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Stickybits & altoids (12.1.10)


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Stickybits & altoids (12.1.10)

  1. 1. 12/01/2010Sections Altoids + iTunes card giveaway case study:2 Overall Statistics • On November 17, stickybits ran a promotion for a free $10 Social Engagement iTunes gift card to the first 1,000 people that scanned an3 Altoids tin. Scanning Locations4 • In a matter of hours, all cards were given away. In less than 24 hours, there were more than 1,600 total scans, 1,339 unique scans, 349 wall posts and hundreds of shared links from users in 23 different countries. • The result: when giving a highly valuable promotion to a large set of users, there is a high and instant engagement with the products involved in the promotion. • The following study dives into the analytics generated by the promotion as well as a few interesting findings. • For more information, contact
  2. 2. Campaign Performance “I love Altoids!” - @kess1573 Stickybits announced the with their friends once they promotion to our users through an 1,623 scans received a loser message. email blast, our blog, Twitter and Facebook. 1,339 unique 349 posts were added to the Altoids wall and Some people luckily had Altoids 349 wall posts viewable through the nearby, but most did not. In order stickybits app. They to be one of the first, there was an promotion there was a small ranged from praise, to important time element involved. delay and then the largest spike photos of altoids, to If they wanted to win, they had to of the promotion. It was in that passionate comments of get to an Altoids tin as fast as spike that the promotion sold people’s love for Altoids. possible. Some planned it as part out. of their shopping, but others went There was a high level of out of their way to gain access to Scanning continued even after sharing, which we will them. all the iTunes gift cards were move on to next. awarded, although users From the data above, we can see stopped sharing the promotion that right after we announced the2 stickybits / November 23, 2010
  3. 3. Social Social Engagement Engagement Many people didn’t scan just once. They continued to Thank you Apple come back and engage with the stickybits community in a conversation around Altoids. With stickybits’ built in sharing, iTunes & stickybits for the promotion spread like wildfire through twitter and by my $10 gift card for word of mouth. scanning an Altoids tin! W00t! - @Joltrast Big love to @altoids and @stickybits for the Itunes gift card yesterday! Did you get yours? - @ed_peterson3 stickybits / November 23, 2010
  4. 4. Scanning Locations United States It didn’t surprise us that most of our scanning came from the US. However, we did not restrict the promotion to only the US. The result: Altoids were scanned in 32 different countries, including England, Germany, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Israel, South Korea, and yes, even Pakistan. Europe New Zealand Pakistan4 stickybits / November 23, 2010