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TACCM 2013 Web Marketing Tool Kit - Texas Association of Community College Marketers


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Your Web Marketing tool kit is continuously expanding (and changing!) as online tools evolve. What should you expect out of Facebook advertising vs. YouTube vs. LinkedIn? Do you need a mobile app? Should you spend resources on new social networks like Vine, Pinterest, and Google+?

In this pre-conference intensive workshop, Katrina Kokoska and Caitlin Kaluza from Schipul – The Web Marketing Company will cover the foundational elements of web marketing strategy, and targeting your web marketing efforts to make the most impact on your goals. We’ll also talk trends in web marketing, including geotargeting and the rise of mobile.

The session will start with your website as the home base of your web marketing efforts – and then explore several of the options you have in your web marketing tool kit, including: content strategy, Social Media Marketing, online photo/video content, Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords PPC Advertising, advertising on social media sites, email marketing, and mobile options. We will break down the strengths of each tactic, tips to get started, and tools for measuring your success.

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TACCM 2013 Web Marketing Tool Kit - Texas Association of Community College Marketers

  1. 1. YOUR WEBMARKETING TOOLKITKatrina Kokoska | @kkokoskaCaitlin Kaluza |
  2. 2. WHO ARE WE?KATRINA KOKOSKAProfessional Services Manager@kkokoskaCAITLIN KALUZAMarketing Manager@qcait |
  3. 3. 1. Defining Goals2. Web Marketing Hierarchy3. Measuring Success4. Evaluating New Tools5. StreamliningImplementationLET’S TALK...Photo Credit:
  5. 5. STEP 1: PUT YOURSELF IN THEIRSHOES1. Demographics2. Their Pain Points3. Behavior - Wheredo they hang out?4. When?Photo Credit:
  6. 6. Start with Standards - ThenTest for YourselfSource:
  7. 7. STEP 2: DEFINE A CONVERSION1. How will you definesuccess?2. How can you measure it?3. Are you set up to track it?
  9. 9. STEP 3: SET EXPECTATIONS•This Takes Time•Marketing is Never “Over”•Your Website... It’s Alive!Photo credit:
  11. 11. YOUR WEBSITEaka The MothershipPhoto Credit:
  13. 13. houston-offshore.com1. USE A STRONGHEADLINE
  14. 14. keggscandies.com2. YOUR PRODUCTOR SERVICE IS THEHERO
  15. 15. dropbox.com3. CLEAR CALLSTO ACTION
  16. 16. Resource:101 Examplesof
  17. 17. ymcahouston.org4. BRANDINGCONSISTENCY
  18. 18. 5. THIRD-PARTYVALIDATIONTestimonials, Partners, Credentials, etc.
  19. 19. texasspineandneurosurgerycenter.com6. MAKE ITEASY TOCONTACT YOU
  21. 21. Things Your Website Should Do Well1. Squint Test2. What do you wantvisitors to do?3. Can they do it?4. Navigate Easily5. Tell Your Story6. Mobile Baseline7. Accessibility Basics
  22. 22. Website Nice-to-Haves1. Content Management2. Advanced Functionality(login, donations, etc.)3. Advanced Permissions4. Advanced ConversionTracking5. Dynamic Content6. Mobile Optimized
  23. 23. Tools in Your Web Marketing Toolkit
  24. 24. Foundation
  25. 25. Getting Started with Analytics1. Why GoogleAnalytics?2. Embed Javascriptcode on each page3. Set up Goals
  26. 26. Definitions1. Visits # of instances of a visit2. Pageviews Total views of all pages3. Bounce Rate People who landed on one page &left without clicking anywhere4. New Visits Based on a cookie in your browser
  27. 27. Top Reports to Focus On1. Traffic Patterns2. Traffic Sources3. Top Keywords4. Content/Navigation Paths5. Mobile6. Geography
  28. 28. Traffic Patterns• Look at Month/Monthand Year/Year• Online should mirrorwhat happens Offline
  29. 29. Traffic SourcesBenchmark: 60-75%Search Engine TrafficWho Links to You
  30. 30. Top Keywords• Exclude your brand namefor “nonbranded” words• Look at traffic andconversions
  31. 31. Content/Navigation Paths• Top Contenttends to notchange much• Look atNavigationPaths from yourhomepageparticularly
  32. 32. Mobile
  33. 33. Geography• Is it what youexpected?• Where is thereopportunity?
  34. 34. Set Up Goals• i.e. Fill Out ContactForm• Admin > Goals >Add confirmationpage URL• View ConversionRates for any report
