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Psychology of Religion

This is a fundamental and rigorous psychological Analysis of Christian Religion (not of God). If you are easily hurt in your religious feelings, it means: You simply feel ashamed, embarrassed, and guilty about how deep you have fallen into the archaic religious trap!

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Psychology of Religion

  1. 1. Psychology of Religion
  2. 2. Psychology of Religion Lecture 1: 15 minutes This is a fundamental and rigorous psychological Analysis of Christian Religion (not of God) If you are easily hurt in your religious feelings, it means: You simply feel ashamed, embarrassed, and guilty about how deep you have fallen into the archaic religious trap! Dr. Edward Schellhammer Sigmund Freud and thousands of other pioneering thinkers: “Religion is the heroin for lazy-minded and stupid people” We say: “Blame yourself and not those who uncover the lies and search very hard for the truth, the Mystery of Mankind!” 2Psychology of Religion
  3. 3. For the Archetypal Human Evolution Against the Archaic Religions After 3000 years of a dark Age for the sake of ‘divine’ wars, rooted in Genesis I-28, it’s time to find back to the truth about the Archetypal Human Evolution (Development). If 6 billion people are told that God is in a specific stone, then they all worship this stone. All other people are godless and blasphemer. Absence of inner archetypal processes for psychical-spiritual development is the core problem of Religion. 3Psychology of Religion
  4. 4. Warning! Criticizing religion has got nothing to do with ‘hurting religious feelings’. It does not question God, Spirituality, and the other world. The truth is that behind ‘hurt feelings’ is the shame and shock about having fallen into the religious trap, which a narcissistic Ego can rarely accept and therefore accuses the criticizing person as a “godless” creature! That’s perfidious and debunks the falseness of the believer and his belief! ‘True religion’ becomes comprehensible and reproducible through inner archetypal processes. Psychology of Religion 4
  5. 5. The Core of the Criticism • In religions’ teaching there is no holistic concept of (psychical) mental-spiritual development. • If the spiritual dimension of being human is separated from the wholeness of the mind and the human life, then humans remain archaic. • Anyone who does so, destroys the archetypal human development. • Archaic Religion makes completeness and fulfillment impossible; and this is intentional. Psychology of Religion 5
  6. 6. The Gorgeous Christian Lie • When the priest preaches in the church: "... and Jesus said ...", then he lies and he lies to the people. • Billions of times priests and the Church lied to the people, made false promises about salvation! • Because we know absolutely nothing about Jesus and his life or his teaching (without questioning if he existed). • His existence is not documented. Logically it’s also not documented if he was crucified. Is it a Hollywood story? • There is no document about his archetypal processes. All doors are open for brainwash, hype and psychosis. Psychology of Religion 6
  7. 7. Psychology of Religion 7 The Modern Deadly Sins • Conceitedness • Cantankerousness • Greed • Envy • Stubbornness • Falseness • Lying • Destructiveness • Murder • Stealing • Warmongering • Not wanting to know • And more ... Disinterest in Self-Knowledge is a fundamental deadly sin!
