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Getting Things Done with Outlook and iPhone


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My Getting Things Done productivity environment is that of a “normal” employed computer user: email, calendar and tasks reside in Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013, that being connected to an Exchange server. Whatever happens has to be embeddable into that system.

As mobile device the iPhone comes along, which plays nicely with Exchange in terms of email and calendar, and roughly with tasks through the Reminder app but not as I need it.

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Getting Things Done with Outlook and iPhone

  2. 2. Just my system – might not fit you. This slide deck visualizes the blog post “Getting Things Done* with Outlook 2010/Exchange and iPhone/iOS” on Read for detailed instructions and explanations. * “Getting Things Done” is a method and book by David Allen.
  3. 3. Using Getting Things Done
  4. 4. Email – 4D method Delete Do Delegate Defer Photo Credit: shioshvili cc. Photo Credit: Matthew Wilkinson cc. Photo Credit: MizaPhoto cc. Photo Credit: Courtney Dirks cc.
  5. 5. Email Productivity loss by over-organization Less Is More Photo Credit: khrawlings cc
  6. 6. Setting up your system
  7. 7. Email Folders  @Reply  @Read Offline  @Read Online  Reference  Travel
  8. 8. Finding Fast ‒ Search Folders & Search  Virtual folders  Per project  Per VIP group  Keywords  to:name and from:name searches the name just in receiver respectively sender.  subject:topic searches just in the subject line.
  9. 9. Actions ‒ a Task List with Context  Context determines your options, not priorities
  10. 10. It is Monday 2:31pm. What do you do?  Where are you?  How much time do you have?  What persons are in your reach?  Which tools do you have right at hand?
  11. 11. My Contexts  Agendas  Errands  Calls  Computer Offline  Computer Online  Home  Office  Waiting for  Projects  Someday/Maybe
  12. 12. Define new Task List View  Columns symbol, done, prio, subject, notes, due  Grouping categories  Sort none  Filter extra done ≠ yes
  13. 13. Synchronize Actions Outlook – iPhone  TaskTask App (see in iTunes)  TaskTask HD (see in iTunes)  Same categories
  14. 14. Graphic: Courtesy memo randoms by Jason Franzen of More Simple
  15. 15. Resources  This guide as blog post (also in German)  Other  Outlook search folders – Microsoft  Outlook Attachment Remover Add-in  GTD Times – Blog of David Allen Co.  memo randoms by Jason Franzen  David Allen: Getting Things Done book
  16. 16. Mind like water Photo: Joachim Schlosser. License CC-BY-SA.