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  • AnschutzLightEdge is a profitable company that has one of strongest Technology owners in the industry, Phil Anschutz.  Phil founded Qwest Communications, and is has over 100 companies today that he owns and operates.  LightEdge is his flagship telecommunication company acquired to deliver the next generation of products in the space. Corporate MissionThe LightEdge corporate mission is to provide enterprise-grade communications and IT services to all businesses looking for a better way to focus on their core business – not the technology that supports it. Our goal is to support your existing IT department with access to better technology solutions to allow them to do their job more efficiently and cost-effectively.Service the Midwest marketplace today.  Our competitive differentiation is local sales, local field support, local infrastructure including network and data centers.  Our customers have unique requirements that cannot be serviced by a single data center servicing the nation (Google, Microsoft, etc.).  Our customers have a combination of legacy IT systems, technology demands, and skill set demands that are every bit as complex as a fortune 100 company.We are a business your size, and understand the challenges of managing it efficiently.  We also understand what it means to listen to our end customers.  We are not looking to sign up millions of customer, but rather partner with successful organizations that want to do things right!Our Broad product portfolio was created to service our customers as “One Throat to Choke”.   In many cases our customers find they do not have the resources or time to run complex selection processes only to end up with a multitude of vendors and solutions that they then need to integrate.  Our customers are looking for a vendor to assume that responsibility with prebuilt answers that can quickly and seamlessly integrate with their legacy environment.AwardsLightEdge has earned the respect of the market through its reliable service and has been recognized by Gartner for the “Cool Vendor” award, Ernst and Young as a CEO finalist in the Entrepreneur of the Year award and by Inc for two successive years as on of the fastest growing private businesses.First to Market6 years ago we were first in the introduction of some of the advanced IP Services such as Hosted PBX,. Our vision of delivering services to the “converged” marketplace for VoIP, data, and IT established a new category in the industry. The industry pundits did not know whether to classify us as an ASP, Network Service Provider, or a Data Center company.  Fast forward, and you are now seeing our competition trying to emulate our model. Just this year, LightEdge was again first to market with an integrated Unified Communications offering by integrating Hosted Microsoft Communications Server with our Hosted BroadSoft VoIP solution.
  • Today you will have the opportunity to meet some of our executives. One of our goals for 2009 has been to get the executive involved in client meetings for two important reasons – it allows you to learn and understand more about LightEdge as a whole (who we are and where we are going in the future) and also it ensures that our executives are well grounded in what is going on in the business so corrections and strategic actions can take place more quickly. Jim Masterson and Jeff Springborn were brought on in 2003 to take over the reigns of a floundering and directionless Lighthouse Communications. In 2006 Kris and Travis joined the team to add their engineering and operations experience to the mix. In 2008, Jim and Scott were recruited to build the finance and sales departments for growth after LightEdge was acquired by Anschutz. Through employee empowerment, the addition of services and the backing of the Anschutz Corporation the company has begun an exciting new direction with telephony, hosted unified communications, server technology, data center services and consulting.  The leadership team has a very unique combination of talents and unique perspectives from working for the largest service providers like Qwest, USinternetworking, Rhythms,AT&T wireless and Accenture. The leadership team has cultivated a culture of empowerment and accountability. Everyone is asked to “leave their ego at the door” and work cooperatively to contribute to the company vision. Any employee in any position has the ability to raise the red flag when they see “a better way” to do something, whether it is an operational process, related to go-to-market strategies or a new service that could be utilized by our customers.
