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Whether you’re looking to attract consumers online or at a corner store, it’s all about breaking through the clutter, causing a reaction and giving your audience a reason to get engaged.

At 15 Fingers we believe in the power to provoke, to inspire and to energize. We listen to your needs and wants, and put them in a smart, cohesive vision you can use to attract your consumers.

Although we often start with digital strategies, we build entire campaigns that generate results. It’s how we come up with compelling ways to propel our clients’ brands out into the digital world and beyond.

Our innovative strategies and creativity lives at the heart of every brand catalyst. Whether you’re looking for branding, copywriting, interactive or media solutions, you can think of us as a community of talented individuals ready for you to tap into.

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15 fingers creative portfolio

  1. 1. 15fingers.comWhether you’re looking to attract consumers online or at a corner store, it’s all about breakingthrough the clutter, causing a reaction and giving your audience a reason to get engaged.At 15 Fingers we believe in the power to provoke, to inspire and to energize. We listen to yourneeds and wants, and put them in a smart, cohesive vision you can use to attract your consumers.Although we often start with digital strategies, we build entire campaigns that generate results.It’s how we come up with compelling ways to propel our clients’ brands out into the digital worldand beyond.Our innovative strategies and creativity lives at the heart of every brand catalyst. Whetheryou’re looking for branding, copywriting, interactive or media solutions, you can think of us as acommunity of talented individuals ready for you to tap into.Examples of our work Interactive Print Dearfoams 5 Lofts at 136 18 New York Philharmonic 6 Chic and Sweet 19Uncrowned Community 7 Mac Solutions Plus 20 Builders Coles Buffalo 21 Lofts at 136 8 K-Arc Design 9 Digital Advertising Belle Center 10 Estee Lauder 23 Kobo 24 Branding New York Philharmonic 25 Lofts at 136 12 American Meadows 26 Mac Solutions Plus 13 Lofts at 136 27Uncrowned Community 14 Builders Pine Hill Foods 15
  2. 2. 15fingers.comINTERACTIVE
  3. 3. 15fingers.com
  4. 4. 15fingers.comDearfoamsFor Dearfoam’s holiday site, we featureda slipper personality finder. It asks aperson’s preference based on theirpersonality and matches them with acertain style slipper and color accordingto their answers. Well-organized andclean-looking, the site was organizedby categories and allowed the userto browse popular slipper styles. Acohesive design for each page andtoolbar brought the entire site togetherwith a united holiday theme. A separatemicrosite was created for Dearfoam’sslipper fairy. Designed around a lighthearted theme, the user had the abilityto create a customized card and sendit to a friend as a hint to what they werewishing for. 5
  5. 5. 15fingers.comNEW YORKPHILHARMONICWhen the New York Philharmonic neededto expand the range of its brand identityinto the digital realm, we developed webpages that carried the design of theirfamously branded website. Quarterlyonline publications and, beginning andend of the year concert series webdesigns were also some of the creationsused to bring back music lovers alike.The increase in their online presencemade the New York Philharmonicaccessible to a larger group of peopleat once.The New York Philharmonic began in1842 with the vision of Ureli Corelli Hilland other fellow musicians. It is nowknown as the oldest orchestra in theUnited States and one of the oldestin the world. Although this is the case,it continually features the rarest andmost talented musicians from aroundthe world, playing the most illustriousmusical pieces of all time. 6
  6. 6. 15fingers.comLOFTS AT 136The Lofts at 136 website beganconstruction soon after their brandidentity was determined. The websitefeatures all of its amenities and imageryof the actual building and roomsthemselves. It features questions andanswers students and parents wouldhave, involving transportation, safety,and liability. An emphasis on “urbanliving”, was included on the site, makingit more appealing to the younger, studentdemographic who wants to live in acity atmosphere. This website not onlycarried the design of the Lofts brand but,it also laid out all the important facts andphotos for students and parents to see.The Lofts at 136 were renovated in 2010,a century after the original constructionof the building. Restoring an oldBuffalo building, in a prime location forlocal students, and differentiating thischic environment from typical dormcomplexes was not difficult to flaunt. 7
