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Gordon Schmidt (2012) IPFW SHRM Presentation: The Benefits And Pitfalls Of Online Social Media For Careers


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Presentation given to the IPFW chapter of SHRM, 03/21/2012

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Gordon Schmidt (2012) IPFW SHRM Presentation: The Benefits And Pitfalls Of Online Social Media For Careers

  1. 1. Gordon B. Schmidt M. A. OLS Division IPFW
  2. 2. • The Internet and careers• What is social media?• Existing Employee Relations• Recruitment/Selection Issues• Information Exchange• Q&A
  3. 3. • Who here has used the Internet in a job search? How did you?• Who here has used a social media site (ex. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) in way related to job search?• Who has used social media in some way related to their job or profession?
  4. 4. • Vc• Social Networking Sites Definition (Boyd & Ellison, 2008) • web-based services that allow people to: 1. Construct a public or semi-public profile in a bounded network 2. Have a list of other users connected to 3. View those connections and those of connected others
  5. 5. • “a group of Internet-based applications… that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content” (Kaplan & Hainlein, 2010)• Broader category than social networking sites • Facebook has 149 Million active users in the U.S. alone-70% of those users log on daily
  6. 6. • Social Media is already having significant impact on careers and looks to have even more in the future• We will look at/discuss examples in 3 major areas today: • Existing Employee Relations • Recruitment/Selection Issues • Information Exchange
  7. 7. • People have been fired for Facebook and other social media site posts• Ex. Public Teachers• Gc• Was this fair?
  8. 8. • Social media connects people socially and professional• The borders of each info type can be blurry• If you were the manager of the following employees what would you do?
  9. 9. • Venues for employees to support and share info with each other
  10. 10. • Great amount of potential information available to recruiters through social media• But is it accurate? Is it legal?• Example: definition of binge drinking• If A Facebook picture shows you and these 5 bottles at a party, how much did you drink?
  11. 11. • More potentially useful information on each side• Both parties can look at online professional presences so that interview is not just resume rehash• Strategy to see what people can actually deliver• Example: Innovation Protocol, brand strategy consulting firm• PnUY
  12. 12. • Social media can also offer a medium by which to gain professional information that helps your career and career-related knowledge base• Can make connections with people in your field/perspective field• Get access to information and opinions from thought leaders and the cutting edge• Potential for Serendipity • Finding information valuable to you that you did not even know you needed
  13. 13. • Email:• IOPsychology feed on Twitter:!/iopsychology• On LinkedIn:• schmidt/13/a90/891