  • One of the best ways to ensure a strong presence and solid reputation is to surround yourself with companies that have a strong presence and a solid reputation as well. LightEdge has been very selective in the companies that we partner with:Microsoft – The LightEdge Connected Office is based on Microsoft Exchange, Office Communication Server, Live Meeting and SharePointPolycom – the leader in high quality rich audio VoIP handsets and conference phones with patented HD (High Definition) audio technology to suppress background noise for a richer calling experienceBroadSoft – the dominant player in Voice-over-IP softswitch softwareEMC – the industry leader in data storage technology and devices, including Avamar backup and Deduplication software, and CLARiiON storage arraysIBM – LightEdge has standardized on IBM devices for BladeServers and all dedicated server boxesCisco – LightEdge is truly a Cisco Powered Network, which requires a substantial investment, but the investment pays off in network stability and reliability
  • LightEdge considers Data Centers in the core to be a critical component of network efficiency and stability. By hosting with LightEdge Solutions, customer critical components are moved into a carrier-class environment. Additionally access to those components will not be compromised by the loss of a link to a headquarters site. Remote site will continue to function because the applications reside in the core.Hosting with LightEdge also brings access to scalable bandwidth for Internet connectivity. Without the hassles of additional loop charges, customers pay for the bandwidth they use, not the transport to get it to them.Our flagship data center in Altoona offers, U-based collocation, rack based collocation and caged areas for denser customer needs. Data captured in our data center via our managed backup product can easily be replicated to a remote data center to meet compliance needs.Redundant facility architectures can be easily accommodated because LightEdge maintains a full MPLS network between our data centers.From a standpoint of availability, access and network connectivity, your applications are safer in our data center!
  • Benefits of MPLSAbility to leverage a variety of connectivity technologies and allow them to easily communicate without complex interworking workarounds. In the example above every single site would HAVE to use a frame-relay circuit to communicate in the cloud. What if a new site only had ATM services? Or what if it had cheap Ethernet? Using the model above would not allow for such options. The MPLS design below would.N+1 scalability. In the design above new DLCIs have to be created as each new site is turned up. This quickly becomes an administrative headache. While the design above only requires 3 DLCIs for 3 sites adding a 4th site would require 6 DLCIs. A 5th site would require 10 DLCIs. And so on. Past 5-6 sites a full mesh frame-relay or ATM design becomes impractical. MPLS design allows for hundreds of customer sites to be fully meshed with minimal work.QoS – MPLS has a more modern slant to QoS (inherently QoS) – more challenging on Frame (not built with QoS in mind)
  • What do we mean by the term “hosted business services”?On the left side of this slide is a picture of a typical business today where the voice, data, and IT systems that you rely on to run your business reside “on premise” at one or more of your office location(s). Products like:EmailPhone SystemServersStorage and BackupThis is very common and probably looks very similar to the way your company is set up today.It’s your equipment, housed at your location, and it’s your responsibility.On the right side of this slide is a picture of our “hosted” environment. You can see here that the fundamental difference is that these same voice, data, and IT products and services are now housed, or “hosted” off-site, away from your office location, at a LightEdge facility, or what we call a datacenter.We then deliver these products and services to you for a predictable monthly fee over a fully managed and quality broadband connection.
  • Now that we’ve discussed “what” hosted means and “how” it works, you may be asking, “so what’s in it for me”, or “why would I want to do that”! We have organized this business value into “3G’s”: Get More – our hosted business model allows your to “get more” than traditional premise based alternatives. With LightEdge you will have access to enterprise, or F100 grade systems and solutions that may have previously been unaffordable or unrealistic. You also get the flexibility to buy only what you need today and the scalability to grow with your business.Give Less – you are also getting these benefits without needing to make large, or any, up front capital investment. Rather, you pay a predictable monthly fee for the LightEdge services you need – which leads to a very compelling total cost of ownership (TC). Get Ahead – as I mentioned earlier, our hosted model gives you the opportunity to focus on your core business – and not the technology that is required to run your business. That is OUR core business – so let us focus on our core competency and you can focus on yours with the confidence and ‘piece of mind’ that you need! In the blue box on the right are some of the additional technical attributes or our hosted model: A fully redundant and secure environment The QOS you expect 24X7X365 monitoring and management of your services Environmentally controlled, state of the art data centers built with the highest availability and reliability available with multiple sources of power and multiple Internet and telecom providers and inherent disaster recovery plans
  • LCS is an independently operated subsidiary of LightEdge Solutions that can offer a more intimate analysis of your operation and assist you with researching, designing and implementing the right solution for you – whether it is hosted, on-premises or a hybrid of the two.  Our team is uniquely experienced in Fortune 500, small business and hosted implementations giving then the clarity to see past the technology and offer an unbiased recommendation on the best solution for your company. It has been our experience that regardless of your project scope and size, it is important to follow a structured, efficient deployment methodology that not only takes into account the problem that the project is designed to solve but also how it will interact with existing and future technology.  At the core of this methodology is a knowledgeable leader who is able to follow the project from the initial concept through implementation.  The goal of both LightEdge and LCS is to deliver the services that will allow you to better operate your business.  To do this, both teams will be more consultative – asking more questions and drilling deeper into the root cause of problems.  From this understanding we can offer you a better way to do business.
