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Grade 1 Career Day


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How would you describe B2B IT Marketing? That was my challenge when I was asked to speak to my daughter's first grade class about what I do in the community. Arguably, most people wouldn't consider marketing a noble profession. I like to think that it is, and that our function in the community is to help people make choices that are right for them. The fact that people abuse that responsibility is another matter entirely.

I also had the chance to share a little bit about the great team I work with and the awesome office environment I work in (hint: we love dogs) every day.

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Grade 1 Career Day

  1. 1. Marketinghelps peoplemake choices.
  2. 2. My company is calledSoftchoice.
  3. 3. I help people use technology in creative ways.
  4. 4. Every day I get to: Draw Write Teach