  35. 35. Resources for Learning More1. Google Support Google Analytics Blog -analytics.blogspot.com3. - Google AnalyticsEssential Training
  36. 36. More Tracking ToolsTip: Add + on the end ofany URL to see stats
  37. 37. Even More! Monitoring
  39. 39. Search Engine OptimizationPhoto Credit
  40. 40. How a Search Engine Works
  41. 41. Search Engines are Deaf and Blind
  42. 42. Search Engine
  43. 43. What do Search Engines Look for?• Readable Text• Fresh, unique content• Good site architecture• Unique meta info• Relevant inbound links
  44. 44. SEO =Write great content+Use targeted keywords wherethey make sense
  45. 45. Contentis KingPhoto Credit:
  46. 46. MOBILE
  47. 47. Mobile Stats13% of web traffic is mobile50% of local searches are mobile57% of users say they won’trecommend a business with a poorperforming mobile siteGoogle rewards mobile-optimizedcontent in search results
  48. 48. Mobile Stats
  49. 49. Mobile Stats
  50. 50. Mobile Stats
  51. 51. MOBILE OPTIONSSeparate Site/Pages Responsive
  52. 52. Separate Site/Pages Responsive Designvs.Pros:• Easier to add to existingwebsite• Cost• Full contentcustomizationCons:• Scalability• Content lives in multipleplaces• Device basedPros:• Scalable• SEO Friendly (GoogleRecommends)• Content Lives in One Place• Best PracticeCons:• Cost• All Content Must be Flexible
  53. 53. WHAT ABOUT MOBILE APPS?• Consider theUse Case• Remember:Apps areDevice-Specific
  55. 55. EMAIL
  56. 56. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?•Who is/are your audience(s)?•Where in the buying cycle are they?•What do you want them to do?•Sign up for classes?•Pay online•Request brochure?•Can you track your success?
  57. 57. CHOOSING APROVIDER•Fully-managed, SaaS or In-house•Price•Reporting•Reputation•(Commitment and Templating)
  58. 58. CREATING YOUR LISTDO:Collect subscribers onlineand offlineSegment listsBuild trustTell them what they’ll getNever stop growing your listDON’T:Buy ListsPrecheck the boxAdd folks to more liststhan they agreed toSend to an anyone you’venot sent anything to in atleast 2 yearsAnything else shady
  59. 59. ANATOMY OFAN EMAIL• List: Keep it clean/relevant• Subject line: Shorter, concise• Message• Branded• All roads lead to CTA• Redundancy• Landing Page: Laser-focused
  60. 60. Let’s Talk Paid Advertising
  61. 61. Let’s Talk Advertising“Make it simple, but significant“ - Don Draper
  62. 62. Search Network
  63. 63. Display Network
  64. 64. Text AdsImage AdsVideo Ads
  65. 65. Search NetworkBe there whenthey’re searchingfor you2%-4% CTR1. Bid on Keywords2. Quality Score x Biddetermine placement3. Pay for Clicks Only4. Target by Geography &Device
  66. 66. Display NetworkBranding Impressions toa Targeted Audience0.1% CTR1. Bid on KeywordsYour ads show next to contentcontaining those Keywords2. Can define specificplacements and topics3. Pay for Clicks Only4. Target by Geography,Device, Demographics5. Sites include:Gmail, Apps,,,, TheWeather Channel, etc.
  69. 69. ADSENSE1. Show ads on yoursite as part of theGoogle DisplayNetwork2. How it works3. Earn revenue
  70. 70. 1. 16% Market Share2. Less CompetitionTends to be Cheaper3. Long Tail Tends to work4. Demographics Skew Older(Default Search Engine)
  71. 71. BREAK TIME!
  72. 72. Social Media!
  73. 73. “FREE” V. “PAID”•Free - Doesn’t mean to free to use•Paid - Pay/piece of content• Pay per click• Pay per impressions• 1 + 1 = 3Photo Credit:
  75. 75. OVERVIEW• 1.11B MAU• Accounts for 90% of time spent social networkingComponents• Page v. Profile• Newsfeed is main form of content consumption• Promotes engagement via Likes, Comments,Hashtags and Shares• Promotes Sponsored Stories, Boosted Postsand Ads
  76. 76. PAGE•Hub of your social media presence•Home of your promotions•Gateway to your website•SEO
  77. 77. FACEBOOK: PAGE•Users are 40-150 times more likely toconsume your content on theirnewsfeed than from your page.•40% of Facebook time is spent onNewsfeed compared to 12% onPages.•Newsfeed accounts for 4% of all timespent online.