  • LightEdge services fall into one of four categories:Communications: many options of voice communications, including fully hosted Voice-over-IP, Converged Access and SIP trunking. LightEdge also provides an integrated Unified Communications environment based on Microsoft Exchange, OCS, SharePoint and LiveMeeting.Networking: LightEdge specializes in private, MPLS-powered networking for high-speed Internet and Wide-Area-Networking, as well as Remote Access Services, Virtual Private Networks and Managed Security.Information Technology: Through the LightEdge network of data centers, customers can utilize secure and environmentally controlled facilities for server rack and cage space or a fully managed dedicated server and storage environment.Consulting: Few managed service providers can offer a complete IT package including premises-based consulting and implementation. LightEdge Consulting Services (LCS) gives businesses access to professionals that have worked in Fortune-500 and large-scale hosted environments for solutions based on industry best practices. Unique to LCS is a Business Continuity Team that can work with you to ensure whether you are using hosted technology or on-premises platforms that you have mitigated the risks that threaten your business and you have a plan to quickly recover your communications and information technology quickly and easily.
  • LightEdge Solutions 2010 Vision

    1. 1. LightEdge Solutions<br />2010 Vision and Company Overview<br />
    2. 2. The LightEdge Vision<br /><ul><li>Businesses spend too much time, money and effort delivering communication and IT services to their employees.
    3. 3. Technology typically requires high upfront costs
    4. 4. Technology assets are typically underutilized
    5. 5. Economies of scale exist in hosted and managed services
    6. 6. Professional skills can be harnessed more effectively on large platforms
    7. 7. Business Continuity can be achieved by moving infrastructure offsite into secure and redundant environments
    8. 8. LightEdge’s Vision is to enable small and medium-sized businesses to access affordable and resilient technology to run their business.
    9. 9. Bring enterprise-grade technology downstream to the SMB
    10. 10. Eliminate technology purchase and maintenance costs
    11. 11. Allow businesses to focus on their core mission
    12. 12. Promote reliability and business continuity in all services</li></li></ul><li>LightEdge Financial Backing<br />Anschutz Investment Company<br />Phil Anschutz - 37th Richest American* <br />Founder of Qwest<br />History of driving high-growth businesses<br />LightEdge Solutions selected as telecommunications flagship<br />Funding available for organic growth and acquisitions<br />*(Forbes Inc. 2009)<br />
    13. 13. Accolades/Accomplishments<br />First to market Hosted PBX VoIP service<br />First to market Hosted OCS integrated with BroadSoft<br />Gartner Magic Quadrant 2009 <br />Unified Communications as a Service<br />Only 16 North American companies selected<br />Microsoft, Google, Verizon, AT&T, IBM, Cisco…<br />Inc. 5,000 - 2007, 2008 and 2009<br />Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist 2006<br />Gartner “Cool Vendor” 2005<br />
    14. 14. Our Leadership<br />Jim Masterson, Chairman and CEO<br />Jeff Springborn, President and COO<br />Jim has over 25 years of experience driving bottom-line growth through business development, sales, marketing and executive management roles for companies in the fields of networking and telecom.  Prior to coming to LightEdge Jim was the Senior Vice President of Worldwide sales and Marketing for Terabeam, as well as strategic management roles with !NTERPRISE Data Networking, Rhythms NetConnections and USinterworking. <br />Jeff’s unique abilities, consistent drive and 19 years of experience allowed him to quickly redirect the company’s staff, processes and culture to take it to the next level.  