  7. 7. 15fingers.comUNCROWNEDCOMMUNITY BUILDERSUncrowned Community Builders is In 1999 Uncrowned Queens Institute fora resource site on African American Research and Education on Women wasindividuals of the Buffalo area. It tells created to celebrate the African Americanabout their life and historical involvement. women of the Pan Am Expedition EraThis site needed to be rebranded and and beyond. They eventually addedredesigned with user-friendly searching “Uncrowned Kings” to this project, holdingavailable. We designed a test run of the conventions and community basedoriginal website, critiquing the strong projects to raise awareness, as well asand weak points of it. We took test publish several articles, interviews, andusers and asked them to try to input books. This effort has led to a uniting ofand receive bios on the existing site. African Americans in the community andAfter several failed attempts, we began beyond. We are proud to take part in thisto see the problems with the website. project and its growth.From here, we began to break down andrebuild it. The site allows the communityto add and edit biographies. A siteadministrator approves submissions asthey come, creating an efficient processthat can be easily managed. 8
  8. 8. 15fingers.comK-ARC DESIGNK-Arc Design firm asked us to show theirarchitectural creativity and engineering.We did this by organizing their portfolioaccording to the numerous projects theycompleted. The process they use todesign their architectural masterpiecesare broken down by steps, helpingpotential and existing clients understandtheir work. Stunning photography andgraphics were added as an eye-catchingtemplate to showcase K-Arc’s vision. Byfocusing on imagery, we could create asite that reflected K-Arc’s architecturaldesigns. Not only did we focus on theirwork, but their unending credentials andexperience in their field and beyond. 9
  9. 9. 15fingers.comBELLE CENTERThe Belle Center is a non-profitorganization that gives back to theBuffalo community by providingeducational programs for all ages,family health services, and Americorpservices. They did not have much ofa website before, so we built them aworking website that is easy for peopleto navigate and easy for the Belle Centeradministrator’s to update the site daily.In one unified design, this site organizedservices, resources, media releases,donation information, and contacts, forviewers, about the organization. 10
  10. 10. 15fingers.comBRAND
  11. 11. 15fingers.com pantone 583 hex #AABA0A 80% black dark green C: 70 M: 53 Y: 76 K: 57 hex #323C2B main version mark xLOFTS AT 136y 1/3 xThe branding for the Lofts at 136 beganwith an obvious choice of location beingthe highlight and a stylish residence forstudent living being the support. “Urbanliving”version alternate should be exciting for a college reversedstudent in the city. We wanted to stress 2x xall of this and the many benefits and“extras” of living in the Lofts at 136. Printyand web advertising all featured studentsfrom the area enjoying their time in thelofts, making the ads relatable to real-lifesituations. Giving students a new-age,yet comfortable, take on college livingwas our goal. 12
  12. 12. 15fingers.comMacSolutions PLUSMacSolutions PLUS MacSolutions MacSolutions PLUS PLUSMAC SOLUTIONS PLUS MacSolutionsMacSolutions Plus is an innovator inMacSolutions PLUS PLUSbuying and selling Mac products. Insteadof waiting in your local Apple store youcan buy the exact same products witha personalized shopping experienceand a helpful staff of mac professionals.The service makes all the difference withMacSolutions. They can come to yourhome or business and fix any alterationsyou may need on your computer, or helpyou by phone at convenient hours. Theirgoal was to provide an alternate choicefrom the Apple store, while giving systemsupport to the local community.We redesigned their logo and website,making them sophisticated andaccessible to all consumers. The mainconcept behind the logo signified thetechnical aid MacSolutions provides. 13
  13. 13. 15fingers.comUNCROWNEDCOMMUNITY BUILDERSUncrowned Community Builders wanteda solid and resonating brand and logo.When determining a new feel anddesign of their site, we thought thatdesigning an imperfect crown muchlike African American history well-resembled the struggles and hardshipsthey have faced. The many influentialAfrican American members of Buffalosociety are encouraged to be recordedon this site. This makes their brand notonly historical one, but an advocate forAfrican American people everywhere. 14
