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5 Ways To Raise, Train and Retain A Social Business Army


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This was the backdrop for my session at Social Media Camp 2012. I outline a 5-step methodology for leaders in organizations who need help scaling and sustaining their social media efforts.

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5 Ways To Raise, Train and Retain A Social Business Army

  1. 1. five ways to raise, train & retain a social business army joel marans | @schnitzelboy
  2. 2. Every organization is faced withdiminishing social business returns. Scale is the only way you’ll achieve social business breakthroughs.
  3. 3. What we’ll cover today Minimize risk for your organization Maximize impact of your recruitment efforts Mobilize your social business army
  4. 4. The Social Media “So-What”What’s in it for What’s in it for What’s in it for your you? customers? organization? Build a credible, Unprecedented access Customers telling your personal brand. to your people. story in their voice.
  5. 5. RECRUITMENT:Focus on people who already get social versus trying to convert non-believers.
  6. 6. When you have clear social guidelines: Puts your organization in a defensible position Puts trust in employees
  7. 7. Dell’s SMaC U
  8. 8. BOOT CAMP:Clearly define what is (and isn’t) appropriate - or your team will.
  9. 9. SPECIAL OPS:Match the right person and their skills with the right content AND social tools.
  10. 10. Be clear on your {social} commander’s intent.
  11. 11. Mobilize your army to optimize your content Facebook, Blogs, Reddit, Stumbleupon, LinkedIN Create corporate relationships with SMEs Leverage tools like Yammer to share internally
  12. 12. FRONT LINES:Great content is only great when people see it. Get it seen!
  13. 13. Popularity + InfluencePopluence™
  14. 14. Popularity measures (40%) +POPLUENCE™ Influence measures (60%) x Weighting = Score out of 100
  15. 15. Celebrate wins Words of peers are stronger than anyone else Generate case studies you can share Create a reporting scorecard unique for your biz
  16. 16. CELEBRATION Celebrate small social wins.They get you closer to winning the war.
  17. 17. What we covered (and your action items) Minimize risk for your organization Implement guidelines (find me @schnitzelboy for template) Maximize impact of your recruitment efforts Enlist the right people by focusing on believers first Mobilize your social business army State your (social) commander’s intent, measure & share successes - including yours!
  18. 18. Practical, tactical ideas for your social business. Connect with me @schnitzelboy