He has a broad background in telecommunications and networking with previous positions in Terabeam, Inteliant Corporation and with Andersen Consulting helping Telecom Italia Mobile, Iridium, AT&T Wireless, Intel and MCI with their go to market strategies.<br />Travis Thompson, VP of Engineering<br />Jim Albee, VP of Finance<br />With over 18 years of experience in network management, engineering and platform architecture, Travis lead all of LightEdge’s data center and networking operations.  His knowledge of systems architecture and expertise in network design have allowed LightEdge to create a sophisticated, fault-tolerant network that is now ready to be scaled for the national presence that our investors have planned for the company. <br />Jim’s addition to the team has brought a wealth of knowledge and over 19 years of experience in the areas of finance, mergers and acquisitions and litigation related specifically to technology companies.  His years with MapQuest, Road9, Rhythms NetConnections, USWest and as a corporate financial consultant have allowed him to clearly understand the challenges and opportunities that impact a hosted technology provider. <br />Kris Harris, VP of Operations<br />Kris joined LightEdge in 2006 through the acquisition of Internet Express and Ascendtel, LLC, and is responsible for Customer Care and Network Operations. Prior to LightEdge and Internet Express, Kris was a Certified Public Accountant with RSM McGladrey, a national Accounting and Consulting firm working in the tax department specializing in bank tax reporting. <br />
    15. 15. Industry Leading Partners<br />
    16. 16. Our Facilities<br />* Representative of the Altoona, IA Data Center Facility<br />
    17. 17. LightEdge MPLS Network<br />Customer Router<br />Customer Router<br />Customer Router<br />Customer Router<br />MPLS<br />DLCI<br />Frame<br />PPP<br />Point to Point<br />Meshed MPLS <br />Core<br />MPLS<br />DLCI<br />MPLS<br />DLCI<br />Ethernet<br />Customer Router<br />Customer Router<br />Frame Relay<br />MPLS<br />Incompatible with other connective technologies <br />(need complex interworking)<br />Difficult to scale (3 routers = 3 DLCIs, 4 routers = 6 DLCIs, 5 routers = 10 DLCIs…)<br />Not always designed to natively support QoS<br />Connection agnostic<br />Each router independently connects to the Mesh<br />Inherently supports QoS<br />
    18. 18. Cloud Computing<br />
    19. 19. What is Cloud Computing?<br />“Cloud computing is a style of computing where massively scalable IT-related capabilities are provided ‘as a service’ across the Internet to multiple external customers”<br />“By 2012, 80 percent of Fortune 1000 companies will pay for some cloud computing service, and 30 percent of them will pay for cloud computing infrastructure.”<br />
    20. 20. Hosting - What’s the difference?<br />LightEdge Hosted Environment<br />Our platforms, our data center, our management<br />Premise-based Voice, Data and IT<br />Your equipment, your location, your responsibility<br />Applications<br />E-mail Server<br />Hosted in LightEdge Data Center<br />Phone System / PBX<br />Headquarters<br />Storage<br />Managed 24/7 by LightEdge Staff<br />Backup Tapes<br />Remote Office<br />Headquarters<br />(Internal Data Center) <br />
    21. 21. Hosting - Why should you care?<br />Get More<br /><ul><li>Best-in-class enterprise-grade services
    22. 22. Flexibility and Scalability</li></ul>Give Less<br /><ul><li> Minimal upfront investment
    23. 23. Predictable monthly fees
    24. 24. Compelling Total Cost of Ownership</li></ul>Get Ahead<br /><ul><li> Focus on your core business
    25. 25. Confidence and peace of mind
    26. 26. Reduce Risks
    27. 27. Redundancy and Security
    28. 28. Quality of Service (QOS)
    29. 29. 24x7 Monitoring and Mgmt
    30. 30. Environmentally controlled
    31. 31. Inherent disaster recovery</li></ul>Hosted LightEdge Network<br />Headquarters<br />Remote Office<br />Scale-on-Demand services give you the freedom to buy only what you need and add services as your business grows<br />Industry Leading Hardware and Software Partners<br />
