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An introductory technical presentation on Cucumber and some of its new features. Written in 2010.

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  1. 1. Our EvolvingDevelopment Framework
  2. 2. Cucumber...• is not just about testing• is more than integration testing• is behaviour driven development
  3. 3. The TDD/BDD Way• Red• Green• Refactor
  4. 4. The Cucumber Way1. Describe behaviour in plain text2. Write a step definition in Ruby3. Run and watch it fail4. Write code to make the step pass5. Run again and see the step pass6. Repeat 2-5 until green like a cuke7. Repeat 1-6 until the money runs out
  5. 5. Cucumber Terminology• Features • In order to business value, • As a role, • I want to feature• Scenarios • Given, When, Then• Step Definitions
  6. 6. Cucumber Setup• features directory• plain text .feature files• step_definitions folder• ruby steps files• support folder
  7. 7. Feature & Scenario Example
  8. 8. Step Definition Examples
  9. 9. The AMC Way• Use Cucumber with: • Webrat (built-in support) • Machinist (fixture replacement) • Ian White’s Pickle (extends Cucumber) • Profiles • Tags • Scenario Outlines • Background
  10. 10. Webrat• browser simulator• used by Cucumber by default• common action step definitions predefined using webrat (webrat_steps.rb): When I press “Log in” Then I should see “Login successful”
  11. 11. Machinist• Fixture replacement• Allows you to work with real objects: User.make User.make(:name => ‘Bob’)
  12. 12. Pickle (for objects)• Uses Machinist, Factory Girl or ActiveRecord• Provides step definitions for your convenience (pickle_steps.rb): Given a user exists Given a user exists with name: “Bob”
  13. 13. Pickle (for paths)• Extends paths.rb: When I go to the users page When I go to the user’s articles page
  14. 14. Pickle (for email)• Provides step definitions for your convenience (email_steps.rb): Given all emails have been delivered Then 1 email should be delivered to “”
  15. 15. No New Steps Required Scenario: delivering comment notification to one user Given a question exists And a user exists with name: “Bob”, email: “” When I go to the questions page When I fill in "comment[body]" with "My comment" And I check “Bob” And I press "Add Comment" Then 1 email should be delivered to “” And I should see “Comment notification was sent”
  16. 16. Cucumber Profiles• defined in cucumber.yml• our current profiles: • default • sphinx • selenium
  17. 17. Default Profile• uses transactional fixtures (wraps each scenario in a database transaction)• uses webrat• excludes sphinx and selenium features
  18. 18. Sphinx Profile• for testing features that use thinking-sphinx• won’t work with transactional fixtures• use database cleaner gem instead• uses webrat• specifies only sphinx features
  19. 19. Selenium Profile• useful for testing javascript features• won’t work with transactional fixtures• use database cleaner gem instead• uses selenium webrat configuration• drives a real browser• specifies only selenium features
  20. 20. Using Profilescucumbercucumber -p sphinxcucumber -p selenium
  21. 21. Cucumber Tags• used to target features and scenarios• used by profiles: cucumber -t sphinx• use @wip for feature or scenario that you are currently working on: cucumber -t wip
  22. 22. Cucumber Tags• Add directly above Feature or Scenario keywords• Can have more than one (comma separated)
  23. 23. Scenario Outlines
  24. 24. Scenario Outlines• Useful for DRYing up your scenarios when only data is changing• Use Scenario Outline instead of Scenario
  25. 25. Background
  26. 26. Background• Add context for your scenarios in a single feature
  27. 27. And More...• Some other Cucumber features: • Nested steps • Hooks • Multi-line step arguments • Spork and --drb• Cucumber continues to grow!