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Schenker AS productinformation


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Schenker AS productinformation

  1. 1. Schenker AS One world – one Schenker Schenker AS DB SCHENKERland Østre Aker vei 17 PO. Box 223 Økern DB SCHENKERair 0510 Oslo Telephone +47 07500 DB SCHENKERocean Schenker AS Head Office Oslo DB SCHENKERconsulting Org. No. 870 896 182 VAT Register of Business Enterprises Photo: DB Schenker archives Layout: OddBusinessWe reserve the right to make changes without notice Oslo 1. December 2009 2010
  2. 2. 03 Contents04 Chief Executive Officer06 DB SCHENKERland10 DB SCHENKERair12 DB SCHENKERocean16 DB SCHENKERconsulting18 DB SCHENKERinformation logistics20 Web-TA 03
  3. 3. Schenker AS Norway’s leading logistics operator Schenker AS Our logistics expertise throughout the world is your Facts about Schenker AS logistics experts when required. We have access to Number of terminals/offices Your logistics and transport supplier! experts with long experience and qualified in Norway: 31 Schenker AS is your logistics and transport supplier competence also on smaller subject areas, and we wish Number of employees: 1.440 whether it comes to local, domestic or international to share this competence with our customers. Number of drivers: 1.300 business. We have more than 2.000 offices with a total Number of vehicles: 1.300 of more than 90.000 employees in over 130 countries. Our vision is to become the outstanding first choice for Number of consignments per year: 6 million Schenker AS is a part of DB Schenker, who is owned by you as our customer, one world – one Schenker! By Turnover 2009: 3,5 billion NOK Deutsche Bahn AG. choosing us as your logistics and transport supplier you can be rest assured that your demands for solutions DB Schenker offers solutions for domestic and will be covered. international land transport, air freight, ocean freight and advanced logistics solutions. Our information DB Schenker has developed an environmental strategy logistics is unique and founded on the leading IT which is integrated in our customers’ solutions. The solutions. All our customers can access their own environmental strategy is based on the following: websites where they can track their shipments, work out statistics and receive updated information I Use of the most environmental material regarding all aspects of their own shipments. I Use of drivers who are trained in environmental, safe and economic driving Regardless of whether you wish to send small parcels I Use of railway wherever possible or large consignments in Norway or abroad, they will I Use of solutions with the highest possible utilization be transported and distributed in our unique network. I Use of environmental fuel to the extent this is There will be no need for you, our customer, to decide possible Michael Holmstrøm matters relating to main products, definitions or sizes, Chief Executive Officer and we will always choose the most suitable, efficient Our entire organization is working towards green and cost-effective transport and logistics solution for logistics. Our customers can calculate the emissions forwarding your goods. being used on their shipments by using our We often make solutions where we integrate our environmental calculator. DB Schenker aim to be the solutions with the customers own value chain. first choice for customers requiring green logistics. This way we ensure the customer cost-effective solution all the way.04 05
  4. 4. DB SCHENKERland DB Schenker offers overland transport services for all businesses in need of transport/distribution to/from or in Norway. Our land product is based on carriage by road and/or rail. Thanks to an efficient network combined with frequent departure times to and from most destinations in Europe, consignments arrive quickly and safely. DB Schenker adapts its offer and products to the customer’s needs. DB SCHENKERgroupage Direct distribution SCHENKERthermo Prices and transport plans In the course of many years DB Schenker has built up a Direct distribution is adapted as an alternative for DB SCHENKERthermo offers national and international Behind good logistics solutions there must always be unique network which today consists of 31 terminals in customers instead of having their own transport. Direct networks for temperature-controlled transport of complex data and planning systems. We can offer Norway and about 720 terminals spread all over distribution provides quick and efficient transport goods. The offer embraces foods of all types as well as customer-specific net prices for our overland products. Europe. In addition to these modern terminals, the whereby the customer can share the costs of the route other products for which temperature-controlled Price lists for transport in Norway can be ordered from network is connected up by means of up-to-date ICT with other customers having similar needs. This service carriage is required. Goods exported from Norway our web site, For price lists systems, transport equipment and systems and covers customers’ needs for JIT (just-in-time) deliveries consist mostly of seafoods, i.e. salmon, trout, white for border-crossing transports, contact your nearest competent personnel. With this we now have a via a network of regular routes, with regular vehicles fish and shellfish products. Imports consist chiefly of DB Schenker office. If you require information fine-mesh network enabling us to carry goods to any and drivers. By bar-coding the consignments, fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants. These transports concerning transport plans in Norway and/or abroad, address whatsoever in Norway and Europe. Our customers are able to follow their goods via our take place in accordance with DB