    32. 32. Consulting and Implementation<br />LCS bridges the gap between premises-based and hosted IT solutions.<br />Consulting, Platform Design, Implementation, Migration and Server Management.<br />Service Provider<br />Premises-Based<br />LightEdge Consulting Services is like no other consulting firm in the market. LCS consultants have a background in enterprise-grade and hosted platforms, which allow them to bring “best practices” and stability to the SMB.<br />
    33. 33. Hosted PBX VoIP<br />Converged Access<br />SIP Trunking<br />Hosted Exchange<br />Hosted OCS<br />Hosted SharePoint<br />Voice Conferencing<br />Web Conferencing<br />Desktop Faxing<br />Business Internet(DSL, T1, Ethernet, Fiber)<br />Meshed IP WAN<br />Remote Access Services<br />Virtual Private Network<br />Managed Firewall<br />Intrusion Detection<br />Data Loss Prevention<br />URL Filtering<br />Unified Communications<br />Networking<br />Collocation<br />Private Cage Space<br />Dedicated Servers<br />IBM BladeCenter<br />Virtual Servers<br />SAN Storage<br />SQL Hosting<br />Managed Backup<br />Software as a Service<br />Windows Server:<br />(2000, 2003, & 2008)<br />Active Directory<br />Exchange 2007<br />OCS 2007<br />SharePoint 2007<br />SQL <br />EMC Storage Platforms<br />Business Continuity Planning<br />Consulting<br />Information Technology<br />Our Services<br />
    34. 34. Is it real?<br />“The rise of the cloud is more than just another platform shift that gets geeks excited. It will undoubtedly transform the IT industry, but it will also profoundly change the way people work and companies operate.”<br />-The Economist, “Let it Rise,” 10/23/08<br />
    35. 35. Server Virtualization<br />
    36. 36. Server Virtualization Basics<br />Virtualized World <br />Physical World<br />Hardware<br />Traditional x86 Architecture<br /><ul><li>Legacy rule: Run only one application per server because single application crashes result in OS or server failure
    37. 37. Typical hardware utilization under 8%</li></ul>Virtualization: <br /><ul><li>New rule: Run multiple applications per server because OS/applications are isolated from one another
    38. 38. Typical hardware utilization 80%</li></li></ul><li>Server Virtualization Fundamental Benefits<br />Partitioning<br /><ul><li>Run multiple operating systems on one physical machine
    39. 39. Divide system resources between virtual machines</li></ul>Isolation<br /><ul><li>Fault and security isolation at the hardware level
    40. 40. Advanced resource controls preserve performance</li></ul>Encapsulation<br /><ul><li>Entire state of the virtual machine can be saved to files
    41. 41. Move and copy virtual machines as easily as moving and copying files</li></ul>Hardware Independence<br /><ul><li>Provision or migrate any virtual machine to any similar or different physical server</li></li></ul><li>Server Consolidation & High Availability<br />Ubiquitous access to a dependable platform<br />Plug and play ease of use<br />Nearly infinitely scalable<br />Buy only as much as you need taking advantage of huge scale of economies in the cloud<br />
    42. 42. Why should you Virtualize ?<br />Server Consolidation & Productivity<br />Less capital to spend<br />Less space, power & cooling<br />Less to manage<br />Increase resource utilization bringing down TCO<br />Scalability<br />Grow with the business<br />Build what you need, when you need it<br />Portability & Protection<br />Enhanced Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity<br />High Availability for automatic recovery capabilities<br />
    43. 43. Causes of unplanned downtime<br />40%<br />40%<br />Probability of Occurrence<br />
    44. 44. Get More Done with Existing IT Staff<br />IncreaseStaff Productivity<br /><ul><li>Do more work with the same number of people = operating cost savings
    45. 45. Drivers of productivity improvements include
    46. 46. Zero downtime maintenance
    47. 47. Built-in high availability
    48. 48. Dynamic patching
