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Miss Griffin's Class poems


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Miss Griffin's Class poems

  1. 1. Welcome to the Second GradePretzel, Poetry, and Pajama Party!
  2. 2. Second Grade Second Grade is as great as candy. Second grade is as fun as a moon bounce. Second grade is as exciting as going to Hawaii. Second grade is as hard as a piece of armor. Second grade is as cool as cotton candy. Second grade is as challenging as a maze.Second grade is as awesome as a roller coaster at Kings Dominion!
  3. 3. Second GradeSecond grade is an amusement park of desks. Second grade is a zoo of kids. Second grade is a science experiment. Second grade is a birthday party of friends. Second grade is a trip of new adventures. Second grade is a book of lessons. Second grade is a sidewinder of emotions.
  4. 4. Strawberry Knoll Strawberry Knoll is the place to be, There wouldn’t be a better school for me. Strawberry Knoll is the place to be,You can hear students counting one, two, three. Strawberry Knoll is the place to be, Learning is the key. Strawberry Knoll is the place to be, I have lots of friends to run and be free. Strawberry Knoll is the place to be, The perfect school for me!
  5. 5. All About Me By: Jasmine I wish I were better at spelling. But I’m glad I’m so loved. I wish I were smarter in math. But I’m so proud I’m so good at art. I wish I were to go to China. But I’m lucky to have a great teacher.There are always things I’d like to change or trade but I’m happy with the way I’m made
  6. 6. My Animal Poem By: Tabea My animal is a bear. Its fur is brown like chocolate.It moves like a big bolder with legs. Its eyes are dark like the night sky. Its body is like a bolder. Its ears are small like my ears. Its legs are big like trees. It sounds like roar!
  7. 7. What Am I? I am sharp like a pencil. I am as small as a mouse.I am as smooth the ocean. I am brown like a chair. By: Curtis
  8. 8. My Lollipop Poem By: Kiya I am as round as a cherry. I am as sweet as licorice, And I start with an L.I am red like an apple and I have a stem. My top is round What am I?
  9. 9. Sidewinder By Alexander My animal is a sidewinder.Its skin is yellow like lemonade. It moves like a fish.Its eyes are black like chocolate. Its body is like smooth milk. Its ears are invisible like germs. Its body is long like a train. It sounds like a rattle.
  10. 10. All About Me By: SamanthaI wish I were better at back flipping. But Im glad Im so smart. I wish I was rich. but Im proud Im so happy. I wish I were exciting But Im lucky Im so great There are always things I’d like to change or trade, but I’m very happy With the way I’m made!
  11. 11. All About Me By: JadrienneI wish I were better at being patient, But I’m glad I’m so good. I wish I were in Australia, But I’m proud I’m so happy. I wish I were lucky, But I’m lucky I’m so nice. There are always things I’d like to change or trade, But I’m very happy With the way I’m made!
  12. 12. My Animal Poem My animal is a cheetah. Its fur is spotty like the earth. It moves like a rocket.Its eyes are dark like chocolate. Its body is like yellow stars. Its ears are black like a bolder. Its legs are fast like lightning. It sounds like a moving car. By Caio
  13. 13. Pokémon By: Jason I’m a card. Inside the card, there is a monkey face.I’m as blue as the water, as red as an apple, and as yellow as the banana. What am I?
  14. 14. My Animal Poem My animal is a puppy. Its fur is soft like a feather.Its eyes are brown like chocolate. Its body is like rabbit fur. Its ears are pointy like a wolf. Its legs are soft like a bear. It sounds like the wind. By: Takudzwa
  15. 15. My Animal Poem By: Sophia My animal is a horse. Its fur is rough like dry ground. It moves like a roller coaster. Its eye’s are brown like chocolate.Its body is like light chocolate with white chocolate chip. Its ear’s are soft like feathers. Its leg’s are light colored like chocolate. It sound’s like a car exhausting and a zebra.
  16. 16. Yo-Yo By: Miguel Bouncy like a ball, Hanging by a thread,Black and green like a bug, And tons of fun!
  17. 17. My Animal Poem By: Joris My animal is a rhino.Its skin is hard like a rock. It moves like a turtle.Its eyes are smooth like hair. Its body is like skin. Its ears are hard like plastic.Its legs are strong like bones. It sounds like feet stomping.
  18. 18. DSI poem By: Neil I have great power like a computer. I am small like a book. I sound like a radio.I entertain kids all day long like the ocean always changing.
  19. 19. What am I? By: Andy Torres-Robles I am like a shadow in the dark. I am like an orange on a lamp sitting. I’m like an animal fighting a bear. I am like a knight fighting a dragon.I have an H on my heart like superman has on his heart. My eyes are orange like a carrots. WHO AM I?
  20. 20. SchoolStudents saying “gaaaaah” when they are frustrated. Stomp, Stomp, Stomp children walking down the hall. Beep, Beep, Beep here comes the morning announcements. “Yeah” students say when they are proud. Butterflies hatching “ooh ahh.” Eeeehhh ehhhh the fire alarm. Click, click, click goes the computer. Chat, chat, clap, clap say the teachers.