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Week of november 16th


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Published in: Education
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Week of november 16th

  1. 1. 5TH GRADE HOMEWORK November 16th – November 20th Mrs. Geraghty, Mrs. Reader, Mrs. Schmitt Subject Monday 11/16 Tuesday 11/17 Wednesday 11/18 Thursday 11/19 Friday 11/20 READING FOCUS: Characterization/Plot Elements/Questioning MATH FOCUS: Multiplying fractions Worksheets Worksheets Worksheets Writing FOCUS: Writing- Memoir Grammar- Nouns Complete review for test. Study for test tomorrow. Test on nouns today! Wordly Wise FOCUS: Lesson 9 Workbook- Exercises A and B Workbook- Exercises C and D Study for test tomorrow Read passage and do worksheet Test today on Lesson 9 SOCIAL STUDIES FOCUS: Civil War Write assignments below: Write assignments below: Write assignments below: SCIENCE/ Discovery Center FOCUS: Landforms Check Mr. Shane’s blog for assignments – find it on the science page of the 5th grade blog MISC. Bring cans for the food drive! Bring cans for the food drive! Bring cans for the food drive! **Independent Reading Every Night for your Reading Log** The third log will begin November 3 rd –December 3 rd The scale for the first reading log is as follows: * Read 650 or more pages = 4 * 400-649 = 3 * 250- 399 = 2 * below 250 = 1