  8. 8. The Roots of the Deadly Sins Deadly sins: are rooted in fundamentally distorted mental functions express extensively unformed (malformed) mental functions are an expression of complexes in the unconscious mind are a result of unsolved personal matters in the past or present result in unreconciled, very harmful experiences in the past are caused by a falsified, fabricated, mendacious religion are caused by insufficient, wrong or abusive public education are caused by insufficient, wrong or abusive parental education 8Psychology of Religion
  9. 9. The World behind the Deadly Sins These deadly sins are the result of the failure in politics, economics, religion, mass media, culture, public education, ways of living, absence of archetypal meaning of life, and a superficial understanding of love. Leaders in all systems of politics, economics, religion, mass media, culture, and public education are responsible for the immense pestilence of the collective sins. The core of these deadly sins is the completely wrong and distorted understanding of humans, of human evolution (development), of true religion, and of the ways of living that ignore the Archetypes of the Soul. 9Psychology of Religion
  10. 10. The Global Theatre The entire world is a global theatre of glorifying, heating up, and perfecting these sins in a vicious carousel (circle) directing with increasingly high speed towards Armageddon. Unstoppable! The spiritual result is an immense accumulated collective guilt and a humanity that prefers to cover this guilt with collective suicide through contamination, wars, destroying the ecosystems, contaminated food and water, and denying the archetypal human development. This is the result of a fabricated religion. 10Psychology of Religion
  11. 11. No Solution without the Truth • People don’t want the truth about the world and the people and today about the future (5-10-30 years ahead). • People don’t want to know the truth about their inner life. • People mostly want to be confirmed (as ‘good’ or ‘right’) in what they are and how they appear – but what are they? Discover the unconscious world and you know it! • To reject and to run away from the inner source of life is the fundamental characteristic of the “Archaic Age”. • The more critical the inner life is, the more the mental functions are malformed, the faster people run away and convert the “Truth” into the opposite: their ‘enemy’! Psychology of Religion 11
  12. 12. Our father in Heaven • Without a doubt, the term “father“ here means “God”. But what is God? “God” as “father” shall replace the ‘bad fathers’. • Give us this day our daily bread: Why are there 2-3 billion people that have too little bread to eat today? • And forgive us our sins: Who guarantees that? God does not forgive just like that! • As we forgive those, who sin against us: Should we really forgive those who sin against us? • Lead us not into temptation: God (the father) leads us into temptation? Stupid! Absurd! • Deliver us from evil: How can God do that? People must free themselves with inner archetypal processes. Magic manipulation with a transfer effect on the Church! Psychology of Religion 12
  13. 13. Hail Mary  We don’t know anything about her. “Hail”? Why?  Holy Mary: “Holy” means: divine, sacred, canonized.  Why shall we bless her as we know nothing about her?  Why is the father of Jesus not equally “full of grace”?  Why does Christ stay eternally with his Mum? Sick!  Why shall we bless and praise the mother of Jesus?  Mother of God: She gave birth to God? Psychosis!  Pray for us sinners: Why? Does she for 8bn people?  This prayer is the most absurd, perfidious and sadistic humiliation of all women and especially of all mothers. Psychology of Religion 13
  14. 14. Apostles’ Creed • Suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, killed. Sure? • He descended in hell: Why? What? And where is this “hell”? • The third day He rose again from the dead: Magic! Nonsense! • Sits on the right hand of God the almighty: Doing what there? • He shall comeback: Right, but how? With 10,000 angels? • I believe in the Holy Spirit: “But dreams are rubbish.” Stupid! • Holy Spirit: A history of atrocities with estimated 1bn victims. • I believe in the communion of saints: What for? Questionable! • I believe in the resurrection of the dead ones: the body not! • “I believe in an enormous amount of incomprehensible dogmas and a confusing nonsense that has got nothing to do with the Archetypal Processes of the Soul”. Psychology of Religion 14
  15. 15. All Humans have the Spiritual Intelligence • Is meaning and value-orientated • Can inwardly dissolve and transform • Needs rational intelligence (to elaborate) • Can produce forgiveness and peace • Can create redemption and salvation • Is necessary to shape and master inner life • Operates with meditation and dreams • Means that true love is a spiritual performance • Works with inner images and archetypes (symbols) • Has direct access to the unconscious mind Archaic Religion has no “Spiritual Intelligence”. 15Psychology of Religion