  79. 79. EDGERANK• EdgeRank is an algorithm used by Facebook todetermine where and what posts appear on eachindividual’s newsfeed. - PostRocket• Personal Interaction• Your previous interactions with the author• Your previous interactions with the post type• Network Reaction• Reaction from users who have seen the post• Negative feedback
  80. 80. CONTENTSTRATEGY• Listen First• Remember yourEnvironment• Consider how you useFacebook• Use rich, engaging,easy-to-consumemedia• It’s not all about you -80/20 rule
  82. 82. comScore
  83. 83. PAID ADS•3 Types:•Boost post•Sponsored story•Paid ad•Average CTR is low (~0.05%)
  84. 84. PAID ADS
  85. 85. RESOURCES•Facebook Marketing Bible•••North Social and ShortStack
  86. 86. • 5x more likely toshare News
  87. 87. •About 200M users (Dec. 2012)•Treats personal and brand profilesthe same•Timeline is main form of contentconsumption•Promotes engagement via Mentions,RTs and Hashtags
  88. 88. • Full-Service• Promoted Accounts, Tweets and Trends• Analytics• Customer Service Rep• Self-Service• Promoted Accounts and Tweets• Analytics• Only pay for what worksPAID ADS
  89. 89. PAID ADS
  90. 90. •> 1B unique visitors each month•100 hours of video are uploadedevery minute•According to Nielsen, YouTubereaches more US adults age 18-34than any cable network•Behind Google, YouTube is the world’ssecond largest search engine
  91. 91. •You don’t need a Channel or have tobe on YouTube to watch a video•Promotes engagement viacomments, likes, shares, playlistsand embeds•Paid advertising available inTrueView or InStream
  92. 92. •Be aware of video length/purpose•Not everything has to be productionquality. Consider the content.•Always optimize videos•Create playlists (Google indexesthese)CONTENT STRATEGY
  93. 93. •Standard In-Stream - :15 or :30long “commercials”•TrueView - Can be longer than :30and viewers must choose to watchPAID ADS
  94. 94. • > 200M Users• > 2.5M Company Pages• Promotes engagement via likes, comments,shares, mentions, endorsements, recsand groups/discussions• Supports paid ads via Premium Displayads, Sponsored inMail and SponsoredUpdatesHigher ed is the 3 largest industry utilizingLinkedIn with > 1.95M users
  95. 95. CONTENT STRATEGY• Personally• News of new projects, skills, etc.• Industry-relevant links, articles, case-studies• Kudos• Company• Press-releases• Internal updates• Jobs• Fun facts, tips, pointers
  96. 96. PAID ADSMarketing Solution• Display and social ads• Dedicated account rep• Guaranteed inventoryand delivery• CPM• Minimum spend is $25K/3 months
  97. 97. PAID ADSSelf-Serve Ads• Text ads w/ image• CPM or CPC• No minimum spend
  98. 98. PAID ADS
  99. 99. •135M MAU•Has Business and Personal profiles•Promotes engagement via +1, shares,comments, hashtags and Hangoutsand Communities•Does not offer paid advertising
  100. 100. 1. It is owned by Google2. Google Places become Google PlusLocal Pages3. Search Plus rolls outWHY YOU SHOULD CARE
  103. 103. • 56 millionWordPresssites in theworld• Women morelikely to blog
  104. 104. • 20 Billion posts• 50 Million blogs• Young Audience(skews toward teens)• Purchased by Yahoofor $1 billion• Content Curation vs.CreationIBM on Tumblr
  105. 105. • Visual• 17% of all socialmedia drivenecommerce• Demographic:College EducatedWomen
  106. 106. • Lifestyle• Curated Content -80% are repins• Crowd Source• Inspire
  107. 107. Monitoring Tool: Pinalerts
  108. 108. • 12% of web users• Demographics:• Age 18 - 29• Even Men/Women• College-Educated• Now with video!
  110. 110. • 6 Second“Animated GIF”Style Videos• Early Adopters• Introduced by Twitter in February 2013
  111. 111. • “YouTube forPresentations”• Share webinars, publicspeaking, documents• Embed YouTube videos• Business-Orientedcontent
  112. 112. NICHE NETWORKS• Passionate Community• Be the Authority• Street Cred
  113. 113. TIPS FOR EXPLORING NEWNETWORKS• Snag your name• Listen first• Monitor the Demographics• Consider your previous commitments
  114. 114. Tools to Help with Implementation
  116. 116. OTHER TOOLSSocial Media Policy
  117. 117. TAG
  118. 118. CONTENT
  119. 119. CREATING VISUAL CONTENTmadewithover.comResources for making infographics:
  120. 120. WE’RE FINISHED!
  121. 121. QUESTIONS?KATRINA KOKOSKAProfessional Services Manager@kkokoskaCAITLIN KALUZAMarketing Manager@qcait |