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Regional Geography - Terms and Concepts


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Regional Geography - Terms and Concepts

  1. 1. What is Geography? Social Studies 9 Mr. Schofield Lesson 3 Monday, April 14th, 2014 Textbook Pg.160 
  2. 2. Today’s Forecast • Check-in & attendance • Current Events (overview) & Presentations • Recap from last week (Climate Change) • Presentation on Various Regions • Geographic Terms textbook activity • Exit Slip: Geographic Terms worksheet • Hand back Mind Map rubrics • Closing assessment, next class forecast
  3. 3. Current Events Assignment
  4. 4. Recap from Global Climate Change Reading Activity • What did you learn? • What were some of the opinions? • What were some of the facts? • Who is responsible for this ‘problem?’ • Who is most likely to ‘fix’ this? • Do you have any questions?
  5. 5. The 8 Magnificent Regions (pg.163) • Appalachian Region • The Coastal Plains • The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Lowlands • The Interior Plains • The Canadian Shield • The Western Cordillera • The Intermountain Region • The Arctic
  6. 6. Overview of Unit Each class will focus on one of the 8 regions • We will be looking at various specific themes for each region (climate, topography, etc.) • We will also highlight a unique topic for each. • I will routinely show Images and short videos. • Any questions?
  7. 7. Unit Project You will keep a ‘journal’ for this Unit. • Part of this will be physical geography • Part of this will be human geography • This will be checked weekly & graded at end of unit • I will provide you with a template page to fill-in • Any questions? * More details about Unit project during next class
  8. 8. What is Geography?
  9. 9. Geographic Terms 1. Each of you will be given a geographic term. 2. Research the term in the textbook. 3. Write down the definition and an example YOU WILL HAVE 5 MINUTES TO COMPLETE THIS I. When I mention the term you have, please write down your response on the board. II. Everyone should copy notes for ALL terms.
  10. 10. Closing • Do you have any questions? • Next Class: – Overview of Unit End Project – Appalachian Region: What to look for? – Remember to sign-up for the current events assignment … • Homework: – Complete Geographic Terms worksheet – Read Pg. 161-163 & Take Notes (will be checking)