  16. 16. Spiritual Intelligence = The Spirit • The Spiritual Intelligence is a mental function • The power of the Spirit is an independent activity • Performance of the Spirit can’t be formed and trained • Cannot be manipulated, falsified, deformed • Never creates psycho-pathological patterns • Does not promote destructive power games • Doesn’t operate with lies, deceit, cheat, etc. • No intention to dominate and command • No manipulation and brainwashing at all • Operates with dreams and correct meditation Humans can never manipulate the function of the spiritual Intelligence. All other mental functions can be manipulated. 16Psychology of Religion
  17. 17. Spirituality and Religion The word ‘Spirituality’ has been distorted, abused, filled with hot air and psychotic emptiness billions of times. Only a new genuine understanding of this word can bring humanity forward in the collective process of the ‘Evolution of Humanity’. • Genuine human values and inner needs are spiritual • The ability to love is a spiritual function and quality • The meaning of all human interactions is spiritual • Searching for the meaning of life is genuinely spiritual • To forgive, reconcile, learn, and renew is spiritual • Joy of life and genuine happiness are spiritual • Peace has an inherent spiritual meaning • Friendship and brotherhood for the truth is spiritual • Inner fulfillment is a spiritual aim of human’s life Religion without the use of the “Spiritual Intelligence” is useless. 17Psychology of Religion
  18. 18. Psychical-Spiritual Development • The word ‘spiritual’ refers to meaning and human values, human qualities, qualities of the soul, and includes a connection to the other world. • The psychical-spiritual development is the fundamental challenge to become ‘round’, complete and fulfilled as a human and a soul. Religion ‘builds houses on sand’. Psychology of Religion 18
  19. 19. Genuine Spirituality • Love between a man and a woman is especially spiritual • Marriage (man-woman) has a deep spiritual and archetypal meaning • Inner archetypal processes are spiritual and psychological • Catharsis of the unconscious mind is a spiritual process • Creating balance between the different mental systems is spiritual • Growing towards wholeness is a psychological and spiritual process • Being confronted with death is a meaningful spiritual challenge • Faith implies spiritual qualities but also requires facts and growth Christianity does not defend these genuine spiritual values. 19Psychology of Religion
  20. 20. Spirituality Requires Action • Dreams are created by the spiritual intelligence • Practicing self-knowledge is psychological and spiritual • Meditation about meaning and understanding is spiritual • Questioning about humans leads to spiritual dimensions • Spiritual qualities require quality of many psychical functions • Creating a baby has a lifelong spiritual impact • Truth, justice and truthful democracy have a spiritual quality • Devotedness is rooted in spiritual quality and connectedness • Archaic Religion does not use the “Spiritual Intelligence”. 20Psychology of Religion
  21. 21. Characteristics of The Soul of a Human Being  A human being has a natural, but extra-sensorial consciousness about its spiritual being and spiritual origin already from the moment of procreation.  A human being attains a natural desire for spirituality and / or religion, a kind of a (unconscious) bond to the other world.  The soul naturally wants to be part of and belong to a spiritual or religious community; a soul doesn’t want to be disconnected from the ‘other world’.  The world ‘spiritual’ refers to meaning, human values, human qualities, qualities of the soul, archetypal values, and the person as a whole. 21Psychology of Religion
  22. 22. Mission of Humans’ Soul  The ‘mission’ that every soul immanently has, is: to become (to shape) ‘qualities’, means to become ‘complete’ and ‘fulfilled’ through a terrestrial life.  It becomes obvious that soul, mind, transcendental roots and terrestrial life can’t be separated without loosing the archetypal psychical-spiritual development. The psychical-spiritual development is the fundamental challenge to become ‘round’, complete and fulfilled as a human and a soul. This is the fundamental archetypal purpose and aim of ‘becoming a human’, of meaning of life. Archaic religion does not promote this aim. 22Psychology of Religion
  23. 23. Archaic Religion •separates its teaching from the shaping of the mind. •has no concept of the psychical- spiritual development. •has no idea about the eternal Archetypes of the Soul. •is irrelevant for reaching highest possible fulfillment. •can never manage human development towards God. •is never connected with the eternal source of life. •is a frightening abuse of the mind and soul of people. Psychology of Religion 23
