IN THIS ISSUE                                                                                      Operation Fan Mail Fron...
Age: A Major FactorA woman’s chance of                                                                October is...getting...
Halloween Costume Contest                    Judging Categories:                                             Monday, Octob...
Heart Attack RiskFactors:All of these rick factors can bemodified, treated or control withlifestyle changes or medicine.Sm...
Influenza (“Flu”) Virus                                                                                                   ...
Confessions of a WPS Intern                                                           Written by Chloe Scheller, 2011 Summ...
EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT TO BEGIN JANUARY 2012                                 Nominate yourself or a co-worker today!Beginning ...
October AnniversariesForty – Four Years: Patricia Bergemann                   Eighteen Years: Debra Bougneit, Asif Naseem,...
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Pipeline Oct 2011


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Pipeline Oct 2011

  1. 1. IN THIS ISSUE Operation Fan Mail FrontO C T O B E R 2 0 11 Breast Cancer Awareness Month P.2EDITION Upcoming Madison Events P.3 Dane County Heart Wak P.5 Flu Shot Clinics P.6 Confessions of a WPS Intern P.7 Employee Spotlight/Retiree Corner P.8 Anniversaries/Promotions Back WPS and Packers team up for Operation Fan MailOperation Fan Mail, the program that recog- eligible families, to submit an essay, 500 words or less,nizes military families at each Packers home game, on why a particular family should be saluted. Essays can be sent to: Operation Fan Mail, P.O. Box 10628will mark its fifth season in 2011, and the third year Green Bay, WI 54307-0628. Essays also can be submit-it has been presented by WPS Health Insurance. ted online at day_promotions/operation_fan_mail/.The program, which debuted in 2007, is designed torecognize families with a member who is on active Families intended for recognition are those that haveduty. The Packers and WPS Health Insurance will host a a member serving on active duty. The family memberfamily at each 2011 home game and recognize them can be a mother, father, son, daughter or sibling.on the field during pregame activities. A total of 38families have been recognized during the past four In addition to being recognized on-field prior to theseasons. game, selected families will receive four tickets to the game and a $150 Packers Pro Shop gift card from WPS.“Operation Fan Mail is one of our most meaningfulgameday programs,” said Packers President/CEO Mark -Information found at www.packers.comMurphy. “Military families make tremendous sacrificeson behalf of all of us, and with WPS Health Insurancewe’re proud to recognize them in Lambeau Field.”“We are proud to team with the Green Bay Packersthrough sponsorship of Operation Fan Mail,” said JimRiordan, WPS Health Insurance President and CEO.“Honoring active duty military families to whom weowe so much is one of the many ways WPS HealthInsurance can say thank you.”To choose families, the Packers and WPS HealthInsurance are asking interested families, or friends of
  2. 2. Age: A Major FactorA woman’s chance of October is...getting breast cancer Breast Cancer Awareness Monthincreases with age. Yourchance by your currentage is: Common myths and healthAge 20..........1 in 1,760Age 30..........1 in 2 recommendations fromAge 40..........1 in 6Age 50..........1 in 42 Susan G. Komen for the Cure.Age 60..........1 in 29Age 70..........1 in 27Lifetime.........1 in 8Source: American Cancer Myth: “I’m only 35. Breast Susan G. Komen for the changes:Society, Breast Cancer Facts cancer happens only in Cure® recommends that • Lump, hard knot orand Figures, 2009-2010 older women.” you: thickening 1. Know your risk • Swelling, warmth, redness Fact: While the risk of breast Talk to your family to learn or darkeningDID YOU cancer increases with age, about your family health • Change in the size or shapeKNOW..........? all women are at risk for history and talk with your of the breast getting breast cancer. health care provider about • Dimpling or puckering ofSusan G. KomenMadison is now Susan your personal risk of breast the skinG. Komen South Central Myth: “Women with a fam- cancer. • Itchy, scaly sore or rash onWisconsin? ily history of breast cancer the nipple typically get breast cancer.” 