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Trend 2 final

  1. 1. Trends Paper 2 Organic RestaurantsGina Schammel, Jill Smith and Mallory Schmidt
  2. 2. Organic restaurants are a new trend just beginning to rise in the market. An organicrestaurant is a restaurant that serves 100% organic foods and is certified as organic by theUSDA. The complete definition of what an organic food is, is a food grown without syntheticpesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, hormones, fertilizers or other synthetic or toxicsubstances. Also, no artificial flavors or colors are added. Organic foods do not include foodsthat have been irradiated or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). ("Dairy.") Organic restaurants are now trending because Americans are increasingly becoming morehealth conscious, especially when it comes to having foods chemically free. Not only areorganic foods finally breaking through to people that it is a better choice for a person’s health,but organic foods are now being made and marketed in different ways so that eating organic isseen as “cool” and “modern”. GustOrganics was the first and only certified organic restaurant inNew York, the world’s first certified restaurant using organic ingredients, and one of the“greenest” restaurants in the world. ("Amazing Facts.") Essentially GustOrganics started thetrend of organic restaurants in 2008 and is still a successful example of an organic restauranttoday. The main market scope organic restaurants have are to individuals that are healthconscious. The food is generally pricy because organic food is the healthiest and of the freshestquality foods produced in the area. In some cases individuals may have sensitivities to chemicalsused in commercial farming, so organic foodis an alternative that they can enjoy without beingnegatively affected. ("Organic Restaurants - Organic Has Come of Age.") Many vegan eatersalso dine at organic restaurants. These restaurants have the healthiest foods, and are cooked inthe most healthful way, meaning they are targeting those people that want to eat in the mosthealthful way. In order to have a handle on multiple markets and maintain the popularity oforganic restaurants, an organic restaurant needs to do the following: prepare for growth andhigher start-up costs, expect price fluctuations, embrace menu changes, know your customers,and convince the non-believers. ("How to Run a Successful Organic Restaurant.") Organic restaurants are currently trending and impacting the health of their customers andthe success of local organic farmers, although the potential impacts seem to bring a bigger future.By 2025 organic products increased sales in restaurants will likely continue and organic foodswill be sold anywhere and everywhere ("Organic Market Trends"). This means that organicrestaurants are expected to become much more common and therefore have more competition.There are so few organic restaurants in one city that right now there is almost no competition, butthat is something organic restaurants need to be ready for; the growth of their market. A majorfactor in this bright potential for organic restaurants is the government support of organicagriculture because the governments support is needed for organic farmers to be successful, andit is needed to continue the positive promotion of organic foods and organic restaurants.(“Organic Market Trends.”)
  3. 3. The Foster Cheese Haus is a restaurant that sells wood fired pizza, cheese, craft beer, andthey have their own fine wine cellar. The Foster Cheese Haus is located between Osseo and EauClaire, near us, right off of Interstate 94. They offer over 100 cheese products from local dairiesand most of their soups and sandwiches are made organically from local ingredients. Stated onthe Foster Cheese Haus website; they are known for their “organically grown, regionallysourced, family farm supportive and ethically grown food products.” Foster Cheese Haus’ goal isto veer away from the typical trend of sending food hundreds of miles away or receiving foodfrom hundreds of miles away. They would rather look at it as, how many steps the food had totravel from their garden, before reaching the customers plate. Stated on their website, they “aimto become the leading choice for locals and travelers alike.” They are reaching out to market thatthey grow organically right out of Chippewa Valley, at the restaurant. People are becomingmore and more health conscious and beginning to care more about pesticides and such being intheir systems. Many people I know would really appreciate the Foster Cheese Haus because oftheir healthy lifestyles. These health conscious people are the Foster Cheese Haus’ targetmarket. I feel that Foster Cheese Haus has a fantastic start to the trend of being an organicrestaurant, but as I stated earlier most but not all of their food is organic. To be a true, 100%,organic restaurant they need to produce only organic foods, and then need to do a much betterjob at advertising. I personally, have never heard of the Foster Cheese Haus before I beganresearching and it’s a place I would likely go to had I known about it. They could be on theradio, in the newspaper, online; Facebook, Twitter, bill boards, etc. I would be doing every kindof advertisement I could afford just to get out the name of the restaurant out there so customerscan become familiar with its name. (“Artisan Wisconsin Cheese, Wood Fire Pizza and Dining”). GustOrganics, as stated above, was the first USDA certified organic restaurant in NewYork. It was also the nation’s first restaurant to use 100% USDA certified organic ingredients,along with being the first and only USDA certified organic bar on the planet. GustOrganics has agreat vision statement it’s; “to bring organics and sustainability into the mainstream and topromote positive change.” I also liked part of their mission statement as they said they, “alwaysprovide a tasty, nutritious, healthy, and entertaining dining experience.” This attracts people thatare aware and dedicated to their health but still like to go out and enjoy a nice sit down meal withfamily and friends. They also “inspire lifestyle change throughout the community” they aremarketing for people to have a healthier lifestyle and trying to help the food industry in Americabecome more health friendly. GustOrganics serves organic Latin-inspired foods, with a menuthat change on a daily basis depending on the amount of fresh produce available to them("Amazing Facts.")To improve and become more successful I feel that GustOrganics should tryto broaden their food range and have more than just Latin based foods. They could also openmore restaurants in the area that are completely organic but have a different origin of food. Evenopening more of the exact same restaurant throughout the USA would be beneficial for them. Ifeel that there are many out there that would take advantage of what they are offering and theywould be very successful throughout America. They market to those who are looking for themodern rustic atmosphere at all times of the day. They attract the breakfast crew, the lunch