    49. 49. Instant provisioning
    50. 50. Simplified disaster recovery</li></ul>% of Time Spent on Maintenance<br />72%<br />24%<br />Before Managed <br />Virtual Servers<br />After Managed<br />Virtual Servers<br />
    51. 51. Evolution of the Virtual Datacenter<br />
    52. 52. Unified Communications<br />
    53. 53. Benefits of Hosted Unified Communications<br /><ul><li> Productivity & Costs
    54. 54. Faster Resolution
    55. 55. Less missed calls
    56. 56. Mobile Integration
    57. 57. Business Process Integration
    58. 58. Customer Satisfaction
    59. 59. Responsiveness
    60. 60. Access to key data
    61. 61. Cost Reduction
    62. 62. Collaboration
    63. 63. Less Travel
    64. 64. Effective Teleworkers
    65. 65. CapEx and OpEx reduction
    66. 66. Openness
    67. 67. Non-proprietary phones
    68. 68. Any Applications</li></li></ul><li>Business Telephony<br />Rich Presence<br />The power of Unified Communications – delivered in a Hosted, SaaS model<br />Ideal Solution for Small & Medium Business Customers<br />Game-Changing Opportunity for Businesses that need efficient and effective communication<br />Hosted Unified Communications<br />Multimedia Conferencing<br />Unified Communications<br />Platform<br />Mobility<br />Instant Messaging<br />Integrated Contacts<br />HostedUC<br />Business Customers<br />
    69. 69. Hosted Unified Communications<br />Can the average SMB Really Afford to Deploy This? <br />Benefits of Hosted UC:<br /><ul><li>Smaller IT Staff
    70. 70. Lower Implementation Costs
    71. 71. Predictable Operating Costs
    72. 72. Easier Teleworker Support
    73. 73. Auto Upgrades
    74. 74. Future Proof  Automatically Stay Current with Technology
    75. 75. Integration with Other Hosted & SaaS Applications
    76. 76. More Reliable & Disaster Resistant</li></ul>Cisco Reference Unified Communications Solution <br />
    77. 77. Proven Results<br />Observed Benefits<br /><ul><li>15-25% improvement in Exception Processing costs
    78. 78. Cost Reductions
    79. 79. 30% in LD
    80. 80. 37% in 3rd Party Collaboration
    81. 81. 20% in travel
    82. 82. 25% Increased Customer Satisfaction ratings
    83. 83. Reduced IM Security Threat</li></ul>Medium Multi-Site Enterprise<br />high cross-functional integration <br />
    84. 84. Hosted PBX Voice<br />
    85. 85. Core Functionality<br />Features work across any Endpoint – PBX stations, IP phones, Mobile Phones, <br />Soft Clients, Analog Phones, Key System stations<br />GROUP FEATURES<br />PERSONAL FEATURES<br /><ul><li>Account Codes
    86. 86. Authorization Codes
    87. 87. Call Intercept
    88. 88. Call Park
    89. 89. Directed Call Park
    90. 90. Call Pickup
    91. 91. Calling Group ID Delivery
    92. 92. Calling Plan
    93. 93. Incoming Calls
    94. 94. Outgoing Calls
    95. 95. Redirected Calls
    96. 96. Configurable Attributes
    97. 97. Calling Line ID
    98. 98. Extensions
    99. 99. Feature Codes
    100. 100. Time Zones
    101. 101. Loudspeaker Paging
    102. 102. Music on Hold
    103. 103. Series Completion
    104. 104. Priority Alerting
    105. 105. Push to Talk
    106. 106. Selective Call Acceptance
    107. 107. Selective Call Rejection
    108. 108. Sequential Ring
    109. 109. Shared Call Appearances
    110. 110. Simultaneous Ring
    111. 111. Speed Dial
    112. 112. Three Way Calling
    113. 113. Voice Portal Calling
    114. 114. Alternate Numbers
    115. 115. Anonymous Call Rejection
    116. 116. Auto Callback
    117. 117. Barge In Exempt
    118. 118. Blind Call Transfer
    119. 119. Call Forwarding Always
    120. 120. Call Forwarding Busy
    121. 121. Call Forwarding No Answer
    122. 122. Call Forwarding Remote Access
    123. 123. Call Forwarding Selective
    124. 124. Call Hold
    125. 125. Call Notify
    126. 126. Call Return
    127. 127. Call Transfer w Consultation
    128. 128. Call Transfer w Three Way Consultation
    129. 129. Call Waiting
    130. 130. Calling Line ID Delivery
    131. 131. Calling Name Delivery