2. Get screened • Pulling in of your nipple orWPS has won the Ask your other parts ofLargest Corporate Team Fact: Actually, most women health care “...most the breastAward at Race for the who get breast cancer have provider • NippleCure Madison for eachof the past 10 years? no family history of the which screen- women who discharge that disease. However, a woman ing tests are get breast startsSusan G. Komen for the whose mother, sister orCure® ranked daughter had breast cancer right for you cancer have no suddenlysecond on the 2010 if you are at a family history • New pain inlist of the nation’s most has an increased risk. Having higher risk one spot thattrusted charities? a male relative with breast Have a of the disease” doesn’t go cancer, can also increase mammogram away your risk. every year starting at ageSave the Date! 40 if you are at average 4. Make healthy lifestyle Myth: “Women with moreThe 15th Annual Susan risk. Have a clinical breast choices than one risk factor typi-G. Komen - Madison, exam at least every three Maintain a healthy weightWI Race for the Cure is cally get breast cancer.”Saturday, June 2, 2012 years starting at 20, and by adding exercise into your Fact: Most womenat the Alliant Energy every year starting at 40 routine and by limit ing yourCenter’s Willow Island. diagnosed with breast alcohol intake. cancer have no known risk 3. Know what is normal for factor except being a woman you and see your health care and getting older. All women provider right away if you are at risk. notice any of these breast 2
  3. 3. Halloween Costume Contest Judging Categories: Monday, October 31, 2011 • Baked Goods WPS • Floral/Greenery Arrangements • Holiday Decorations Upcoming Join your co-workers on Monday, October 31st for the Annual WPS • Jewelry • Knitting/Crocheting Events Halloween Costume Contest. Be sure to dress up in your most creative costume for your chance to win a prize! Prizes will • Miscellaneous • Paintings/Drawings be awarded to the first, second and third • Photography place winners in every building. • Scrapbook/Cards Shop ‘til you drop! • Sewing/Quilting/Dolls/Stuffed Animals To sign up for the costume contest, • Cross-stitching/Crewel/Latch – hook contact Maureen Crombie at maureen. Entry Rules: 1. Items must be made by a WPS Judging will take place at 10:00 AM in employee the cafeteria/breakroom of each 2. The items must have been created building. within the last year (no earlier then November 3, 2010) 3. Only one item may be entered per Come to the 31st Annual person for each category Bus Trip to Michigan Avenue Holiday Bazaar! 4. An item cannot be entered in Saturday, October 22, 2011 multiple categories. Friday, November 4thWPS employees are heading to Michigan and Saturday, November 5th Judging will take place on Thursday,Avenue in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday, November 3rd after 5:00 PM. All judgedOctober 22nd. Hop on the chartered Nordby Building Lobby and Cafeteria items will be on display during thecoach bus and get started on your holi- Holiday Bazaar shopping. Friday Hours: 3:30 PM – 7:00 PM Saturday Hours: 8:00 AM – 1:00 PMSchedule Craft items and baked goods are made8:00 AM – Depart from Madison Campus Have questions about any of these and sold by WPS Employees. WPS10:30 AM – Arrive on Michigan Avenue(approx.) Employees can also enter the judging events? contest. Bring your family and friends5:00 PM – Depart from Michigan Aveue the public is invited to attend for FREE! Contact Maureen Crombie in7:30 PM – Arrive back at WPS (approx.) Madison, Corporate Center, Sell your homemade crafts/good Pick up Employee Services.Family and friends are invited to join. a vendor registration form in EmployeeCost is only $18 per person for the bus Services. Deadline to register is Friday, maureen.crombie@wpsic.comride. October 28. (608)226-7859 or ext.67859To make your reservations, forms Enter the judging competitioncan be found in Employee Services. Complete a judging competition entryReservations and payment should be form by going to Employee Events Inetreceived no later then Friday, October page. The deadline to enter is Thursday,7, 2011. November 3rd. 3 Holiday Book Fair Check out many current titles including New York Times best-sellers, children’s storybooks and educational November 10th and 11th materials, cookbooks and more. Nordby Building Lower Level Training Rooms 7 and 8 Save up to 70% off the retail price! Thursday, November 10 Credit and debit cards are accepted. 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Partial proceeds benefit The United Way of Dane County. Friday, November 11 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM 3