Schenker’s quality you can use our web site or DB SCHENKERgroupage product is produced via one information and communication solutions. Descriptions system and the Norwegian Internal Control regulations contact our nearest sales office so that an agreement or more of the said terminals. Groupage consignments of the various direct distribution services can be found for foods. Our customer relations are based on close can be tailored to suit your transport needs. consist of parcels and small consignments from several on our web site cooperation, where prices and logistics solutions are customers that are loaded together to make optimal developed individually. Contact your nearest Conditions use of the means of transport. DB Schenker office for more information. Transport conditions for DB SCHENKERland can be found on under Products/ DB SCHENKERpartloads Forwarding services Conditions. DB SCHENKERpartloads are large consignments sent DB Schenker undertakes all types of import/export direct from sender to consignee. Direct carriage assignments. Border-crossing assignments involve involves fewer job operations, affording effective, quick customs clearance for imports and exports. We and safe flow of goods. DB Schenker offers a choice of undertake such services for customers whose goods are customized solutions, such as carriage of complete carried by DB Schenker for customers who forward units, large consignments in regular operating systems, goods themselves. Such assignments are performed in direct distribution on regular routes, or occasional accordance with the terms and conditions of the assignments based on idle capacity on the spot market. Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders. Prices are determined for each assignment.06 07
  5. 5. DB SCHENKERland In addition to our products DB SCHENKERgroupage, DB SCHENKERpart-loads and DB SCHENKERthermo, we can offer the following services in Norway: Express to consignees who are not present at the agreed place Schenker Privpak AS Industry-specific solutions / DB SCHENKERspecial A solution designed for business customers for extra and time, will be stored at DB Schenker’s terminal and Schenker Privpak distributes parcels to private DB SCHENKERspecial is a standardized service for quick delivery of goods. By Express, we ensure that the a written notice will be sent to the consignee. This is a customers in Norway through a concept where parcels early deliveries and deliveries in agreed time windows. consignee will already be able to start using the goods full service product, which is based on the driver are being delivered to the customer by a nation-wide A special requirement in, for example, the automotive the day after we collect the consignment from the carrying/placing the goods in position at the place network of delivery places. The delivery places are sector, is that they desire early delivery, preferably sender - delivery not later than 10 a.m. the following indicated by the consignee. Return of the packaging centrally located in grocery shops and kiosks. Schenker before 07.00 or when the garage opens. We have now day in most places. Over long distances, this is arran- and any electrical apparatus can also be undertaken by Privpak was established in Norway in 2001 and is also standardized a solution for deliveries to satisfy the ged by a combination of air and road freight. Express agreement. For large consignments, a driver and mate established in Sweden and Finland. Since the parcels needs of this target group. Special transport plans and consignments take highest priority in our transport can be used, at an extra charge. This must be agreed are travelling collective this also ensures a cost- price models make it easy to use Schenker’s sector- network. DB Schenker’s long experience in carriage of upon in each particular case. effective and environmental friendly transport. customized solutions. express goods ensures you the best delivery times. Private deliveries on the job The delivery places of Schenker Privpak have long Requirements for a customer wishing to use Private deliveries DB Schenker can offer door to door delivery as a full- opening hours and the customer can easily pick up DB SCHENKERspecial. Private delivery is a service for business customers service product. Sometimes it may be more practical to their parcel at the same time as doing their daily I Must use EDI who have private customers. A private customer is have the goods delivered to you where you work and shopping. By using these delivery places Schenker I Must have a contract/agreed operating conditions defined by the delivery being made to a private then we can do that. Net shops will primarily be the Privpak can offer an increased flexibility and I The goods must be marked “top9” on the address dwelling. Delivery to a farm or to a business that is run target group for this type of service, but private accessibility where the internet and distance shops can label from a private home address, is also defined as a priva- delivery at work is suitable for all types of small offer distribution alternatives adapted to the te delivery. Consignments must be marked and forwar- consignments that can be carried by one person. customers own needs. In Norway Schenker Privpak is Examples of sectors for Schenker’s tailor-made/ ded with the correct marking for delivery at a private A private person who wants to take delivery while at cooperating with the main grocery chains. specialised transport solutions: address. In towns and built-up areas, deliveries to work, must first clarify this with his/her employer. The I Brown/white goods consignees at a private address will be made after company must have a manned reception or goods Schenker Privpak is 100 % owned subsidiary company I Pharmaceutical/medicinal products 16.00 hours or by agreement. By special agreement, receiving office that can give a receipt for the goods. of DB Schenker. I Wines and spirits private delivery may also be used for deliveries outside It is natural to use the XML price calculation service I Foods towns and built-up areas. DB Schenker will contact the for these deliveries, it shows prices and transport Further information can be found on I Fish consignee by telephone/SMS to agree on the time of times to the end customer. We also offer SMS . I Sundry wholesalers delivery. A new SMS will be sent to the consignee when notification to the end customer (mobile number I Shipping the goods are loaded on the delivery vehicle. Deliveries must be given in the EDI message). I Automotive parts08 09
