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The Scrum Canvas


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The Scrum Canvas helps to implement your derived Scrum from the Framework.

The Scrum Canvas

  1. 1. The Scrum Canvas Step-by-Step Success The Scrum Canvas helps you to execute Scrum You’ll find for every Scrum Artifact, Role and Event useful tips for guidance and improvement in the toolbox. CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 DE
  2. 2. The Author Sebastian Schneider • • • • • • Sebastian Schneider Consultant for Agile & Process Improvement
  3. 3. Purpose of the Scrum Canvas A Scrum Canvas can be used for guidance and improvement of your Scrum implementation. There are different types for a Scrum Canvas regarding the desired area. For every Scrum Canvas there is a toolbox with a lot of methods that can be used. Sebastian Schneider
  4. 4. Status & Roadmap Idea: Prerequisite Scrum Canvas Version planned: Automotive Scrum Canvas First version available: Generic Scrum Canvas Sebastian Schneider
  5. 5. Generic Scrum Canvas 1 3 2 4 5 7 8 Sprint Goal 6 Sebastian Schneider
  6. 6. How to use the Scrum Canvas? 1 Create an Information Radiator 2 3 4 Pick various methods from the toolbox for each area and stick them to the Scrum Canvas Use your Retrospective to inspect & adapt the best methods for your process! Sebastian Schneider Choose your desired Scrum Canvas and put it on the Information Radiator
  7. 7. Categories for Guidance & Tips 1 Vision, … 2 Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Sprint Planning, … 3 Daily Scrum, … 4 Sprint, Burndown, Sprint Goal, … 5 Retrospective, Increment, … 6 Impediment list, User Stories, … 7 Roles, … 8 Other Tips & Tricks, … Sebastian Schneider
  8. 8. More details soon at… Sebastian Schneider