  4. 4. Heart Attack RiskFactors:All of these rick factors can bemodified, treated or control withlifestyle changes or medicine.SmokingSmokers risk developing coronaryheart disease 2 - 4 times more thannonsmokers. Dane County Heart Walk 2011 - Saturday, October 8High Blood Cholesterol Warner Park, Madison, WITotal Cholesterol: Less than Choose between a 1 ½ mile route or a 3 mile walking route.200 mg/dLLDL (bad) Cholesterol: Less than 8:00 Registration100 mg/dL 9:30 Opening Ceremony and Step-offHDL (good) Cholesterol: 40 mg/dLor higher for men and 50 mg/dL or Come check out the WPS Health Insurance Tent! Bring your family and friends. Registrationhigher for women to walk is free, but donations are strongly encouraged.Triglycerides: Less than 150 mg/dLHigh Blood Pressure Join a TeamHigh blood pressure increases the Join your department’s team and help compete against other departments at WPS. WPS willheart’s workload, causing the heart recognize the top fundraising team and the largest team. You can join up to the day of theto thicken and become stiffer. This walk.stiffening of the heart muscle is notnormal, and causes the heart not to Go to properly. On the left side of the page, click “Find a Team” to join.Physical Inactivity WPS Heart Walk teamsPhysical activity can help controlblood cholesterol, diabetes and obe- Team Name Team Captain(s)sity, as well as help lower blood pres- Accounting – Kathy Kathy Wilhelmsensure in some people. Business Services – Mark Mark JensenObesity Cari Dykstra 2011 Cari DykstraPeople who have excess body fat, Corporate Audit – Jeanette Jeanette Koenigespecially if a lot of it is at the waist, Employee Services Christine Lick and Allison Evansare more likely to develop heart dis- EPIC Life Insurance Linda Edgesease and stroke even if they have Helping Hearts Jane Keller – Allenno other risk factors. Excess weight Legal Services – John John Sheskiincreases the heart’s work. Medicare – Jared Jared Adair Medicare – Kathy Kathy LaytonDiabetes Medicare – Kim Kimberly RichmondEven when glucose levels are under Medicare – Sheila Sheila Bechmanncontrol, diabetes increases the risk Momma’s Heart Sasha Cherryof heart disease and stroke, but the Tricare – Jennifer Brian Brugger and Jennifer Webbrisks are even greater if blood sugar WPS – Kim Olson Kim Olson and Tami Gilbertsonis not well controlled. WPS Commercial – Tom Tom Nelson WPS Information Systems– Bob Bob SchubringInformation provided by theAmerican Heart Association WPS Information Systems – Guy Guy Ringle 4
  5. 5. Influenza (“Flu”) Virus Information:Flu Vaccine Clinics Why should I get vaccinated?Flu shot are free for all WPS your building. at a remote WPS location Influenza (“flu” is a contagiousemployees. If you are a and would like a flu shot, disease. It is caused by thetemporary WPS employee Flu Shot Registration please email influenza virus, which can be spreadyou are eligible to get a free Process wps.employee.wellness@ by coughing, sneezing, or nasalflu shot. If you are a 1. Pick up a blank consent You will be secretions.contracted employee the form from the wellness emailed instructions onfee is $24.00 and checks bulletin board in your how to register for a Flu What are the types ofcan be made payable to building. Care Card. This is a voucher influenza vaccines:WPS. 2. Bring your completed you can take to a participat- 1. Inactivated (killed) vaccine, the consent form and your ing facility in your area to “flu shot,” is given by injection withAnswers to frequently employee badge to the flu get your free flu shot. a needle.asked questions are shot clinic in your building. 