  6. 6. DB SCHENKERair DB SCHENKERjetcargo is divided into three different products so that you, the customer, can choose how quickly the consignment will be delivered: first, business or economy. DB SCHENKERjetcargo will handle your consignments with the utmost care - whether they are large or small. Safely, punctually and reliably. Your consignments will always be sent in the most advantageous manner - whether sent by first, business or economy. With DB Schenker’s global air freight network we can meet your logistics needs and delivery dead-lines at good prices and on good conditions. DB SCHENKERjetcargo DB SCHENKERjetcargo first DB SCHENKERjetcargo fresh Weights and measures: Our competence - to your advantage! - when every second counts Carriage of fresh products by air is the most rapidly There are no limitations with regard to the total weight I Pre-defined and reliable transport times facilitate This is the optimal solution for urgent deliveries. By growing air freight product in the world. In of the consignment or the number of items in it. planning ensuring that your consignment is sent by the first consequence we have established a special global I Forwarding times are decided by the customer available flight, where maximum transit time between product for fresh goods, corresponding to the Marine I Maximum weight per consignment 70 kg I Collection and delivery can be planned and optimized two airports is 1 - 2 days, we ensure that your urgent Parts service. This new product is named jetcargo fresh I Maximum length per consignment 270 cm I No restrictions in regard to the weight and size of deliveries arrive in time. and is already established in Norway, the Netherlands, I Maximum size per consignment 330 cm in length plus consignments UK, USA and Canada. circumference I Transport time is calculated in calendar days, not in DB SCHENKERjetcargo business working days - when your consignments must be forwarded Strict requirements Forwarding services I Your consignments will be safeguarded - also during quickly and with flexibility DB SCHENKERjetcargo imposes strict requirements for DB Schenker undertakes all types of import/export peak seasons Our standard product will be the solution for you if choice of air line. These requirements concern assignments. Border-crossing assignments involve I Uniform information procedures and quality you have consignments that require a short delivery punctuality, reliability, network and market position. customs clearance for imports and exports. We standards all over the world time and high priority. Transit time between two Long-term contracts ensure DB Schenker’s time-specific perform forwarding assignments for customers whose I Updated information can be found on internet for airports will be 3 - 4 days, air freight services. goods are carried by DB Schenker and customers who each consignment at any time forward goods themselves. Such assignments are SCHENKERjetcargo economy - DB SCHENKERparcel performed in accordance with the terms and when you want an economic solution Consists of three different products: conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight This is the product for consignments that are not Express: For delivery before noon the next morning in Forwarders. Prices are determined for each urgent. By groupage of goods we obtain the best Europe and for quick and time-defined delivery in the assignment. possible rates for you. Transit time between two rest of the world. airports will be 4 - 6 days. Economy: For delivery the next following working day Transport conditions in Europe and quick delivery in the rest of the world Transport conditions for DB SCHENKERair can be DB SCHENKERjetcargo - everywhere in Norway Standard: For delivery at predefined times all over the found on under DB SCHENKERjetcargo is in operation at a number of world when economy is more important than speed. Products/Conditions. Schenker’s offices in Norway. Besides Oslo Airport Gardermoen, carriage by air can now be ordered from Kristiansand, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim.10 11
  7. 7. DB SCHENKERocean DB Schenker functions as a strong link between your company, major ports and financial centres. IT-controlled connections create optimal solutions for your individual requirements. DB SCHENKERocean embraces a number of different import and export services in carriage by sea. I DB Schenker has its own offices in all important ports DB SCHENKERcomplete - FCL (Full Container Load) DB SCHENKERprojects - for special transports and Transport conditions and industrial areas all over the world As one of the principal FCL operators we can offer our bulk freights Transport conditions for DB SCHENKERocean can be I more than 100 years’ experience in carriage by sea customers advantageous contracts to and from major I For use for consignments that are extra tall, wide or found on our web site under I is a major operator on the market industrial areas and ports worldwide. heavy Products/Conditions. I combines