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DevOps, Agile and Open Source at ImmobilienScout24


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How Open Source, Agile Methods and DevOps come together at ImmobilienScout24.

Was verbindet Open Source, Agiles Mindset und DevOps? In der richtigen Kombination dieser Themen entsteht für die IT eine neue Basis der Zusammenarbeit.

Ein Rückblick auf die letzten 6 Jahre bei ImmobilienScout24 zeigt, wie die Anwendung in der Praxis unsere IT-Abteilung voran gebracht hat. Bei der Cloudmigration profitieren wir insbesondere von der offenen Kultur in der Firma und der Community.

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DevOps, Agile and Open Source at ImmobilienScout24

  1. 1. OpenTechSummit 2015 | 12.05.2015 | Schlomo Schapiro Systems Architect & Open Source Evangelist Open Source Agile DevOps @schlomoschapiro
  2. 2. ◉ >2 billion PI per month ◉ 2 data center with ~1900 VM ◉ ~2.5 million outgoing email/day ◉ total of ~550 employees ◉ ~30 crossfunctional IT teams ◉ ~150 in IT ◉ 16 years in business
  3. 3. Linux Java Tomcat PHP MongoDB MySQL Elastic Search Python Bash Perl Oracle Windows Micro Strategy VMware Adobe Graphite Logstash Spring MVC jQuery Hibernate Kibana YADT Lab Manager Light Maven RPM Subversion Tibco Jira Confluence IntelliJ Idea Icinga F5
  4. 4. Open Source: Foundation of our IT Business Use Open Source Software... The Cloud Challange
  5. 5. Publish own software as Open Source Strategic sponsoring of Open Source projects to solve internal problems
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Manifesto for Agile Software Development Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan
  8. 8. DevOps
  9. 9. birgitta hohenester / Steve Jurvetson / flickr
  10. 10. DEV OPSPROD Product Delivery Pipeline Agile DevOps
  11. 11. Software Development: Going Agile with SCRUM 1st DevOps project: New RPM-based deployment toolchain Platform migration to RPM-based deployment done by Ops & Dev teams Dev thinking in Ops: Test Driven Infrastructure Cloud Migration: You Build It - You Run It
  12. 12. DevOps is Agile that actually works for all IT departments
  13. 13. OpenSource DevOps Agile Collaboration Contribution Trust Transparency Let’s do it! Exchange Cross- functional Backlogs
  14. 14. It is all about people, not about technology.