  24. 24. The Spiritual Libido Bond Many people fix their ‘libido’ in a religious (or spiritual) institution or teaching. •Even with a loose fixation or a factual distancing many people still blindly believe, what gets taught and practiced by the Church. •All according to the motto: “Something must be true, but I don’t understand anything”. •A Religion declares to be the “true” and “infallible” spiritual home – creates roots already in the prenatal time: the first brainwashing! •Apart from that many further binding compensations and projections take place – with roots already in the prenatal time. •Dependent on subsequent life experiences the religious inner bond becomes indissoluble, stubborn, rigid, insane or stupid – with roots already in the prenatal time. Psychology of Religion 24
  25. 25. Roots of Unconscious Complexes  Psychoanalysis teaches us that a human already before birth begins to develop unconscious complexes.  The more negative prenatal experiences about father and mother, the more negative life experiences during the first three years, the more grows an intensive drive for compensation, for projection and for a “true” and “infallible” spiritual (religious) home for salvation.  The Church promises to connect with the transcendental source. Naturally, and even more driven by the unconscious complexes, the soul wants to belong to a religious or spiritual community.  A distorted and imbalanced, undeveloped and malformed, neurotic and psychopathic mind creates a religion, that can never be better in teaching, practice and effects than the way the mind is shaped.  People that participate in such a religious community fundamentally become distorted and imbalanced, undeveloped and malformed, neurotic, and so on. 25Psychology of Religion
  26. 26. Fixation on Religion  We conclude that the fixation on a religious or spiritual institution or teaching is in itself neither bad nor good.  Fixation on religion is naturally required and useful for the soul, the psychical-spiritual development and for the handling of life itself.  What is dangerous is that religion promises to have the ‘truth’ and to give something that de facto religion cannot give: the truth.  What is especially dangerous is where insane religious teaching lead human beings and humanity, and also politics (governance).  If religious teaching is disconnected from the mental functions the religious teaching becomes psychotic, illusionary, manipulative.  Psychotic, illusionary, manipulative, and brainwashing religion is a sham and an abuse of people. 26Psychology of Religion
  27. 27. Everybody must Know about the Mind  Mental functions can be ignored, distorted, malformed, unformed, dulled, manipulated, brainwashed, paralyzed, damaged, out of control, much reduced or perverted in its capacities.  Critical mental functions reduce capacities of making a living, of personal development, of dealing with criticalities, of adequate attitudes, of valuing life, of identifying genuine meaning of life.  Critical mental functions have immense negative effects in personal life, in relationships, in love and sex matters, in family life, in leader functions, in the economy, in politics, in public education, in university teaching, and in religion and spirituality.  A distorted, false, suppressing, illusionary, psychotic religion shapes the mental functions in the same way.  The lies and falseness is the truth, the theatre is genuine being, the fabrication is infallible reality, and the evil pretends to be God. 27Psychology of Religion
  28. 28. Mind and Religion  There would not be any religion if people would not have mental functions.  To separate religion from the mind with its many mental functions is the fundamental fault of all religions.  The way the mental functions operate depends 100% on the brain development, on education, experiences and environment.  Religion, its teaching and practices, can’t be better than the operational quality of the shaped mental functions of its agents. Politicians and leaders can’t be better than the quality of their shaped mental functions. 28Psychology of Religion
  29. 29. Fundamentals of Human Development - 1 All psychical and spiritual functions of the mind have to be formed in an all-sided balanced way in order to get success in work, business and life, to reach happiness, genuine joy of life, a constructive way of living, and complete fulfillment.  Without this forming process sustainable human qualities and complete fulfillment can’t be achieved.  Without this forming process no salvation and no redemption is possible, not with any religious or spiritual belief or practice.  Without this forming process a human being stays in inner oppositions, inner disruption, in defense of the realities, and in fundamental unconsciousness. 29Psychology of Religion
  30. 30. Fundamentals of Human Development - 2  If a human does not consciously form these psychical and spiritual functions aiming for completeness, then he is and remains an archaic human.  Collectively ignoring the adequate forming of the mental functions makes people dependent on authorities (churches, institutions, leaders), and destroys human development.  Most authorities and leaders are mentally not formed in an all- sided balanced way; have a malformed and distorted mind.  Archaic religions, also politics and leadership, are the agents of the worst atrocities, of decay and doom since Millenniums.  Who now still wants anti-evolutionary archaic religions? 30Psychology of Religion
