iCompass	                                    Dream	  -­‐	  Design	  -­‐	  Do	  -­‐	  Demonstrate	  -­‐	                   ...
The	  Problem:	  The	  Informa5on	  Superhighway	  is	  a	  free-­‐for-­‐all	                                             ...
The	  Solu5on:	  iCompass	  3	   |	  Commercial	  in	  Confidence	  
What	  is	  iCompass?	  A	  concept	  for	  a	  central	  virtual	  canvas	  where	  people	  can	  pursue	  Idea5on,	  se...
What	  does	  iCompass	  do?	                                                             IT	  ENABLES	  USERS	  TO	  SET	...
How	  does	  iCompass	  work?	                                             INVEST	  IN	  YOUR	  TOMORROW	  –	  VISUALIZE,	...
Imagineering…what	  if?	                                                                       You	  wish	  to	  be	  	   ...
Visualize	  your	  dream	  E.g.	  "I	  want	  to	  be	  a	  marathon	  runner"	  	                                        ...
Model	  your	  dream:	  “How	  do	  I	  start?”	                                                                          ...
Plan	  your	  goal:	  Ten	  steps	  to	  being	  a	   marathon	  runner	  in	  one	  year	                                ...
Track	  your	  goal:	  How	  am	  I	  doing?	                                                        ICOMPASS	  WILL	  OFF...
Share	  your	  story:	  Hey,	  I	  ran	  the	  marathon!	                                                                 ...
Who	  can	  use	  iCompass?	                                                                     ANYBODY	  AND	  EVERYBODY...
Why	  iCompass?	   Sio,	  seek	  and	  navigate	                                   To	  take	  	                          ...
How?	   •  iCompass	  is	  currently	  at	  the	  advanced	  conceptual	  stage	   •  Maybe	  created	  as	  a	  full-­‐fle...
Contact	  Informa5on	                              IF	  YOU	  FIND	  THIS	  CONCEPT	  INTERESTING	  AND	  WISH	  TO	  PART...
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iCompass - Imagineer the possibilities, Realize your potential


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"iCompass" - Imagineering one\'s potential with the confluence of information, collaboration, cooperation, participation and motivation enabled by technology....supported by commerce, if so desired.

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iCompass - Imagineer the possibilities, Realize your potential

  1. 1. iCompass   Dream  -­‐  Design  -­‐  Do  -­‐  Demonstrate  -­‐   Delight...with  iCompass  Find  Your  Direc2on,  Track  Your  Progress,  Live  Your  Dream,     Achieve!  
  2. 2. The  Problem:  The  Informa5on  Superhighway  is  a  free-­‐for-­‐all   The  internet  is  a  vast  universe  where   anything  is  possible  but…   There  is  lack  of  TRUST!   There  is  no  single  virtual  space  where  you   can  build  your  dream,  invite  your  friends/ mentors/coaches  to  cheer  you  on  and  to   achieve!   There  is  no  single  virtual  space  where  you  can  grow  2   |  Commercial  in  Confidence  
  3. 3. The  Solu5on:  iCompass  3   |  Commercial  in  Confidence  
  4. 4. What  is  iCompass?  A  concept  for  a  central  virtual  canvas  where  people  can  pursue  Idea5on,  seek  Valida5on,  perform  Tracking,  find  Mo5va5on  and  garner  Recogni5on.     •  A  protected  space  that  aids  you    to  reach  your  maximum   poten5al    in  structured  steps   •  An  environment  of  trust  that  helps  you  turn  your  Self-­‐Actualiza2on   dreams  into  achievable  goals  The  Need  for  Esteem  and  Respect  Needs  The  Need  for  Love  and  Belonging  Safety  and  Security  Needs  Physiological  Needs   A  space  that  nurtures,  formats,  and  tracks  your  life’s  ambi@ons  -­‐  all  at   your  defined  level  of  privacy  4   |  Commercial  in  Confidence  
