Career Dots And Education2


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A career counseling, planning and management solutions

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Career Dots And Education2

  2. 2. Dr. Carole B. RicottaCareer Dots adds PURPOSE to the PROCESS
  3. 3. What do you want to be when you grow up?• Computer Engineer• Educator• Electronics Engineer• Lawyer• Machinist• Mechanic• Medical Professional• Physical Therapist• Scientist• Many other professionsWith Career Dots users can start plotting a more assured course to their career destination beginningin grade 6 [from one source], while taking into account their personal interests, educational and skillslevels, and other relevant factors. They can even see an audio/visual description of their desiredprofession, as well as identify local resources, such as educational institutions that offer assistance inhelping them reach their goals.
  4. 4. Why is it so difficult?• Studies show that many dropout of school and/or college because they discovered that it’s not as easy as they taught• Some go half-way through school, spending considerable dollars only to find out that they don’t like the career choice they’ve made • Some never even work a day in their chosen field• Most don’t realize, until it’s too late, that one’s personal interests has as much to do with a successful career path as does academic attainment Saves time and money by • If you don’t like what you’re doing, identifying the right career earlier you likely won’t stay with it! in academic development
  5. 5. Can technology help in guiding our youth and theunemployed to meet their career goals?With more than 40 million Youth, United States faces the challenge of high(more than 15% and even higher in minority youth) unemployment amongst itsyoung population. While in schools and colleges, American youth widely stayunclear about their career goals and lack of proper career guidance results ineither high drop-out rates or they simply lose focus towards their careerinterests. Education sector facing billions of dollars of cuts has been unable toprovide satisfactory career counseling resources to the students, leaving morethan 81 million children without proper career guidance. U.S. Labor Departmenthas also announced deep cuts into much needed Summer Youth EmploymentPrograms across the nation while further deteriorating the possibility of gainingjob market insight by the American Generation Next
  6. 6. Career Dots is a one-stop career assessment, mapping, and guidancesystem that provides users cutting edge features to effectively explore, plan,and manage their career goals. Figuratively speaking, Career Dots operates much like a Global Positioning System (GPS) in that it helps users determine the direction and distance to their career destination as well as the resources needed along the way. With GPS-like capabilities, accessible from one dashboard, Career Dots also enables its users to explore alternative pathways, while taking into account their education and skill-sets, work experiences, and personal
  7. 7.
  8. 8.  Career is hosted on servers provided by Trans-Atlantic Business Solutions (TABS) Technological infrastructure will enable users with a wide-range of capabilities, including, but not limited to  Internet accessibility 24/7 via all browsers, using Apple and Windows  State-of-the-art learning experiences, with real-time online communications and interaction between students and counselors – EMPOWERING  Counselors – Innovative technological abilities to connect and communicate direct with students  One counselor can connect with individuals and groups of students via the Internet  Students – real-time interaction with personalized career planning systems from grade 6 through post-secondary education  Identify local resources and view audio / visual job descriptions  Not only able to receive instruction and guidance from counselor, but are able to navigate and plan their career path on their own
  9. 9. Public and private schools have the greatest opportunity to impact theminds of our youth. According to the 2002 Census of Governments, theUnited States Census Bureau enumerated the following numbers of schoolsystems in the United States:• 13,506 school district governments• 178 state-dependent school systems• 1,330 local-dependent school systems• 1,196 education service agencies (agencies providing support services to public school systems)Total student enrollment = 49.5 mil in public and 6.2 mil in private schoolsCosting tax payers $972 billion per yearWith so many schools, public and private, Why are so many of our citizens still un-prepared for the workforce? Why are so many under-educated? Why are so manydissatisfied with their professions? What can be done to change these trends?
  10. 10. CAREER DOTS WILL HELP REDUCETHE COST OF EDUCATION, WHILEASSURING EDUCATION QUALITYAND ACADEMIC ATTAINMENT BY:• Reducing the ratio of career counselors needed to assist student populations• Having students participate in the planning and managing their own goals• Improving the one-on-one interaction between students and teachers/counselor
  11. 11. Opportunities for providing services exists in these markets throughout America.Markets Market SpecificsThe Unemployed Recent reports suggests that the unemployment rate is now 9%, representing more than 10 million people. • Actual unemployed is greater the 14 million • Military Veterans, displaced because of economic crisisHigh school Studies show that more than 1 million students dropout of school each yeardropouts without a high school diploma • Cumulatively speaking, that’s more than 10 million over the last decade. • Many of these persons work in service industries, which represents most of those now unemployedHome Schooling The results of the 2003 National Household Education Surveys (NHES) program revealed that the number of students being home schooled in the United States in the spring of 2003 was 1,096,000 • A 29 percent increase from the estimated 850,000 students who were being home schooled in the spring of 1999.Post-secondary There are thousands of institutions of higher education located throughouteducation and America that can benefit for the capabilities offered by Career DotscollegesSocial Non-Profits Nationally, there are thousands of non-profits directly engaged in helping American citizens seeking ways to improve their chances for employment.
  12. 12. BUILDING UPON PERSONAL INTERESTS, CAREER DOTS ENABLES STUDENTS WITH • An accurate assessment of his or herThe answers to the questions being education, experiences, and skills needsasked begins first with students in other to satisfy career choice requisitesknowing themselves, followed by • The ability to plot their career course andhaving the right tools and support that see their choices before ever arriving atcan help them set realistic and their destinationattainable goal • Real-time online access to counselorsENABLES EDUCATORS AND COUNSELORS TO • Access to all resources necessary to help them achieve career goals, including• Baselines students’ experiences, • Colleges and post-secondary and skills and education levels education and apprenticeship• Help students accurately determine programs the requisite education, experience, • Real-time visibility of job opportunities in and skills needed to satisfy career their communities choices• Access student profiles to develop individual education plans (IEP)• Interact online with students to assist them plot their course and navigate to their career goal
  13. 13. "I was so excited to learn about Career Dots and all it has to offer. I work at a high school and we currently use a similar system our students can access to find what careers they are best suited for. I believe this program has so much more to offer. It’s a one-stop shop from building a profile to what training you would have to have to what schools offer those degrees. I also see the benefits for non-traditional college student, someone facing a transitionalMaria L. Otero M.Ed. period in their lives or seeking a career change. This tool takes anESA Certified CounselorLakewood, Washington individual into a more in-depth look at themselves, their strengths and their abilities; it can be a very empowering tool. I am so excited at what this program has to offer and what a great tool to add to a career counselor’s tool belt."