  31. 31. The Crucifix: Source of the Evil  Death penalty like the electric chair or the lethal injection today!  Corpse: dead, the end, sadness, suffering, hopelessness, darkness, forlornness, and absence of God!  No hope, no love, no care, no zest, no justice, and no power of the inner Spirit!  No life, no joy of life, no happiness, no satisfaction, no lust, and no fulfillment!  Accusation, reproach, heating up hate, depression, fear, guilt, rage and revenge! This is the object of the libido bond in Christian Religion 31Critical History of The Bible
  32. 32. The Life Symbol: Genuine Source Human being, life, love, joy, zest for life, lust, full of life, satisfaction, happiness, hope, justice, peace, power of the inner Spirit, centered in the inner Spirit, all-embracing life, totality, completeness, balance, openness, light, confidence, aim, psychical-spiritual evolution, fulfillment, conjunction of the real and spiritual world, fulfillment of the Archetypes of the Soul, source of life, catharsis, renewal, reconciliation, forgiveness, salvation, redemption, and presence of God! The fundamental question: Do you want to be connected with these human values in your being and life? 32Psychology of Religion
  33. 33. The Abuse of Humans  Identification with the almightiness of God or the founder of the religion serves as a compensation of a weak self- identity and of much reduced mental capacities.  Constrained sticking to beliefs is based on a magical defense of sexual drive and of the innermost devotion to the partner in a love relationship.  Intelligence, reason and the spiritual intelligence are powerless in front of dogmatic beliefs. This extinction aims that emotions can bind unhindered identifications.  Defense of belief serves the need for power, the greed to “know it all”, the narcissistic obsession to be recognized, and the protection of benefits.  The per se valuable readiness to devote one’s being and life to God is forced with menace through blind believing and restrained indoctrination. 33Psychology of Religion
  34. 34. How to Make Submissive Sheep  Happiness and fulfillment are displaced to the other world instead of realizing them as psychical and spiritual values in this world.  Deviance of beliefs is punished as against God in order to sustain one’s system of beliefs and the religious institution.  The immature tie in the infant age to the parents is transferred to the church and the religious teachings.  Believing in salvation through God and the founder of a religion together with real and suggested guilt produce an act of slavish obedience.  Expectation of salvation is projected (displaced) to the founder of a religion and the church and its representatives.  Do you like empty promises at the price of being an obedient sheep? 34Psychology of Religion
  35. 35. Mental Reasons to Believe  Humans are lazy, lazy-minded, false, deceitful, sluggish, superficial, stubborn, arrogant, and don’t want to learn.  Humans want easy, fast, simple and direct solutions for their salvation, but reject taking responsibility.  Humans are psychically on the stage of development of a child, teenager or adolescent.  Humans don’t have substantial knowledge to question themselves (Self-Knowledge), others and institutions.  Humans believe in “holy lies” because they themselves lie, live in lies; much of it inherited from the history.  Humans believe in archaic nonsense because they themselves are archaic (live a lot of nonsense). 35Psychology of Religion
  36. 36. Compensatory Reasons to Believe  Humans have such a small ego, such low and bad self-value that they refurbish it with belief.  Humans think they are better with their belief, than non believers and heat up increased feeling of triumph.  Humans choose illusions over facts of life and human being; strengthen their imperiousness and tyrannical personality.  Humans hope for redemption of their unconscious complexes with belief instead of elaborating their entire biography.  Humans compensate with belief their weak, instable self- confidence and absence of psychical-spiritual development .  Humans think that with belief they can tame their “unworthy” desire (lust); suppress or deviate sexual desire.  Humans see their life as unworthy; create balance with belief. 36Psychology of Religion
  37. 37. Rejection of Responsibility for Life  Humans are submissive to authority, deceivable and enslaved.  Humans are like blind sheep, driven herd animals and followers.  Human are cowardly and fearfully paralyzed by social pressure.  Humans need the belief, in order to live their quarrelsomeness.  Humans live their sick cantankerousness with their belief.  Humans are scared of the shock that the truth can release.  Humans have concealed guilt, real and self suggested.  Humans are masochistically bonded in their drive to religion.  Humans are orally unsaved and nurture themselves through fixation on belief.  Humans expect help from God and J.C. instead of helping themselves with learning and genuine personal development. 37Psychology of Religion
