networks to find out how much it costs to phone and send texts from Europe.Did you know? Connecting to the Internet There are tens of thousands of When Satya and Simon are travelling, how can they connect to the Internet? cyber cafés around the world, The Internet is a huge network and there are two main ways that people can with at least one in almost connect to it from their computers: every small community in many countries. • by cable • using a wireless connection (see Figure 2.4). Radio waves Figure 2.4 A computer with both cable and wireless connections to the Internet47 Unit 1 Living in a Digital World
  2. 2. CYBER CAFÉS Cyber café – a café or coffee shopA cable connection to a network is always far quicker than a wireless that has a number of personalconnection, but there won’t be many places where Satya and Simon will be computers connected to theable to find a socket to plug in their computer when they are travelling. Internet and available for use byThey could use a cyber café, but they would have to pay. customers. Most charge by the hour or fraction of an hour.Task 2.10 e-componentLook at the Cyber Captive Search Engine on Website 2.4. Use it to locate: .a) cyber cafés in the area where you liveb) cyber cafés in Paris for Satya and Simon to use.Using the Internet in a cyber caféTask 2.11 e-componentIf Satya and Simon are going to use computers in a cyber café that otherpeople will be using, they will have to take extra security precautions.Produce a set of instructions for Satya and Simon to follow. Look atWebsite 2.5, which contains a useful article from the Internet Techieswebsite, to get you started. Chapter 2: On the move 48
  3. 3. WiFi ACCESS Most of the hostels that you found in Paris should offer WiFi access, as this is far easier to do than provide cabled access. In many towns and cities around the world, there are places where you can use a WiFi connection to the Internet for free. They are mostly located at hotels, restaurants and café chains such as Starbucks and McDonald’s. These places are called wireless hotspots. Task 2.12 e-component Using Website 2.6 find hotspots in your area. 2.6, You can also use this site to find hotspots around the world. Find some hotspots near the main sights in Paris for Satya and Simon. With free WiFi Internet access, they will be able to keep in contact with their friends. Task 2.13 List the ways that Satya and Simon will be able to use the Internet to keep in contact with their friends to tell them what they are doing and showing them what they have seen. Online photo albums Instead of emailing copies of photos to their friends, they have decided to Hotspot – a venue that offers create lots of online photo albums and allow access to the people they want a WiFi Internet connection. to show each album to. Figure 2.5 shows an example of an image from an Many are located in hotels and album. restaurants and lots of them are free. Cloud computing – a system in which all computer programs and data is stored on a central server owned by a company (e.g. Google) and accessed virtually. Web app (web application) – any application that can be accessed using a web browser. The application can be as simple as a message board or guest sign-in page on a website, or as complex as a spreadsheet. Figure 2.5 An image from an album that Satya and Simon’s friend shared with them49 Unit 1 Living in a Digital World
  4. 4. Task 2.14What are the advantages of uploading images to online albums andallowing friends to access them rather than emailing them or placingthem on a social networking site?Uploading and storing images online is safer than simply keeping them onthe camera or netbook, where they might get deleted or even stolen.Cloud computingSatya and Simon could use cloud computing, a system in which computerprograms and data are stored centrally. All they would need to access this isa connection to the Internet and an input device. There would be no needto buy and install expensive software or powerful computers and hard diskdrives.Satya and Simon can use cloud computing as they are travelling and usefree online software such as Google Docs, which will allow them to createdocuments and spreadsheets. The documents are also saved online.Many businesses are using software such as this for financial reasons and alsofor collaborative working. Have a look at: e-component• Google Docs for personal use on Website 2.7• Google Apps for business use on Website 2.8. In practice Examiner’s tip! e-component As more people recognise the advantages of cloud computing, Computers connect to a network giving users the ability to access software on the Internet and share in two main ways: using a wired data with anyone, thousands of web apps are being produced connection or using a wireless covering all needs and interests. Many of these are free and can be connection (WiFi). In the exam, you found through directories such Simple Spark – see Website 2.9. may be asked to identify which method is most appropriate in a particular scenario. Remember that while WiFi is often moreTask 2.15 convenient, speeds can be muchWith your class consider the advantages and disadvantages of cloud slower.computing. You need to consider the security of WiFi connections when you areSkills builder 2.5 out and about because many of theInvestigate features and functions of online photo albums. Upload some free WiFi connections offered atof your own photos to an online photo album and set the access rights hotspots are that your friends can view and comment on your photos. Using email on a mobile phone uses a different type of connection. Chapter 2: On the move 50