competence and personal customer I Optimal logistics systems all over the world, regard services with global range, strength and skill Through our global network we can offer: less of location and consignment size I has long-term cooperation with reliable cargo lines, I Prioritising of available capacity / space on a ship I Specialists to plan and arrange performance of special and I The greatest possible degree of flexibility transports I our customers are able to trace their goods at any I Competitive strength time. When you rely on DB Schenker for your special DB SCHENKERcombine - LCL (Less than Container projects, you are ensured: Our product range in carriage by sea offers the ideal Load) I Arrangement of carriage in regard to combination of solution for all products - from consolidated containers DB Schenker has a unique LCL concept whereby we via sea, air and land transport and break bulk to full cargoes. our global hubs (split-up centres) can offer our I Availability of all necessary equipment at any time customers regular, weekly departures to and from the principal industrial areas and ports worldwide. Moving whole factories, oil refineries and power stations are some examples of the special transports performed by us. Forwarding services DB Schenker undertakes all types of import/export assignments. Border-crossing assignments involve customs clearance for imports and exports. We undertake such services for customers whose goods are carried by DB Schenker and customers who for- ward goods themselves. Such assignments are performed in accordance with the terms and conditi- ons of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders. Prices are determined for each assignment.12 13
  8. 8. DB SCHENKERland national DB SCHENKERland international DB SCHENKERair DB SCHENKERocean Groupage Part-loads Parcel Economy Parcels Pallet single item Groupage Part-loads Direct Distribution Thermo Thermo Parcels Groupage Part-loads Complete units Jetcargo First Jetcargo Business Jetcargo Economy Jetcargo Fresh Parcel Express Parcel Standard Complete (FCL) Combined (LCL) Projects Product Characteristics Geography Nation-wide Nation-wide/imports/exports Imports/exports Imports/exports Norway x x x x x x Europe x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Global x x x x x x x x x x Transport contract required Yes x x No x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Consignments Single items x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Two or more items x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Services Express x x x x x x x Dangerous goods x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Private deliveries x x x x x x x x x Refrigerated/Frozen goods x x x x x x x x x x Temperature-controlled goods x x x x x x x x x x x Return logistics x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Marking / Re-marking goods x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Split point x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Crossdocking x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Consolidation x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Customs Clearance x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Insurance x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Information logistics (on Web TA x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Booking transport on Web x x x x x x x x Calculation of prices x x x x x x x x x x x x Tracking/Consignment overview x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Customer-specific statistics and reports x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Ordering net-price lists x x x x Transport plans x x x x x x x x x x x x Consignment invoice x x x x x x x x Payment services EDI invoicing x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Collective invoicing x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Payment by sender x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Payment by consignee x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Another payer x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x EDI customers can use COD or giro service x x x14 15
  9. 9. DB SCHENKERconsulting DB Schenker offers logistics competence for project management, business procedures, logistics and IT. We have logistics consultants in all regions who are engaged in the planning, adaptation and optimalisation of logistics solutions to suit the needs of each of our customers. These logistics consultants possess the necessary network of contacts in DB Schenker, combined with detailed knowledge of our internal systems. The increasingly keener competition heightens the DB SCHENKERmarineparts service Who checks transit time? Idle capacity in DB Schenker’s transport network is importance of cost effective delivery. Deliveries This is a service that specializes in logistics services for By following up the transit time for time-defined air used for return logistics, as collection and delivery between production enterprises and their customers shipping companies, shipbuilders, manufacturers etc. It freight, we set a new standard in the global logistics times are not the same for returns. Better utilisation of must be planned and carried out without tying up is a service that helps to reduce costs by incorporating market. DB Schenker employees are able to check, at transport capacity also gives environmental gains more capital than necessary. At the same time, DB SCHENKERjetcargo time-defined products as well any time whatsoever, exactly when a Jet Cargo through less driving without a load. Often the deliveries must take place in a safe and efficient as land-based transports, warehousing, sea freight and consignment will arrive and whether it is delivered on requirements to careful handling are