  5. 5. What  does  iCompass  do?   IT  ENABLES  USERS  TO  SET  GOALS,  PLAN,  TRACK  AND  ACHIEVE   OBJECTIVES   •  Leverages  exis2ng  knowledge  repositories  and  mul2ple   media   •  Op2onally  offers  support  and  encouragement  from  role   models  and  peer  groups   •  Provides  a  medium  to  validate  goals  and  objec2ves  or   work  in  complete  privacy   •  Enables  goal  seVng  and  op2onal  collabora2on   –  Keep  it  private,  collaborate  with  peers  or  open  up  to  public  –   your  privacy  is  defined  and  controlled  by  you!   Your  Dreams,  Your  Pace,  Your  Time  and  Your  Rules!  5   |  Commercial  in  Confidence  
  6. 6. How  does  iCompass  work?   INVEST  IN  YOUR  TOMORROW  –  VISUALIZE,  MODEL,  PLAN,  TRACK,     SHARE  AND  REALIZE  YOUR  GOALS.   Secure,  Access  and   Private,   Authoriza2on   Dreams,   Aspira2ons,   Collabora2ve  or   controls   Poten2al   Public:  You  choose!   Needs   What,  How     and   much  and  2me   Valida2on   Desires   Passive  Support   Ac2ve  Support   An  itera@ve  cycle  helps  you  achieve  your  poten@al  in  a  trusted    and     private  environment  6   |  Commercial  in  Confidence  
  7. 7. Imagineering…what  if?   You  wish  to  be     You  wish  to     You  would  like  to    You  wish  to  be  a     financially     complete  a     be  promoted    public  speaker?   independent?   university  degree?   at  work?   You  are  an  Energy  business   You  are  a  bank,  and  your  goal  is       You  are  the  "Na2onal   &  wish  to  target,  engage  and   to  serve  your  customer  beaer,     Heart  Founda2on"  and   foster  those,  who  are   targe2ng  their  aspira2ons  and     wish  beaer  allocate   passionate  about  your   stated  objec2ves?   your  resources?   industry?  You  are  a  law  school  who   You  are  a  health  care  industry   You  are  a  "French  wish  to  target  people   and  wish  to  target  people   Language  Tutor"  and  passionate  about  law  and   who  are  passionate  about   wish  to  posi2on  your  wish  to  take  up  this  goal?   service  /  healthcare?   services  efficiently?   You  are  an  "Educa2on  Department"  and   You  are  a  travel  business  and  wish  to  target   wish  to  target,  support  and  foster   beaer  -­‐  engage  right  at  the  aspira2on  level,   educa2on  amongst  your  target  market  -­‐   support  realiza2on  –  build  trusted  rela2onship  -­‐   beaer  alloca2on  of  your  resources?   avoid  commodi2za2on?  7   |  Commercial  in  Confidence  
  8. 8. Visualize  your  dream  E.g.  "I  want  to  be  a  marathon  runner"     ICOMPASS  WILL  OFFER   Mul2media  informa2on  for   Searchable  database  of  knowledge   marathon  training   repositories  supported  by  research   and  real-­‐life  data   Inspira2onal  stories  of  role   models  and  achievers   Visualize…  8   |  Commercial  in  Confidence  
  9. 9. Model  your  dream:  “How  do  I  start?”   ICOMPASS  WILL  OFFER   A  self-­‐assessment  form  to  build   Recommenda2ons  to  change  the   your  personal  profile   abstract  idea  into  a  concrete  one   Support:  Tips,  tricks,  challenges  and   Different  interfaces  for  users  choosing  to  keep  it   how  to  overcome  them   private  vs.  those  who  wish  to  publicize  it   Model…  9   |  Commercial  in  Confidence  
  10. 10. Plan  your  goal:  Ten  steps  to  being  a   marathon  runner  in  one  year   ICOMPASS  WILL  OFFER   Breaking  the  goal  into   Customized  commercial  service  lis2ngs   achievable  mini-­‐objec2ves   that  offer  training  and  support  at  a  cost   Personalized  plans,   encouragement  from  role   models  and/or  community   Plan…  10   |  Commercial  in  Confidence  
  11. 11. Track  your  goal:  How  am  I  doing?   ICOMPASS  WILL  OFFER   Shared  space  to  discuss   List  missed  objec2ves,  2ck   achievements  and  challenges   off  achieved  targets   Track…  11   |  Commercial  in  Confidence  