2. Live, attenuated (weakened)available on the “VIS infulenza vaccine is sprayed into theInfluenza 2011,” document New Voucher Process nostrils.that can be found on the If you are unable to attendwellness bulletin board in the flu shot clinic or you’re How often should I get vaccinated?MADISON FLU SHOT CLINICS OUTSIDE OFFICE FLU SHOT CLINICS Influenza viruses are alwaysWednesday, October 5th Marion, IL changing, so annual vaccination is Friday, October 14Nordby Building 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM recommended. Each year scientistsLower Level Training Room #7 and 8 Rooms 229 and 2307:00 AM – 6:00 PM try to match the viruses in the Bloomington, MN vaccine to those most likely to causeKoenig Building Thursday, October 20 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM flue that year. Flu vaccine will notConference Room #1008 Minnesota Conference8:30 AM – 11:00 AM Room prevent disease from other viruses, including flu viruses not contained inCorporate CenterCafeteria Green Bay, WI the vaccine. Thursday, October 2012:00 PM – 4:00 PM 10:00 AM – 12:00 PMWest How long does it take for the vac-Thursday, October 6th West Wing A/B cine to take effect?Broadway Building Conference RoomsConference Roooms 151 It takes up to 2 weeks for protectionand 152 4 Omaha, NE to develop after the shot. Protection8:00 AM – 12:00 PM Friday, October 21 lasts about a year. 9:00 AM – 2:00 PMOlin Avenue Building S6E-10Room 124 How can I learn more?1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Ask you doctor. They can give you Wausau, WI the vaccine package insert or Thursday, October 27 suggest other sources of 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM Upper right side breakroom and information. smaller breakroom at base of steps Information provided by the Department fo Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 5
  6. 6. Confessions of a WPS Intern Written by Chloe Scheller, 2011 Summer Intern Securing Success (S2) Department, MadisonWhen the summer before my senior Among my many assignments, I for self-growth and has opened manyyear began to roll around, I realized created PowerPoint presentations and doors for me. I am particularlythat I was looking for a professional storybooks that would help others grateful to those who expressed aexperience and not just a paycheck. understand the lingo of scripting genuine interest in making me feel at languages, servers, and web hosting. home and because of this; I gained manyI directed my interest away from the These assignments helped me to expand insights from them. The WPS staff put intypical college restaurant and retail jobs my communication skills and challenged a great deal of effort to pass on wisdomand began testing the waters to see me to think creatively. both about the business world but alsowhat was available to me. about life in general. I The S2 team, I soon found, was full discovered through them that a job wellI applied to WPS and accepted a position of exceptionally talented individuals. By done should always be acknowledged,as an Intern for the Securing Success (S2) working with them, I gained an that I should learn to read people byTeam, a team dedicated understanding of how their actions and not by their words,to the reengineering of “...I gained an an office functions. They and that I should never be intimidatedbusiness processes. understanding of how demonstrated that if by anyone. By sharing their secrets toLittle did I know that an office functions. They you work hard and you success, I established a completely newthis was just the begin- help others, help would outlook and a newfound interest in demonstrated that if youning of my journey. find its way back to you. the business world. work hard and you help I uncovered that an easyWhen I first started others, help would find its way to make friends was It is inspiring to know that, while I mayworking for the S2 way back to you. “ to have a bottomless not be a programmer or ateam, I felt utterly out bowl of candy on your project manager, I have added aof my depth. I became lost, somewhere desk and to express interest in your small puzzle piece to a bigger picture.between the stacks of paperwork and coworkers’ lives outside of the office. I I am proud that I have contributed tothe spider webs of terminology. Trying to quickly discovered that few people utter the team’s future achievements and thattake notes at meetings was comparable a single word on Monday mornings and I assisted in business decisions that willto attempting to decipher a foreign lan- that everyone wants to chat on Friday determine how WPS operates for yearsguage. It appeared impossible to catch afternoons. They reminded me of the to come. I wish the S2 team memberson, but that soon changed. importance of showing thanks and the best of luck in this current project congratulations as well as regrets and and in all future endeavors. Their hardAfter a couple weeks, I began to unravel sorrows. work, I am sure, will be recognized andthe mysteries behind the S2 project. Notonly was I taking meeting minutes thatI could now comprehend but people Looking back, I can see that I am incredibly blessed. My employment at applauded. -began to ask for my input and ideas. WPS has been a wonderful opportunity 6
