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Launch to New Heights Using Social Media


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Presentation covers basic information about how to get started with social media, integrate it into your communications function, ways to engage with fans both online and offline, and basic tips for writing for social media.

Presentation given May 3, 2012, at the Spring Conference for the Greater Salt Lake City Public Relations Society of America:

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Launch to New Heights Using Social Media

  1. 1. Launch to New Heights Using Social Media Stephanie @Schierholz 1
  2. 2. Stephanie Schierholz• Social Media Manager Tweeting from space now: @Astro_Pettit• (Formerly) Social @Astro_Andre Media Manager• @schierholz Stephanie @Schierholz 2
  3. 3. “You may not have a spaceship, but your company has a fan base.They wont think of themselves as fans until theyre in a room with like- minded people.They wont think of themselves as members of a community untilYOU bring them together.” - David Rosen, @davidhrosen (Director, Burson-Marsteller) Stephanie @Schierholz 3 Stephanie @Schierholz
  4. 4. Where Does Social Belong?• Tends to be Web/IT or Communications• Why Communications? – The purpose is to engage the public. – Communications officers are trained to know what information is releasable and what is not and empowered to use that information. – It gives the Communications team feedback and a better sense of what messages are communicated effectively. Stephanie @Schierholz 4
  5. 5. How Do You Create Order?• Give to get: provide an incentive (like an official listing) in exchange for info/control• Create a support or working group – most people doing social media on their own want to do it better and learn in a safe environment• Become the expert• Build allies and pool resources• Use the authority you have Stephanie @Schierholz 5
  6. 6. Social Media Policies • What existing policies apply? – Internal/External Communications – Use of IT/Web – Security • What policies need to be put in place? • Look at what others have done Stephanie @Schierholz 6
  7. 7. Coordinate Among Groups Web ITReco CIO rds General Edu/ Counsel Outreach Stephanie @Schierholz 7
  8. 8. Integrating Social Media• Social Media is another tool• Find ways to integrate it into how your communications function already runs• Build on what you already have• Make it easy to find your social media• Make it easy to share your content Stephanie @Schierholz 8
  9. 9. Build On What You Have• “Mobile will be bigger than desktop Internet in 5 years.” - Mary Meeker, April 2010• You already have a website. Is it accessible via mobile? Stephanie @Schierholz 9
  10. 10. Make Social Easy to Find • On your home page • Collected on a dedicated page • Twitter stream on your home page • On your “contact us” page • Relevant accounts on relevant pages Stephanie @Schierholz 10
  11. 11. Make Content Easy to Share Stephanie @Schierholz 11
  12. 12. How Do You Connect? Content• Insight• Expertise• Imagery• Data• Product What Is Your Unique Value? Stephanie @Schierholz 12
  13. 13. Blue Marble 1972 Stephanie @Schierholz 13
  14. 14. Big Blue Marble 2012 Stephanie @Schierholz 14
  15. 15. Engagement Fundamentals• Focus on your audience. What do they want? Not sure? ASK.• Quantity will result from quality interaction.• Find your amplifiers. Notice who is retweeting and sharing your information.• Notice HOW people are sharing your posts. Their edits can tell you what they find important. Stephanie @Schierholz 15
  16. 16. Engage with Online Chats • How can you use your existing assets to drive engagement? • How does your customer perceive your brand? • A NASA expert answers questions about the lunar eclipse.Dec. 21, 2010, 12-5 a.m. ET | Chat room at capacity (250) within 5 minutes until 4:30 a.m.3,208 questions received; 2,393 answered | Total of 3,174 chat participants Stephanie @Schierholz 16
  17. 17. Twitter Chats Stephanie @Schierholz 17
  18. 18. “Let’s just try it” Stephanie @Schierholz 18
  19. 19. Take Engagement Offline• NASA has great success with inviting social media fans to in- person, behind-the- scenes opportunities• Events range from two hours to two days in length• Lottery selection #NASATweetup• Participants pay their #NASASocial own way Stephanie @Schierholz 19
  20. 20. #NASATweetup Milestones • Jan 2009: 1st Tweetup • Nov 2009: 1st of 9 Launch Tweetups • 7/10 NASA centers have hosted plus a facility & an event at the World Science Festival • More than 2,800 people • 34 Tweetups Stephanie @Schierholz 20
  21. 21. How Does a Tweetup Help?• Worldwide in person AND virtual participation• Tap into the interested follower and make them feel special• Participants amplify the message by spreading the word to their networks• Building credibility by opening the doors• “Surround sound” by more “traditional” news coverage…in more places• Creating a community of advocates ENGAGEMENT Stephanie @Schierholz 21
  22. 22. Make Events Special and Memorable Provide unique or exclusive: Information Speakers Access Setting Stephanie @Schierholz 22
  23. 23. Successful Events Rock Logistics Short, interactive sessions  Share with online Connected (WiFi) audience  Power  Tables and chairs Stephanie @Schierholz 23
  24. 24. Out of this World:Moving people from… Stephanie @Schierholz 24
  25. 25. Foster the Community…But Don’t Own the Community Stephanie @Schierholz 25
  26. 26. So… Is This Transferable? Stephanie @Schierholz 26
  27. 27. Writing for Social Media Stephanie @Schierholz 27
  28. 28. Think DifferentlySocial Media is Not a Press Release• Social media is a conversation – spend as much time listening as you do speaking.• Provide GREAT content that will get people talking.• If you start a conversation, participate in it; don’t start it and walk away.• Ask for and enable feedback – respond to mentions on Twitter, comments on blogs, Facebook, etc. Stephanie @Schierholz 28
  29. 29. Social Media Writing Tips• Good writing is still critical to driving engagement.• So is good grammar and style. “&” is okay but “2” for “to” is not• More specifically, think headline writing: keep it succinct and enticing but don’t oversell Stephanie @Schierholz 29
  30. 30. More Social Media Writing Tips• Facebook ≠ Twitter ≠ Google+ so don’t treat them the same• Provide links to more info but use a URL shortener• On Twitter, at minimum, leave room for RT @YourHandle Stephanie @Schierholz 30
  31. 31. Stephanie @Schierholz 31
  32. 32. Lessons Learned Stephanie @Schierholz 32
  33. 33. Social Media Analytics• What you analyze should align with your goals. For NASA, it’s all about engagement.• NASA measures: – Popularity (clicks, retweets, shares) of a post – Response ratio – Anomalies: what causes a spike or a dip?• Look for steady, organic growth.• Quantity results from quality interaction.• Most popular content: pictures Stephanie @Schierholz 33
  34. 34. 34
  35. 35. @schierholz Stephanie @Schierholz 35