    132. 132. Calling Line ID Blocking
    133. 133. Calling Line ID Blocking Override
    134. 134. Cancel Call Waiting
    135. 135. Consultation Hold
    136. 136. Directed Call Pickup
    137. 137. Directed Call Pickup with Barge In
    138. 138. Distinctive Alerting
    139. 139. Diversion Inhibitor
    140. 140. Do Not Disturb
    141. 141. Extension Dialing
    142. 142. Instant Group Call
    143. 143. Last Number Redial</li></li></ul><li>Unified Messaging<br />Next Generation Unified Messaging<br />Voice Mail to Email<br />Fax to Email <br />Video Mail/Multimedia Mail<br />Integrated “Legacy” Voice Mail<br />Matches all traditional Voice Mail functionality<br />Integrated Voice Portal (fully configurable) <br />Multi-Language Support<br />Next-Generation Unified Messaging or Traditional/Legacy Voice Mail Solutions<br />Supports Fixed, Mobile, and Converged Users<br />Fully Integrated into BroadWorks Management and Portals<br />
    144. 144. <ul><li>Ring multiple phones simultaneously
    145. 145. First phone to pick up receives the call
    146. 146. Ensures important calls are always answered
    147. 147. Client only has to remember one number</li></ul>The Everywhere Salesman<br />His Office<br />His home phone<br />Mr. Sales<br />His mobile phone<br />Up to 8 other phones<br />Customer<br />
    148. 148. The Only Number<br /><ul><li>Deliver mobile solutions to customers without a mobile network
    149. 149. TODAY
    150. 150. Works on all mobile networks
    151. 151. Provide a One Number solution
    152. 152. The BroadWorks Number</li></ul>Who’s the mobile operator?<br />Who cares?<br />Customer calls Kelly’s BroadWorks number<br />Customer<br />Kelly<br /><ul><li>Pick up on mobile
    153. 153. Return to office
    154. 154. Swap call to desk phone
    155. 155. Keep talking</li></li></ul><li>Office Inaccessible<br />Your Office<br />Activate Remote Office<br />240-555-0981<br />240-555-0981<br />Punch in number<br />Office Backbone<br /><ul><li>Office is inaccessible
    156. 156. Forced to work from home
    157. 157. Activate Remote Office
    158. 158. Get on with business</li></ul>Customer<br /><ul><li>Work from anywhere
    159. 159. Protect caller ID information of your current location
    160. 160. Ensure a professional appearance</li></li></ul><li>International Calls from the Mobile<br /><ul><li>Bidding on a large deal
    161. 161. Needs to contact supplier in Brazil
    162. 162. 30 minute call
    163. 163. Two Options</li></ul>Steve<br /><ul><li>OPTION 1: Make a standard call
    164. 164. Costs $2.00 per minute
    165. 165. Mobile revenue – $60.00
    166. 166. BroadWorks – $0.00
    167. 167. OPTION 2: BroadWorks
    168. 168. Costs $0.14 per minute plus usage
    169. 169. AT&T revenue – 30 minutes used
    170. 170. BroadWorks revenue –$4.20
    171. 171. PLUS Steve’s loyalty and thanks</li></ul>Supplier<br />*Based on standard international calling rates<br />
    172. 172. Call Centers and Call Distribution<br />Advanced Call Delivery Policies<br />Multi-Location<br />Fixed and Mobile agents <br />Multiple Distribution Policies<br />Wrap-Up and Escalation<br />Call Queuing<br />Configurable Queue Policies<br />Music/Video on Hold <br />Escape Policies<br />Advanced Agent/Supervisors<br />Agent Login/Logoff<br />Integrated PC Clients<br />Service Integration<br />CRM Integration<br />Open APIs<br />
    173. 173. Hosted Microsoft Exchange<br />
    174. 174. To-Do Bar<br />Instant Search<br />Attachment preview<br />Calendar publishing<br />
    175. 175. Microsoft Exchange<br />Multi-device access to e-mail<br />Full-text search of messages<br />Remote storage and backupof e-mail<br />Multimedia communications (e-mail, voice mail, and fax)<br />
    176. 176. On-premises deployment costs<br />For small and midsize businesses (fewer than 500 employees) there are significant cost advantages to trusting LightEdge versus an in-house deployment. <br />
    177. 177. Thank you<br />For more information:<br /><br />877-771-3343<br /><br />