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Intro to Google Analytics


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Google Analytics and other web analytics tools provide valuable and ongoing information about the metrics of your visitors and how they find your site. Let our Schipul Team help you understand the numbers and what actionable items this presents for updates to your website.

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Intro to Google Analytics

  1. 1. Intro to Google Analytics Jennie Lane Creative Services Team Schipul – The Web Marketing Company
  2. 2. What We’ll Go Over• Google Analytics set up for a Tendenci website• Goal creation & measurement• Basic metrics and what they mean• How to access reports• Top content & keywords driving traffic• Setting up automated reporting Visit
  3. 3. Installing AnalyticsTrack Your Tendenci Site Traffic
  4. 4. Simple Set UpStep 1: Create a free account --- 2: Retrieve your tracking IDStep 3: Plug into your Tendenci site Visit
  5. 5. Navigating Through Analytics Now that you’re all set up…
  6. 6. Goals• What is the goal of your website?• What is a Conversion? – Contact form submission – Purchase – Newsletter Sign Up – View a key page – contact, driving directions, menu – Tip: Ask your Sales Guys Visit
  7. 7. Key Terms Defined• Visits = Sessions. A session is a defined period of activity by a visitor. The standard criteria for a session in Google Analytics is activity without a break of more than 30 minutes OR closing the browser.• New Visits: A visit to your site by a user with a unique IP address – had not visited the site previously in the selected time period. It is based on a cookie in your browser (not computer)• Unique Visitors: Counts each visitor only once during the selected time period and is based on a cookie in your browser (not computer) • One visitor can have many visits • Think of a visitor as the browser of a person who accepts a cookie• Pageviews: Total views of all pages across the site• Bounce Rate: People who landed on one page & left without clicking anywhere else (we like to see <50%) Tip to Lower Bounce Rate: Create more inbound links and calls to action to get people to click around to other pages within your site. Visit
  8. 8. Top 5 Metrics1. Traffic Trends2. Sources3. Keywords4. Content5. Conversions Visit
  9. 9. Traffic Trends• Compare month over month AND year over year• Be aware of seasonal trends – your traffic should mirror trends in your business• Pages/Visit, Time on Site Measure Engagement Visit
  10. 10. Traffic Sources• 3 Main Types: – Referral, Direct and Search• Not Provided: Protected by Google encryption: Users that are logged into Google can encrypt their searches so that the keyword they used to find your site is not revealed in analytics and is instead (not provided). Visit
  11. 11. Content • Look for what changed • Measure new content • Landing Pages • Exit Pages Visit
  12. 12. Conversions Visit
  13. 13. Setting Up Reporting Automated reporting, genius!
  14. 14. Dashboard Reports Visit
  15. 15. Thank You! Questions? Jennie Lane Creative Services Team Schipul – The Web Marketing Company