  4. 4. crew, and also dinner crew. If customers don’t like the rustic atmosphere, they are welcome toorder take out or have their order delivered. They are a great business, fully organic, open 365day of the year for each meal of the day ("Amazing Facts.") Other industries outside the hospitality industry that also have fully or at least partiallyorganic foods are; certain farms and grocery stores. These two businesses both have to sameintent as the organic restaurants do; trying to better the lifestyle of American through what wefeed ourselves each and every day. There are several organic farms that don’t use all of thechemicals that many other farms use. These farmers typically support local businesses andschools if they have the crops to do so. These farms also attract those are very health consciousand are aware of the bad and good that should be going in to a human body. Their target marketis the same as in the hospitality industry with the organic restaurants and even outside of thehospitality industry with the grocery stores. Many grocery stores have a section of the store thatis organic. To accommodate to those who have the desire to seek out a healthy lifestyle withclean eating habits. There are also smaller grocery stores, many times known as, co-ops that sella large amount of organic foods. These stores are also target marketing the same group of peoplebeing aware of their health. These two types of organic businesses could better their businessesand become more successful by, again, doing a better job with advertising and selling theproducts, making sure people are aware of their great products. The Raw Deal is one of the few organic restaurant options here in town, and an expertinterview was conducted with their events and marketing manager, Hope Larsen. Her main job isto attract customers into the restaurant through events and just with their menu and makecustomers more knowledgeable about organic food. When asked, how are organic restaurantssuch as The Raw Deal, impacting the business landscape, she replied, “organic restaurants offermore variety to our daily lives and they open people’s minds to other food besides fast food.”This is certainly true considering every other street there is a different fast food restaurant on thecorner, even in small towns like Menomonie, WI. Most people are educated about the basic fastfood restaurants, but Hope thinks that people are going to become more aware of organicrestaurants and possibly even make organic food a preference over other types of food. She alsonoted that “it’s clear that organic restaurants are becoming more popular consideringMenomonie, a relatively small town, has one.” Next I asked how she thought organic restaurants would change moving forward. Againgoing off of the first question Hope stated that “organic restaurants would get increasingexposure.” She said that in the past people have almost stayed away from The Raw Deal andother organic restaurants because prices are higher than many other choices, but “the quality ofthe product is well worth the prices on the menu and people will recognize that more and more inthe future.” People across the country are more educated about the harmful effects of poor eatinghabits and about the benefits of eating healthy. It wouldn’t be surprising if we saw more organicrestaurants coming about, especially in highly populated cities and trendy areas around thecountry.
  5. 5. I also asked Hope who are some of their competitors and what will be needed to stayahead of competitors? She replied that they “didn’t necessarily have competitors, but the co-ophas an organic lunch option called the lunch box.” The reason The Raw Deal doesn’t have anycompetitors is because according to Hope, “The Raw Deal fills a very specific nitch. If peoplewalk in here without knowing we’re completely organic and that’s not what their looking for,we’ll suggest acoustic or somewhere else for them.” I thought this was rather interesting, becausethe way I viewed it before the interview was that The Raw Deal was competing against placeslike acoustic or fast food restaurants around that area, but she explained that the customers whogo to the raw deal have no desire to eat at say Jeff’s Pizza or McDonalds. They are looking forthe highest quality, freshest food no matter what the price, so Hope said that in order to keepbusiness going they “will need to educate the community about the benefits of eating organic,and the fresh food that is on the menu here at The Raw Deal.” She definitely has the right idea,because I think a lot of people, especially college students who live near The Raw Deal, do notknow enough about the kind of food that is offered at their restaurant. They would draw in morecustomers by educating the community, but that’s not to say that all people would automaticallylove organic food. There are still several people who probably would not want to change theireating habits. The interview with Hope Larsen really put all of our research to reality. American’s arerealizing the importance of nutritious food, and I think that we truly may be seeing morerestaurants such as The Raw Deal around the country. It may take people awhile to get on boardwith the idea, but organic food is of higher quality and these types of restaurants may draw inmore customers than they had ever thought possible in the past.
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