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Social Media for Health Care Organizations - Hubmed Health Care Communications Summit 2012


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Schipulite Katrina Kokoska speaks at Hubmed's Health Care Communications Summit on Social Media basics for Health Care organizations.

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Social Media for Health Care Organizations - Hubmed Health Care Communications Summit 2012

  1. 1. Understanding Social Media Katrina Kokoska@kkokoska //
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover • Using Social Media as Yourself – What is Social Media? – Being Aware of Your Privacy Settings – The Anatomy of Facebook and Twitter • Using Social Media as an Organization – Tips and Tricks for a Solid Social Media Foundation@kkokoska
  3. 3. What is Social Media? Social media is an ever-growing and evolving collection of online tools and toys, platforms and applications that enable all of us to interact with and share information. Increasingly, it’s both the connective tissue and neural net of the Web. - Ann Handley, Marketing Profs@kkokoska
  4. 4. In Numbers • Facebook – 1 billion users – 600 million mobile users – > 42 million pages – 9 million apps • Twitter – 140 million users – 53% of Twitter users are new@kkokoska
  5. 5. Facebook v. Twitter@kkokoska
  6. 6. Social Media Anatomy 101: Privacy Settings@kkokoska
  7. 7. Social Media Anatomy 101 : Facebook Vocab • Timeline: Stream of content seen on a page or person’s individual page. • Newsfeed: Your stream of important, opt-in content. • Ticker: Where Facebook places content that didn’t make it to your NewsFeed. • Tag: Linking someone else’s profile to your post. Posts to their timeline/friends’ newsfeeds.@kkokoska
  8. 8. Cover Photo Profile Picture About You HighlightsStatus Update Recent Activity Your Friends My Sad Dog Pics of You@kkokoska
  9. 9. @kkokoska
  10. 10. @kkokoska
  11. 11. Social Media Anatomy 101 : Twitter Vocab • DM: Direct Message. You can only send to folks who follow you. • Hashtag (#): Used before relevant keywords to categorize Tweets so they show more easily in a Twitter search. • Tiny URLs: URLs created by using a shortener. ( • RT: Retweet • Tagging: Using @username@kkokoska
  12. 12. @kkokoska
  13. 13. @kkokoska
  14. 14. Tips: Using Facebook for Your Organization 1. Secure a user friendly URL (ex. 2. Use your cover photo wisely 3. Add your website address in the About Section 4. Make use of page-specific features (milestones, highlights, offers…)@kkokoska
  15. 15. @kkokoska
  16. 16. Questions? Contact Me!Katrina