  7. 7. EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT TO BEGIN JANUARY 2012 Nominate yourself or a co-worker today!Beginning in the January 2012 Pipeline edition, a new section will be implemented called WPS Employee Spotlight.This monthly section will highlight one or two WPS employees and their achievements in or outside of work. Theseachievements could include completing a project in the community, being recognized for special talents or achievementsor winning an award.Please consider completing a nomination form for yourself or a co-worker. We want to recognize the achievements of ouremployees.Nomination forms are available on the Employee Services, Employee Events page. Nominations turned in by the 15th ofthe month will be considered for the next month’s edition. October is National ___________ Month!There are many things to celebrate in October besides Columbus Day, National Bosses Day and Halloween. The following is a list ofnational observances for the entire month of October. • Adopt A Shelter Dog Month • Depression Education and • Polish American Heritage Month • AIDS Awareness Month Awareness Month • Popcorn Poppin’ Month • Apple Month • Diversity Awareness Month • Pretzel Month • Breast Cancer Awareness Month • German American Heritage Month • Roller Skating Month • Car Care Month • Hispanic Heritage Month • Self Improvement Month • Cholesterol Awareness Month (Sep. 15 – Oct. 15) • Toilet Tank Repair Month • Country Music Month • Italian American Heritage Month • Women of Achievement Month • Courtesy Month • Mental Illness Awareness Month Recently Retired Employees Kathryn Olson - Klawitter retired on August 6, 2011. Kathryn started with WPS on January 15, 2001 and was most Richard Blank retired on August 16, recently a Provider Data Verification 2011. Richard started with WPS on Analyst in TRICARE. January 17, 2005 and was most recently a Mailroom Clerk III in Imaging. Marshall Treat retired on August 6, 2011. Marshall started with Mutual of Joseph Burns retired on September Omaha where he began on August 1, Dennis Belk retired on August 6, 2011. 17, 2011. Joseph started with WPS on 1973 and transferred to WPS on Dennis started with WPS on August 7, July 6, 1999 and was most recently a November 5, 2001. Marshall was most 1989 and was most recently Programmer Mailroom Supervisor in Imaging. recently a Cost Report Appeals Specialist Sr. Analyst in Information Systems. in Medicare. Congratulations, and thank you for the years of service! 7
  8. 8. October AnniversariesForty – Four Years: Patricia Bergemann Eighteen Years: Debra Bougneit, Asif Naseem, Hafeman, Carmen Hansen, Sandra Hanson, Patrick Riniker, Karen Rott, Tracy Shepard Candace Hanz, Debra Hay, Sara Jandro, PaulaForty Years: Cheryl Forrer Jones, Gail Kahlich, Amy Klabacka, Laura Seventeen Years: Louise Leikness, JoAnn Kluetz, Diane Knab, Jamie Kottke, Kerry Kressel,Thirty – Eight Years: Vickie Peterson Nelson, Barbara Thome, Sharon Whitwam Joseph Kue, Valerie Lang, Alethea Lauback, Nancy LaVenture, Jamie Lee, Rosalie Lombard,Thirty – Four Years: Patricia Beyler, Donna Sixteen Years: Michael Bougneit, Michael Tracy Luedtke, Kathie Maki, Rebecca Marshall,Doescher, Lajean Hoffmann McCredie, Kelly Vickerman-Breese, Carmen Philipp Marty, Patricia Mayer, Cheryl Meis, White Joshua Mittag, Nicole Mohlman, Diana Mozer,Thirty – Three Years: Darcelle Doucette Marilyn Muelver, Kerchten Mulcahy, Peggy Fifteen Years: Lucinda Herwig Mulder, Patricia Nemke, Eva Nichols, JessicaThirty – Two Years: William Dummer Nowak, Catherine Pagel, Noelia Perez, Heidi Fourteen Years: Saundra Courchane, Mark Peterson, Tina Pierce, Debra Prohovnik, CynthiaThirty – One Years: Linda Fredrick Friedel, Daniel McKay, Douglas Peters, Corey Punke, Lisa Radawitz, Denise Ray, Stephanie Smies Schmuhl, Jason Schultz, Sarah Shemwell,Twenty – Nine Years: Marcia Green Debbie Sherfinski, John Sleck, Samuel Smith, Thirteen Years: Carol Lee, Jennifer Webb, Thomas Sobczak, Mary Stilen, Melissa Tiffany,Twenty – Seven Years: Linda Christofferson, Stacy Willems, Karen Ziegler Michael Vechinski, Kathryn Volkman, KarenSharon Luick, Diana OToole, Michele Washington, Jamie Welton, Theresa White, GailRinghand, Kathy Sladek, Anthony Wachter Twelve Years: Margaret