less stringent for distribution system controlled by an integrated flow of additional services - in any combination the customer schedule. Thus it is possible to follow the consignment goods of this type. The operating solution and information between the players in the value chain. might require. Our product focuses on the special from hour to hour. This means that we can effect price-setting are based on individual solutions, Therefore a steadily growing number of companies needs of the global marine industry, including third- corrective measures if necessary and inform the according to the requirements you impose for your choose a supplier specialized in logistics to handle the party logistics, bookings, inventories, project manage- customer of any delays well in advance. return transports. Contact your nearest DB Schenker flow of information and goods for them. This is how ment and flexible shipping solutions at short notice. office for more information. you and your company can spend your time and effort Return Logistics on your core business, while increasing your service DB Schenker has established a service centre for the Return logistics is the term used to describe the Third-Party Logistics (TPL) level and competitive power. DB Schenker can help you marine parts product that is manned by specialists 24 services DB Schenker can offer for collecting and Third-party logistics is a solution in which your with this. By usage of tailor-made tools we can assist in hours a day. Here our customers have a contact point returning products to the sender, whether in Norway warehousing is undertaken by a third party. DB optimizing your logistics costs. regardless of the means of transport or geographical or abroad. The product can also be sent to a third Schenker cooperates with a number of lead providers region involved. The advantage of this is that the party for re-use, recycling or destruction. Return of TPL services in central areas in the south-eastern We will willingly go through your information and customer receives personal service while in addition logistics also includes the return of packaging and region. Contact your nearest DB Schenker office for goods flows, for example by analysing and simulating we have a global presence. carriage of return goods such as scrap metals, glass further details and conditions. your present dispatching and order structure. Based on and paper for recycling. Sender can have the your needs, we will present proposed solutions that Advantages afforded by DB Schenker include: consignment returned or re-addressed to another will give both you and your customers greater I A high level of service worldwide destination. DB Schenker can also undertake re- competitive powers. We will help you to follow up the I 24-hour telephone service, 7 days a week all year packing, marking, carriage and storage as requested. results by measuring agreed key figures, which round A charge for this will be added to the invoice. together we can use to effect further improvements. I An easily reviewable level of service and prices. NB! An ordinary consignment note must be used for This creates a lasting focus on improvement and returning DB Schenker giro service consignments. development, to benefit you and your customers. You are welcome to contact our consulting team!16 17
  10. 10. DB SCHENKERinformationlogistics The transport and logistics services consider the flow of information to be just as crucial as the flow of the physical goods. Our Internet services offer you as our customer a wide E-service mySchenker Logistics dictionary EDI range of services, covering both open tracking and By logging on to you can We have provided a transport and logistics glossary on Efficient solutions based on EDIFACT messages: log-on services. access useful information concerning consignments our web site, where you will find definitions of more sent by DB Schenker while they are en route. This than 250 words and expressions relating to logistics I Consignment note information (IFTMIN) Tracking system is based on reading bar codes on the individual and transport. I Consignment note receipts (IFTMCS) DB Schenker has a common, global IT system that consignments, providing access to information as to I Transport status (IFTSTA) ensures a rapid and reliable exchange of information when the goods were despatched, their whereabouts in Integration services I Invoice (INVOIC) between DB Schenker offices worldwide. Among other the transport chain and the day on which they were Focusing on an effective flow of information and things this common IT platform enables us to offer delivered.In addition we can offer a more extensive electronic interaction, integration between IT solutions For those of our customers who do not have their own Online Tracking for all land, sea and air freights, so statistics version for transport information via internet. is steadily gaining importance. In addition to it being EDI solutions we can offer WebTA, which is a transport that on our Web site - - you This service is available to everyone who has a easy for you to adapt our Web-TA to your IT systems, administrative tool which can simplify the workday. can trace your goods 24 hours a day. customer number registered with DB Schenker. A user we can offer various integration services: After delivery you will receive access to a picture identity and password will be allocated when the showing a receipt of the freight document (POD). By registration form for using this service has been XML price calculation service using the log-on service mySchenker you can search for completed via This is a service (a program) that calculates freight your shipments using a wide range of criteria. prices and delivery times/date of delivery, for use in In addition to product