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Final project for New Media Drivers License

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  • Facebook: Roxy has 1,565,297 likes on their page. Material on Facebook is also on their Twitter page with over 18,000 followers. Posted material includes deals, announcements of competitions and news, music and videos from their Youtube page. They really push their Roxy Blog on all other social networks, all of the information on Facebook and Twitter is on their Blog, which includes interviews from top athletes, and snippets of commercials and upcoming Artists.
  • Roxy needs to stay in the market year long, but focusing on winter where snowboarding and their new line of Roxy Coats and Outdoor wear is important. I believe off months to be Jan-Apr, but during Spring is where surfing starts to pick up.
  • Marketing Strategy: Roxy

    1. 1. Roxy Marketing Strategy By: Rachel Schoen
    2. 2. Brand Background• American brand started in 1990 initially as female clothing line• Stems from quiksilver inc, a mens surfing and snowboarding line• Niche markets including surfing, snowboarding, swimwear “Fun and alive, naturally beautiful, daring and confident.” -Roxy
    3. 3. Competition
    4. 4. Challenges and Goals• “We operate in markets that are highly competitive, and our ability to evaluate and respond to changing consumer demands and tastes is critical to our success. If we are unable to remain competitive and maintain our consumer loyalty, our business will be negatively affected.” (2010 annual report)• One of Roxy’s goals is to focus on core marketing initiatives through major athletes which drive their marketing and connect them to core consumers (2010 annual report• Roxy’s main demographic are young people, which are the ones who drive social media and Roxy is successful in that department
    5. 5. Challenges and Goals• Goals: -I suggest that Roxy continues to maintain a positive relationship with users on social media networks and Roxy blog -Keep searching for the newest and best athletes that embody the Roxy spirit to drive marketing initiatives -Continue to make new business ventures which include collaboration and product line extensions
    6. 6. SWOT Analysis Strengths Opportunities-Well established brand in niche market -Roxy blog and social networks are outlets -Well connected in social network for special deals markets -collaborations with major brands Weaknesses Threats-negative attention because of lawsuits -tough competition, especially in surfing and and recalls snowboarding markets -US economy trying to recover from recession -no marketing in television medium -foreign currency exchange rates negatively affecting business
    7. 7. Media outlets• Facebook• Twitter• Youtube• Myspace• Roxy blog• flickr
    8. 8. Evaluation of Success• To measure Roxy’s success in social networking and SEO, I would suggest using Google Adwords and Analytics for SEO to easily measure top keywords, demographic, click through rate, which allow you to change or improve what you’re doing.• To measure social media I would suggest using websites like or, which allows you to track tweets and evaluate response to brand.• measures all social media outlets
    9. 9. Timeline
    10. 10. Budget• The 2011 Quartly Fiscal report says revenues grew 14% compared to last year.• A percentage of these revenues could be used to drive a new campaign for their new winter wear and continue to sell their snowboards for this winter season.• Small percentage should be used for Google Adwords where Roxy is not #1• All other campaigns are virtually free because Roxy utilizes their social networks to their fullest potential.