  12. 12. Share  your  story:  Hey,  I  ran  the  marathon!   ICOMPASS  WILL  OFFER   Shared  space  to  discuss   Link  to  social  networking   achievements  and  challenges   sites  and  spread  the  word!     Get  recogni2on,  offer  support  to   others  as  someone  who’s  been   there  and  done  it   Find  new  ways  and  ra@onale  to  be  relevant,  to  belong,  to  par@cipate,     to  Lead!  12   |  Commercial  in  Confidence  
  13. 13. Who  can  use  iCompass?   ANYBODY  AND  EVERYBODY!   For-­‐profit  corpora2ons  such  as   Non-­‐profit  organiza2ons  such  as  NGOs  and   Individuals   service  providers  -­‐  $   community  groups  Educa2onal  ins2tu2ons   Government  bodies     Global  organiza2ons  such  as  WHO   Anybody  and  Everybody  can  harness  their  goal  in  iCompass!  13   |  Commercial  in  Confidence  
  14. 14. Why  iCompass?   Sio,  seek  and  navigate   To  take     To  get   a  step   Use  social  networking  tools  for   through  relevant  knowledge   relevant   beyond  social   idea  genera2on  and   in  today’s  age  of  informa2on   knowledge   networking       dissemina2on   overload.   To  turn  dreams  into  goals,   To  turn   To  invest   Invest  part  of  your  capital   thoughts  into  ac2ons,  ideas   dreams  into   today  for   (today)  in  defining  and     into  objec2ves   reality   tomorrow   perusing  your  future  14   |  Commercial  in  Confidence  
  15. 15. How?   •  iCompass  is  currently  at  the  advanced  conceptual  stage   •  Maybe  created  as  a  full-­‐fledged  platorm  that  is  a  des2na2on  by  itself   •  Or,  may  be  a  toolkit/app/add-­‐on  to  current  social-­‐networking/mentoring/goal   seVng/commercial  sites  15   |  Commercial  in  Confidence  
  16. 16. Contact  Informa5on   IF  YOU  FIND  THIS  CONCEPT  INTERESTING  AND  WISH  TO  PARTICIPATE  IN  DRIVING     THIS  TOWARDS  REALITY,  CONTACT:   The   Imagineer   behind   iCompass   is   Satya   Chari   -­‐   a   mul2-­‐faceted,   mul2-­‐cultural   technology   and   management   leader;   who   brings   domain   exper2se   in   Financial   Services,   Telecommunica2on,   Automobile,   Resources   and   Energy   sectors   to   the   table.   Now   the   Founder   CEO   of   Business   Services   Imagineering   India,   Satya   has   previously   worked   with   Infosys,   Cambridge   Technology   Partners,   Hexaware   and   others   in   leadership  posi2ons  interac2ng  with  CxOs  of  global  mul2na2onals,  building  business   ver2cals  and  mentoring  people.   Satya  Chari   Passionate   about   virtuous   life,   thinking   of   the   possibili2es   and   scope   of   informa2on   Imagineering  India   in   the   journey   of   life   and   it’s   empowerment   mul2plier   effect,   and   driven   by   sheer     joy   of   seeking   greater   good;   Satyas   core   values,   ethics   and   gra2tude;   combined   Email:  schari13@gmail.com   with   mul2-­‐geographical   experiences   and   heterogeneous   technology   background,   Cell:  +61  413  078  871   guide   all   his   crea2ve   endeavors.   iCompass   is   a   concept   that   arose   out   of   Satyas   5,  Chipping  Hill  Court   introspec2on  about  the  constant  dis-­‐aggrega2on  and  re-­‐aggrega2on  of  the  known   Wheelers  Hill   (change   is   the   constant,   unnerving   and   exci2ng   at   the   same   2me),   desire   to   Melbourne,  Victoria  –  3150   encourage  posi2ve  living  (believe  in  self,  be  posi2ve,  START,  in  Life:  there  are  only   Australia   privileges  and  no  en2tlements)  and  realiza2on  of  one’s  poten2al  (there  is  and  this   deserves  to  be  encouraged  and  pursued)  –  a  shio  towards  specie  from  fiat  living.   He   is   a   student   of   history,   philosophy,   behavioral   economics   and   humani2es   and   firmly  believes  in  “greater  good  is  self  good”.   Satya   is   keen   to   work   with   a   commiaed   team   of   technologists   to   convert   the   iCompass  concept  into  reality.  16   |  Commercial  in  Confidence