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Week of september 23rd


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Week of september 23rd

  1. 1. 5TH GRADE HOMEWORK September 23rd –September 27th Mrs. Geraghty, Mrs. Reader, Mrs. Schmitt Subject Monday 9/23 Tuesday 9/24 Wednesday 9/25 Thursday 9/26 Friday 9/27 Reading FOCUS: Nonfiction Text Features Please update your reading log. Reading log due October 1st . Math Focus: Unit 2 Wkbk 34 boxes 1,2,3,4,6 Wkst on addition and subtraction on graph paper Wkbk 36 ALL Wkbk 39 boxes 1,2,3,4,6 Wkbk 42 boxes 1,3,4,5 6 Wkbk 46 ALL Wkbk 49 boxes 1,3,4,5, 6 Writing FOCUS: Descriptive Writing/ The Sentence Complete pg. 33 in your writing packet Study for subject/predicate quiz Subject/predicate quiz today!!!! Wordly Wise FOCUS: Lesson4 Exercises A and B Exercises C and D Worksheet Exercise E Study for lesson 4 test tomorrow!!!! Lesson 4 test Social Studies FOCUS: The Three Branches Work on your rap if necessary Spend 10 minutes reviewing your study guide – Study guide due Friday! Work on your rap if necessary – Rap performances TOMORROW Spend 10 minutes reviewing your study guide Study for Government test on FRIDAY Study for Government test TOMORROW Your study guide must be completed tomorrow. Government test TODAY Science/ Discovery Center FOCUS: Write assignments below: Spanish Earphones or ear buds needed in class daily! Misc. **Independent Reading Every Night for your Reading Log** The firstlog will begin August 21st th and run until October 1 st . You must have read and passed the RC test for at least ONE genre book from the required list. The scale for the first reading log is as follows: * Read 400 or more pages = 4 * 350-399 = 3 * 250- 349 = 2 * below 250 = 1