  38. 38. The Political and Economic Benefit - 1  Politicians of the Christian-oriented party need their naive, blinded followers.  Politicians want this type of human being, so that they can do what they want.  The military needs this type of humans, as a soldier, as submissive cannon fodder.  The military can declare their military action as act of God, and “in the name of God”.  The industry needs this type of human being, to make maximum profit.  If the Pope and the Bible lie, Christians believe the lies, so also politicians can lie.  The media have it easy with blinded people for their games of deceit and distortion.  Brainwashing, manipulation and propaganda only function with this type of humans. 38Psychology of Religion
  39. 39. The Political and Economic Benefit - 2  Most of the billionaires base their wealth and their power on this type of humans.  If people are focused on the suffering of Jesus Christ, then they bear a lot of suffering.  If people are fixed on the after life, the relieving Paradise, then they accept poverty.  If people believe in religious authorities, they protest very little against state powers.  If people are psychically-spiritually weak and submissive, the politicians are strong.  If religion can deceive people without being detected, those in power can as well.  If people allow themselves to be exploited by the Church, they also allow themselves to be exploited by the state. 39Psychology of Religion
  40. 40. Lost in a dark Labyrinth Billions of humans: ● suffer a lot from the disastrous state of humanity and the planet. ● experience misery, injustice, falseness and lunacy everywhere. ● are hit or hurt by the monstrous economical crisis and infamous wars. ● miss a secure and healthy home and a healthy secure environment. ● are desperate, hopeless, deeply feel sadness and helplessness. ● miss love and care, respect and reliability from the leaders. ● miss the valuable human values such as truthfulness and fairness. ● are trapped in meanders, aberrancies and incredible failure of religions. ● have thoroughly lost trust in political leadership around the globe. ● are angry and indignant about all the political and economic failure. ● wish for sustainable solutions for their life and the future of the youth. ● are also frightened of the huge disastrous global problems. 40Psychology of Religion
  41. 41. Billions miss a lot:  Solutions for their heavy burden of sorrow, fear, despair and hardships.  A path to be secure, stable, healthy and to live a peaceful existence.  New approaches to get rid of the deep suffering and misery.  To receive real hope for a human life with love, care, respect, justice.  To find back the lost peace, dignity, security, respect, joy of life.  To receive what they need for a fulfilling life with all the values of love.  The youth and the coming generations need hope for a human life.  They miss bread, work, knowledge and skills for building up a great life.  Education that promotes to become confident, strong, self-responsible.  To participate in epoch making solutions of the huge global problems. 41Psychology of Religion
  42. 42. Imprisoned in a Mess  People have made terrible mistakes; but they can learn from them.  People have missed to take the right decisions for development.  People have ignored and neglected the most important human values.  People have forgotten the immeasurable values of their culture.  People have lost themselves in running for superficial purposes.  People have lost themselves in a dark labyrinth of fights.  People have missed chances to do politics for collective development.  People have played with lies, deceit, distortion, delusion, promises.  People have forgotten that they only have one earth.  People have ignored that all humans on earth are a divine creation.  People have not seen that they destroy the future of their children.  People have no idea how they can get out of the darkness and mess. 42Psychology of Religion
  43. 43. The Precious Human and Religion  All-sided formed mental functions give mental power.  Inner strength and founded confidence is a great value.  Totally free from unconscious burden is peaceful being.  To find the genuine inner being is like coming home.  To be rooted in the truth makes a person very precious.  The beauty of a soul is like a priceless magic diamond.  True love is a kingly experience and is pure happiness.  To reach completeness is like being inside a strong sun.  To have formed a paradise inside is supreme happiness.  To live with spiritual intelligence makes the Self important.  To understand the ‘Mystery of Human’ makes sovereign.  To be and to live all these values is complete fulfillment.  You can achieve all these human values living the Archetypal Processes of the Soul.  With these values a human life becomes completely different from what religions make of humans and their lives. 43Psychology of Religion
