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Beer for Water - What I Want For My Birthday


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This year, rather than buying me a beer for my birthday, please give the same $5 to Charity:Water at

Beer for Water - What I Want For My Birthday

  1. FOR<br />
  2. This is Scott Schnaars<br />
  3. Hi, I’m Troy McClure.<br />You might remember Scott from such companies as Borland, WebEx, Yahoo, Hyperion or Socialtext.<br />
  4. Maybe you know Scott through his amazing family.<br />
  5. Or maybe you know him from the East Coast.<br />
  6. You might know that Scott has a birthday coming up.<br />10/8<br />
  7. You probably know that Scott loves an occasional:<br />
  8. And if he were in town, you’d probably buy him a pint for his birthday.<br />
  9. But since Scott is:<br />There is something else he wants this year.<br />
  10. This year, Scott wants a water well.<br />
  11. Why?<br />
  12. Because<br />
  13. For his birthday, Scott would like you to help turn this:<br />
  14. To this.<br />
  15. Turn this.<br />
  16. To this.<br />
  17. Turn this.<br />To this.<br />
  18. How?<br />
  19. X<br />=<br />1,000 of you beautiful people<br />$5 Pints<br />(That you’d treat Scott to if he were with you)<br /><br />
  20. Clean Water for 50 Families for 20 years<br /><br />
  21. Ask yourself, if you were with me the night of my birthday, would you buy me a drink?<br />
  22. I hope that the answer is yes and you’ll consider putting that $5 towards <br /><br />
  23. I’ll Make It More Interesting<br /><br />