  14. 14. 15fingers.comPINE HILL FOODSFor Pine Hill we created a new logo togive them a fresh face to their brand. Thelogo features brighter colors and a freshclean look. It represents who Pine Hill isand what they stand for -- a companythat only serves the best fresh andwholesome ingredients conveniently forthe consumer. 15
  15. 15. 15fingers.comPRINT
  16. 16. 15fingers.com
  17. 17. 15fingers.com LOFTS AT 136 Producing the print brochures and advertisements for the Lofts at 136, we carried over the same feeling and tone from the website. We took these styles and features and added them to our brochure, mail-ins, stationary and flyers. Highlighting the “urban living” theme and stressing the stylish living space were included. We also mentioned all Buffalo has to offer such as food and entertainment venues. All of this we found was critical to what students were looking for in a place to live. Jessica Rector Leasing Agent 443 Delaware Ave Buffalo, NY 14202 (716) 923-7000 jess@136lofts.com136 North Division, Buffalo, NY 14203 18
  18. 18. 15fingers.comCHIC AND SWEETFor the new store on Hertel Avenuein downtown Buffalo, we wanted asleek and flattering design. Are targetaudience was a middle-aged upper-class female one, but really any femaleaudience was kept in mind. The neutraland modern colors of black and whiteset off the antique feel of the paisleydesign. A simple font to go with it wasan easy decision. This design echoedthroughout all the of the branding, print,tagging, web design and even in-storedesign.Chic and Sweet opened in August 2010on Hertel Avenue. They are standing outfrom their area competition by focusingon their unique designer lines and stylesthat no other store carries. 19
  19. 19. 15fingers.comMAC SOLUTIONS PLUSFor MacSolutions Plus we designed abrochure for their products and services.This brochure included an organizedlayout of everything they had to offernew and existing Mac users. The keyfor this brochure was to incorporatetheir newly designed logo with the strictofficial Mac design outlines. Showcasingtheir services that they have to offerlocal businesses was a very importantaspect as well. 20
  20. 20. 15fingers.comCOLESFor the famed restaurant on Elmwood weredesigned their website and menu. Wetook their existing image and added amore color-intense palette while makingtheir logo more graphically appealing.The menu’s background image featureda silhouette of an old bar scene,channeling the longevity of Coles.Coles opened in 1934 and has remainedopen through their dedication topleasing their customers. Coles remainsa mainstay for locals and a populardestination for visitors. 21
  21. 21. 15fingers.comDIGITALADVERTISING
  22. 22. 15fingers.comAMERICAN MEADOWSAmerican Meadows wanted to advertise encourage their bulb sales. The adstheir beautiful floral bulbs. Their Spring helped increase their online sales andBulb banner advertisements were their brand awareness to audiences.meant to cater to online shoppers and 23
  23. 23. 15fingers.comNEW YORKPHILHARMONICThe New York Philharmonic wanted to their brand. Special engagementproduce banner ads for the internet so promotions and rich media campaignsthey could expand their presence even were also created for unique end ofmore so. We wanted to create eye- season concerts.catching banners that still emulated 24
  24. 24. 15fingers.comLOFTS AT 136For the digital aspect of the Lofts at 136 We targeted our demographic throughcampaign, we realized that our target geo-targeted campaigns so we coulddemographic was heavily internet- affectively reach them without wastingoriented. We decided to promote the Lofts advertising on areas with no studentat 136 through banner advertisements. population. 25
  25. 25. 15fingers.comESTÉE LAUDEREstee Lauder’s ads were co-branded Throughout the 2009 holiday seasonwith retailer’s such as Macy’s and consumers could select their favoriteBonton to name a few. Rich media products from a list of ten products andbanners featured store finders and gift print out the product UPC bar codes sowith purchase offers. The ads were geo- they could be scanned and bought attargeted to run in specific regions of the neighboring stores.country and drove customers to makein-store purchases. 26
  26. 26. 15fingers.comKOBOFor the Kobo Vox, an e-reader, we media ad. Pulse was created to networkdesigned various banner ads centered Kobo readers with their literary choicesaround the Kobo’s features and abilities. via Facebook. Overall, this e-readerWith several e-readers already being was designed to get and keep peoplemarketed, we had to come up with engaged with the product and onebanners that separated them from the another -- a great way to advertise anycompetition. Pulse is a huge feature for product.the Vox and was highlighted in this rich 27