Schipulites at NASA Space Center Houston for Career Day!


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Schipulites present to Houston high school students for Career Day discussing Careers of the Future and the opportunities available at a company like Schipul.

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  • Gauge the audience - ask questions like:\n* How many of you are on Facebook? Twitter?\n* How many of you have your own blog?\n* How many of you are into Programming? Graphic Design?\n
  • \n
  • Be in business for 15 years\n
  • Office in Houston and California\n
  • Our services and specialties \nWhy this is the future - digital marketing\n
  • \n
  • Client relationships that go beyond just building a website. We offer support and not just technical support\n
  • Each person - give a brief introduction of yourself -\nName, role, what your degree is in, how you got into web, what you wanted to be in High School\n\n
  • CP - There are lots of people who go into the process of making a website.\nWe’re going to go through some of the main roles to give you an idea of the kinds of careers in our company and what those people do every day\n
  • The Marketing Team - Sarah\nMarketing is a great career because it offers a variety of different day to day activities that really make my workday fun and challenging. \nThe overall objective of marketers is to identify new business opportunities and develop strategies to engage and educate prospects and customers. \nTo accomplish this, marketers have several responsibilities including: creating online content that tells prospects what we do and who we are, research market trends online and offline at conferences and events to understand the problems our clients experience, and create training documents and webinars to teach people how to use our products. \nWe do this for ourselves and clients\nA typical day for me includes working on presentation decks, (like this one), writing a blog post, researching interesting online articles and news to craft into tweets and Facebook posts, and creating training videos on different features for our software. \n\nOne of my favorite roles in marketing for technology and web applications is getting to be the translator of our technology to people with all different levels of expertise. I often find myself talking to our programming team about high-level technical functions within our software that they are updating, and my job is to interpret what they are explaining into end user non-technical language so that our clients can learn about how these changes will affect their experience and interaction with the software. I also take the feedback that I hear from end users on features they’d like to have back to our programming team and help communicate which features are going to be most attractive to our market in the next year so our developers can prioritize which features to focus on. \n\n\nFor example: our team is in charge of all of our online content - we add pages, articles, blog posts, videos, tweets, Facebook posts, etc. etc. to talk about what we’re doing and get our name out there\nwe also plan and promote events and identify different conferences and organizations that we can speak at and partner with to promote us and our clients\n\n
  • The Sales Team - CP\nMeet with Prospects and strategize to come up with the best solution for \nWrite formal proposals for new work\nTake care of current clients to keep them coming back\nTalk about costs - range of costs based on complexity\n
  • Project Managers - BP\nThey are the contact between the client and Schipul\nThey make sure all of the pieces happen as they should - on time and on budget\nThey help with the initial strategy and make sure the client’s goals are carried out all the way through the project\n
  • Designer - BP\nUnderstand trends going on with the web and technology (Artistic Geeks)\nDesigners take in all of the information about the clients like their branding, their brand vibe, their goals, etc. and turn that into a design\nIt’s not just about making it “pretty” - they also keep in mind marketing fundamentals and usability for the end user\n
  • These are sites where the client really wanted you to feel like you were there - both very fun\n
  • In this example - the client wanted to show off their expertise - so we included lots of photos and information about the projects they have worked on - and their solutions/services\n
  • In this example - the client wanted to show off their expertise - so we included lots of photos and information about the projects they have worked on - and their solutions/services\n
  • Developers and Programmers - BP\nDevelopers and Programers implement the code that makes the site function and work.\nEither on the front end with HTML, CSS, etc. or the back end framework structure using Python & Django\n
  • Support - FP\nSupport helps clients after they are live - they can call us at any time for technical support, or help with updates to their site\nWe also support internally - including setting up the networking, software, and hardware for the office\n
  • Deviantart is one place where anyone can search and submit their own graphic designs and is a great place for students to check out if they are interested in graphic design as a career (or marketing since we use graphics sites like this to find images for our content) \n
  • So we’ve told you what we do - but we also wanted to show you so you can get a better idea if this is something you might want to consider for a career\nWe’re going to go through an exercise that is really similar to what we would actually do with a client\nWe’ll give you a client and their problems/goals - and we’ll come up with some ideas for what we would do with their website \n\n
  • CP - explain some of the specific goals of a client like the Children’s Museum and how we solved them\n
  • We made it easy for people to find information like hours and ticket prices (and buy tickets) by putting those front and center\nWe highlighted the cool features of the museum - including photos and videos of all of the exhibits\nAnd posted an events calendar of all of the things going on at the museum\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • Now it’s your turn - get into groups of 5 or 6 with the people around you\nWe’re going to give you a client and we want you to brainstorm what you might do for them based on what they need\nYou’ve got some browser paper in front of you - you can write down notes or draw or whatever you want\nWe’ll give you 5 minutes\n
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  • Schipulites at NASA Space Center Houston for Career Day!