information and transport plans, the customer’s own application. Booking news and general information, DB Schenker offers a Tracking service Export consignments can be booked from our web site selection of e-services. These services are customer- DB Schenker can offer tracking direct from your own - More information can be specific and the information obtained is based on your application, so that you can obtain tracking data obtained from your local DB Schenker office. agreed prices and your consignments. without going through the user service on DB Schenker’s web site (direct tracking via URL). Transport plans Tracking can also be offered as a web service. Transport times and departure frequencies may greatly influence decisions regarding the most expedient form of transport. In Europe road transport may often prove to be best, both in regard to cost and time. Transport times between two European cities can be found on our web site 19
  11. 11. Web-TA Transport administration on Internet Web-TA’s main functions Additional services Ordering labels We can now offer you an opportunity to manage all I Address Register Labels can be ordered direct from a dealer. Labels for your transports from one place. With Web-TA you will I Registering consignments Web-TA plus use with laser printers can be ordered on a special have a modern information system whereby you can I Master documents for quicker registration Web-TA plus provides the possibility of integration with form in Web-TA. enter consignments, book transport, take print-outs I Booking export consignments via e-mail with existing booking systems. Web-TA can import All you need to do is register as a Web-TA user. By and obtain information/statistics regarding your necessary attachments (consignment invoice, for information from the booking system, so that there will means of Web-TA you will have full control over your consignment. Web-TA is available on Internet. This example) be less information for you to enter. All necessary own transports via Internet. means that you will not need to install any software Address labels with standard bar codes EAN128 must information is imported, so that you can make and will always be updated with the latest version and be printed out on labelling material suitable for print-outs and bookings for your consignments. We Support will always have access to the system from anywhere ordinary laser printers or thermal label printers. recommend this function for major customers who Web-TA is available round the clock. Queries can be in the world. send many consignments. Contact us for further addressed to See also our Web-TA also includes a plusCollection service that is information. user manual for information regarding use of this Functionality in Web-TA useful for all customers in need of efficient service. For more information regarding freight In Web-TA we offer our customers a possibility of return/onward forwarding, where DB Schenker Importing address lists documentation/transport labelling and so on, contact managing all transports from one and the same place. undertakes all transport management - including Your own customer register can be imported to Norstella at and for bar-code marking By logging on to our web site you can enter printing out labels and marking the goods. Web-TA, whereby consignment entries can be made EAN128/SSCC tc GSI Norge, consignments, book export consignments via e-mail more quickly and efficiently. It is also possible to enter with attachments if required (consignment invoice, for customers into the system manually and save these example). You will have print-outs of all necessary entries for later use. Contact us for further documents, such as labels, dangerous goods information. If you wish to import a customer register, documents, CMR consignment notes, detailed e-mail us at with the address consignment information, historic data and, if you so register in a text file. Remember to give your user- desire, statistics. name, company ID and password.20 21
  12. 12. E-services on mySchenker How to access mySchenker: Being a client of DB Schenker you can register on by clicking on “ny bruker” and filling in the information regarding you and your company. STracking / consignment Here you will find information concerning single items or consignments during a given overview, with deviations period, showing all events and the receipted delivery document - ePOD / consignment note. A search for the consignment can be made according to many different criteria. Freight lists Gives you freights and costs for consignments sent or received by you and which you are to pay for Customer statistics Here you will find: I Turnover statistics with the number of consignments, items, weight and freight in a given period I Environmental calculator showing the environmental impact for each case I Delivery reliability, weekly or for each case Booking transport Here you can book new consignments and keep a record of the part-load consignments you have booked. Price lists Here you can order complete net price lists from one postal zone to all postal zones for all weight groups Price calculator Price and the approximate transport time for individual consignments based on your own customer contract. Here you will also find an environmental calculator that gives you the environmental impact per consignment. Consignment invoice Gives you a review of all consignment invoices in a given period, or you can search for a particular invoice. The Excel format makes it easier for you to work with the numerical information. Web-TA Here you will find a net-based EDI solution enabling you to manage your consignments Ordering / Subscriber Here you can place orders for Schenker publications and subscribe for or terminate news function subscriptions22