Harmon, Michelle Little, Wiegert, Kimberly Wilson, Kelly Wiltzius, James Julie Lloyd, Ann Timm, Linda Truong, Richard WinkelTwenty – Six Years: Jonathan Ambelang, Mary Wachholz, Patricia YoungCarlson, Tod Ericson, Sandra Loomis, Betty Seven Years: Gwen Becker, Joseph Bell, DianePeters, Kelly Vivian, Karen Wealti Eleven Years: Dawn Bailey, Sherri Bean, Bendrick, Brian Benkoske, Jonathan Bolte, Lori Barbara Garthwaite, Debra Godbey, Johanna Boppel, Paul Brozak, Constance Bufford, DavidTwenty – Five Years: Linda Anderson, Hendrix, Sarah Kersey, Carol Lopez, Greg Burnett, Kelly Buska, Rhonda Caldwell, PatriciaCaroline Evans, Pauline Longfield, Terry Thorpe Nelson, Teresa Odom, Eric Rasmussen, Caridad Comp, Donna Davis, Keelan Dedolph, JoAnn Reed, Matthew Sherman DePonte, Christina DeWitt, Sean-Patrick Drea,Twenty – Four Years: Julie Bjordahl, Oles Sandra Ferg, Julia Gibbs, Deanna Glatczak,Green, Teresa Gwaltney. Rebecca Johnson, Ten Years: Marjorie Burrow, Shawn Cook, Oscar Kimberly Grimm, Tami Guite, Hanan Hayek,Barbara Lawrenz, Robin Merkes Diaz, Diane Farrell, Leah Filley, Mark Gaus, Sharie Hoffland, Christopher Hofmann, Elaine Lacey Green, Julie Hearley, Patricia Hilliard, Holbrook, Brenda James, Rosann Jennrich,Twenty – Three Years: Caroline Dykstra, Susan Jacobson, Jamie Lampley, Leo Leick, Jason Kania, Dawn Klopp, Matthew Kordus,Jennifer Frey, Gloria Hunt, Lydia Kirchstein, Tina McIntosh, Carla Nolden, Julie Prince, Carol Kraus, Melissa Logan, JoAnn Malbone,Therese Masnado, John OLoughlin, Janice Steven Ray, TaQuala Sanders, Kurt Schaeffer, Cindy Malenke, Elizabeth Nadolski, Alicia Nance,Steinberg Sarah Schroeder, Amy Smith, Sandra Stanfley, Stacie Notinokey, JoAnn Pagel, Elizabeth Barbara Van Asten, Dannada Wade Palacios, Jackie Pavelka, Terra Peche, DruTwenty – Two Years: Tim Craine, Jeffrey Peters, Jessica Rosenow, Kamlesh Saini,Goldsby, Connie Kubly, Joanne Peckham, Nine Years: Phillip Brueggeman, Shawne Patricia Sanders, Lynda Sauer, Jessica Sjoberg,Andrew Porter, Michelle White Campos, Heidi Fisher, Carol Gardner, Keenan Janet Steffen, Debbie Wanta, Naomi Wanta, Jones, Scott Lynch, Mary Malecka, Robert Thomas Ward, Holly Warner, Kathleen Wendorf,Twenty – One Years: Pauline Adams, Kathy Morgan, Cheryl Pomarnke, Ronald Roberts, Karen Woodward, Jessica Zander, JenniferGeertsma, Lynn Laufenberg, Matthew Mayville, Richard Stevens, Dani Weisner, Melissa Zych ZastrowAmy Messerschmidt, Susan Roemer Eight Years: Sharon Altenhofen, Krista Arnold, Six Years: Timothy Bolduc, Gina Medina-Twenty Years: Norma Fisher, Peggy Sandstrom Judith Baumann, Marcia Becker, Mary Berg, Rodriguez, Joseph Pettineo, Guy Ringle, Jamie Tyann Campfield, Tracey Carlson, Jessica SchmitzNineteen Years: Michelle Ferguson, Nancy Chambers, Carolyn Cheyka, Jason Chisamore,Frank, David Giese, Kelly Henry, Cheryl Cheryl Damerell, Diane Denikas, Audra Five Years: Cris Welk, Sally WoodScharine, Kathryn Stiyer Deruchowski, Sherri Diels, Mark Enloe, Lisa Fillion, Mark Gonzalez, Tara Habeck, KarenRecent PromotionsCorporate Donna Forsythe.........................Analyst, Prov CertificationEllen Koenig ..............................Policyholder Services Specialist Candice Goodwick .....................Analyst, Prov CertificationKara Larson ...............................Subro-Workers Comp. Analyst Debra Hay ................................Analyst, Prov CertificationErik Martin .................................System Reporting Analyst II Thad Kortbein ............................Dir. Prog Design and ImplementSusan Pawlowski.......................Government Accounting Clerk VI Collin Kreklow.............................Spec. Dept. Training Connie Kubly..............................Analyst, Prov CertificationInformation Systems Jamie Lee...................................Unit Coordinator IVPatricia Allen...............................IS Project Manager Derek Mackey...........................Analyst, Prov Certification Patty Miller..................................Clerk IV Heather Peil................................Foreign Claims ProcessorMedicare Kara Taylor..................................Foreign Claims ProcessorJessica Doty ..............................Provider Enrollment Analyst Mai Thao.....................................Rep III, Customer Service Rebecca Weber...........................Foreign Claims ProcessorTRICARE Theresa Winter............................Analyst, Prov CertificationPhillip Brueggeman..................Sr. Analyst, Production