    1. 1. So... you want to work on the internet? Space Center Houston Career Day Schipul – The Web Marketing Company
    2. 2. Who is Schipul? Diverse Group of Passionate Geeks
    3. 3. Founded in 19971997 Now
    4. 4. Offices in:Houston, TX and Silicon Valley
    5. 5. What we LOVE to do• Custom Website Design• Tendenci – “Ease of Use Changes Behavior”• Creative Services – marketing brands on the web• Search Engine Marketing• “Geeking Out” with the latest technology & trends
    6. 6. “Organize the World’s People and Do Good”
    7. 7. “Organize the World’s People and Do Good”
    8. 8. Introducing the Team! Name, Role, Degree How you got into web
    9. 9. How a Website is MadeStrategy >>> Design >>> Development } Ongoing Project Marketing & Management Support
    10. 10. Marketing• Develop Strategic Campaigns to Create New Business Opportunities• Create engaging content online (website pages, newsletters, videos, articles, social media)• Speak at Industry and Community Events
    11. 11. Sales• Meet with prospects and determine the best solution for their goals and budget• Write formal proposals for new work• Take care of current clients to keep them coming back!
    12. 12. Project Manager• Client Contact for their project• Work with client to develop strategy• Keep track of all of the pieces and deadlines
    13. 13. Designer• Translate client goals, needs, and branding into design• Also keep in mind marketing fundamentals and usability
    14. 14. Turning Strategy...
    15. 15. ...Into Design!
    16. 16. ...Into Design!
    17. 17. Developer/Programmer• Implement the code that makes it all work!• Front End: HTML, CSS, JQuery• Back End: Django, Python, Apache
    18. 18. Tech Support• Support Live sites• Technical Support, Updates• Internal Support as well - networking, software, hardware
    19. 19. Want to Know More? graphic by
    20. 20. Mock Strategy Session Brainstorming
    21. 21. Example Client: Children’s Museum of Houston1. More traffic to the museum2. Increase revenue from Birthday Parties at the museum3. Increase Social Engagement4. Mobile accessibility
    22. 22. #1. More Traffic to the Museum
    23. 23. #2. Birthday Parties Birthday Party Landing Page - Optimized for SEO
    24. 24. #3. Increase Social Engagement Strategically laid out with tools to enable social engagement and sharing amongst their community.
    25. 25. #4. Mobile Responsive Design
    26. 26. Your Turn!Mock Strategy Session
    27. 27. Example Client: High School Prom1. High School Prom mini site2. Needs to sell more tickets3. Also might want to recruit sponsors & volunteers
    28. 28. Pictures & Video from Last Year
    29. 29. Sell Tickets Online
    30. 30. Spotlight Sponsors
    31. 31. Example Client: Kolache Factory Mobile Site1. Mobile website for Kolache Factory2.What features will you include?3.What will it look like?
    32. 32. Keep it Simple
    33. 33. Think About the Visitors
    34. 34. Directions & LocationsMust Be Easy to Find
    35. 35. Want to Learn More?• Take Advantage of Free/cheap resources – i.e. CodeAcademy – online training – GOOGLE IT!• Start doing it! – Start a blog, volunteer to run your organization’s Facebook page – Creativity translates to the web
    36. 36. Thank you! Questions?Schipul – The Web Marketing Company @tendenci