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Open Data Policy Development in Asia


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Open Data Policy Development in Asia

  1. 1. Open Data PolicyDevelopment in Asia TH Schee 2012.07
  2. 2. Citizen + Data Enthusiast +Serial Social Entrepreneurs @scheeinfo
  3. 3. Everyone gets own interpretation
  4. 4. source: @oduguk
  5. 5. FOIA & Local Regulations Government Cloud psi bodies psi private companies npo & charities GIS,Traffic Information, Disaster Open Data Strategy (TW) Response Transparency Current Projected market value market value (includingNo discussion by gov international market) National Health Apps Insurance Data Heated discussion, very low market value @scheeinfo
  6. 6. Source: "Open data: an international comparison of strategies"
  7. 7. e ss gr Pro ing appM Open Data Initiatives by Governments (2011) E-Gov SG KR HK TW ES JP UK NO US FR DK IS IT IN ID PH CN GR KY @scheeinfo Gov 1.0 Transparency / Citizen Empowerment
  8. 8. Drivers BarriersStrategies, experiences in front runner Closed government culture countries Political leadership Privacy legislatures Regional initiatives Limited quality of data Citizen initiatives Limited user-friendliness/info overload Market initiatives Lack of standardization of open data policy source:
  9. 9. Digital Natives live in the cloud 2 Worlds ApartDigital Immigrants live on earth @scheeinfo
  10. 10. Will it end like IPv6?
  11. 11. Governments New Governments Economy Raw Data Final Product Aggregation and Porcessing, editing MarketingData Creation organization and packaging and delivery ICT InfrastructureSource: REVIEW OF RECENT STUDIES ON PSI RE-USE AND RELATED MARKET DEVELOPMENTS