  44. 44. Dreams are the inner Guidance  Dreams are not the rubbish of the everyday life or the past, or a result occurring by accident and without meaning. Dreams are a useful psychical-spiritual function.  Dreams can: inform, warn, give advice, support, promote, help, heal, deliberate, develop, judge, analyze, forecast, guide, transform a complex, and so on.  Images or sceneries in dreams can have a subjective meaning, an objective meaning, a spiritual meaning, an eternal meaning, or showing the meaning of a behavior or an attitude; and some dreams express ritual processes of transformation.  Every person dreams 2-4 times during his sleep. It’s a human matter that many people can’t remember their dreams. Everybody can learn to remember dreams. 44Psychology of Religion
  45. 45. Dreams and the Spiritual Intelligence  The spiritual intelligence is creating the dreams in order to guide humans.  The spiritual intelligence is ‘talking’ to the dreamer through dreams.  The spiritual intelligence operates in dreams aiming for balance and development.  The spiritual intelligence is the only source to understand the Soul and God (dreams, meditation).  Humans can’t manipulate dreams (and with that the spiritual intelligence).  Humans can learn to correctly interpret their dreams and to reap the benefits.  Correct interpretation requires knowledge about mind, behavior, world, etc. 45Psychology of Religion
  46. 46. Spiritual Intelligence The ‘Spirit’ (called also: ‘Spiritual Intelligence’) is the force that creates our dreams intelligently and correctly composes practiced meditations; and is also the source of intuition and inspiration.  The Spirit is informative, organizing, guiding.  The Spirit is the principle of acting in the soul.  The Spirit is animating, stimulating, and benevolent.  The Spirit is source of wisdom, part of the Creator. Therefore, the Spirit is not a human creation, not a product of culture, but a spiritual-psychical function in each psyche (soul, mind) of each human.  It’s an outrageous spiritual crime how Christian Religion ignores the inner Spirit as the true ‘language’ of God. 46Psychology of Religion
  47. 47. Everything can be reflected in Dreams  Most dreams people have contain elements of their experiences, of their personal environment, of past behavior, of other people, institutions, the world, etc.  Dreams often reflect the operations of the mind: thought, feelings, needs, will, unconscious, love, judgment, norms, attitudes, ‘I’-control, etc.  Dreams provide information the dreaming person can’t know: the future of humanity, the true state of the planet, the hidden realities in politics, the scam and cheat.  Some people have dreams experiencing inner archetypal processes. The sceneries are not ‘from this world’, are magic, mythical, spiritual and in that sense, archetypal. 47Psychology of Religion
  48. 48. The Spirit is the Highest Authority The Spirit as the force that creates dreams has specific characteristics:  The inner Spirit is the highest authority and stands above all religions and dogmatic teaching.  The spiritual consciousness of most people is still on an archaic level. Most people avoid getting in touch with the Spirit in their soul.  People can’t make their God responsible for everything and ask him for help as a substitute for dream interpretation or for using the spiritual intelligence.  For most people God (religion, dogmatism) is a substitute for self-knowledge and self-development. Institutionalized religion is a compensation of the use of the spiritual intelligence. 48Psychology of Religion
  49. 49. The Spiritual Challenge To grow psychologically and spiritually requires considering:  The Spirit knows why and how to transfer messages to the person.  The Spirit knows the ‘Code program’ of the psychical-spiritual growth.  The Spirit organizes the elaboration of the unconscious mind.  The Spirit knows the paths and steps to a well-balanced being and life.  The Spirit is the source for information about God and transcendence.  The Spirit identifies solutions where people can’t find a solution.  The Spirit is the source of all genuine religions, of all religious and spiritual teaching.  Only the Spirit can create archetypal dreams and reveal the mystery of humans and human development. 49Psychology of Religion
  50. 50. Read a lot, think a lot and learn a lot! Schellhammer Books Schellhammer Seminars Sessions with Dr. Schellhammer For Your Completeness and Fulfillment For a New World For the Future Generation Psychology of Religion 50
  51. 51. You must find the Truth within Yourself! Become Responsible for your Fulfillment! Start Managing your Archetypal Processes! The Church of The Holy Archetypes of The Soul Start Reading Schellhammer Books: The Manifesto The Future in Your Hands Practical Psychology Psychology I Modern Dream Theory Armageddon or Evolution Deicide 51Psychology of Religion