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Steam Turbine Alignment


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New innovative method to align steam turbines.

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Steam Turbine Alignment

  1. 1. steam turbine presentation
  2. 2.  Professional dimensional metrology service provider to over 260 clients Experience in hydro, gas, and steam turbine applications Successfully integrating the laser tracker technology to the power industry Client list includes: Entergy, NRG, General Electric, the Wood Group, SulzerHickham, AEP, Dynegy, Tri-State Generation, Mobley Contractors Inc., US PowerGen, Corrugated Services Incorporated, EnergyCo, and TXU. SPA technicians are professionally trained and meet all requirements for OSHA and TWIC certification.
  3. 3. •API T3•Leica LTD 600 Points of Interest…The laser tracker is a portable measurement • Versatilitysystem that relies on a laser beam to - SA coordinate measurement softwareaccurately measure and inspect in a spherical - provides several import / export optionsvolume up to 200 feet. Designed for high- - IFM or ADM laser capabilities • Speedaccuracy measurements in all operating - minimal instrument setup and warm-up timeconditions it has become the benchmark in - data collection time is significantly reducedgeneral industry precision applications. - negate the effects of thermal growth • Repeatable accuracy - capable of 0.001” repeatability • Efficiency - 1 location can render copious amounts of data - each coordinate represents a X,Y,Z value • Proven technology - utilized in every facet of industry - computer aided technology • Data Manipulation - eliminate human error in measurement data - expedite data processing times - easy data transfer in multiple formats
  4. 4. Nelson Plant : West Lake, LA NRG Limestone : Jewett, TXLewis Creek Plant : Willis, TX NRG Big Cajun : New Roads, LA
  5. 5. Master Control Layout Coupling / Shaft Alignment (End to End) Steam Path Alignment (HP, IP, & LP) Squat / Load Check (Hot/Cold)Individual Component Location (Removal/Installation)
  6. 6. Monitoring points (as seen left) areeasily installed in the concrete decksurrounding the turbine. By utilizingthe capabilities of the laser tracker andthe coordinate measurement softwarewe are able to produce a mastercontrol system that is relevant to theturbine, from end to end. This processallows the tracker to be positioned atany vantage point all the whilemaintaining a relationship with thecenterline of the turbine or assignedlocation. Every control point and datapoint has a X,Y,Z coordinatevalue, relative to the centerline of theturbine. The job file and/or coordinatefile is then saved, exported, and isapplicable for all future alignmentprojects on the unit.
  7. 7. Compare current position of shaft to OEM’s catenary design • ability to compare and/or locate to exact locations • locate center of shaft at each Precise location is bearingrecorded and established Complete inspection in• SPA maintains permanent approximately 8 hours measurement history on each turbine • including set-up, warm- up, data collection and• comparisons can be made to analysis monitor turbine movement and wear tendencies Data Processing• easy Rotation of the components is analysis, manipulation, and not required comparison • shaft memory does not effect• compare data from short measurement data periods, months, years, eve • couplings stay bolted, eliminate n decades rim and face checks• instantly recall data from previous inspections Use existing control layout • instrument set-ups become less frequent and painless • the ‘master control system’ maintains relevance throughout the process
  8. 8. Have confidence in a Report data in relation to Inspections can be done Data is collected and proven technology a specified component on any component stored electronically• capable repeatability of • oil bore, bearing • if requested, the rotor can • eliminate human error in 0.001” bore, inner gland, blade be inspected on-site data processing• reduce downtime, average ring, diaphragm, etc. • concentricity and/or • receive a visual inspection time: 4 to 6 • know the horizontal and circularity reports can be representation of all hours vertical location of any provided deviation component • any individual component • data can be processed to • make adjustments prior to can be inspected, either in meet the specifications of rotor delivery position or removed any project
  9. 9. Inspection of theinner cylinderCompleteinspection ofthe HP Checking the symmetry and perpendicularity of the outer casing
  10. 10. Utilizing the API tracker to collect Laser tracker setup for alignmentdata on the LP diaphragms of a 913 inspection of two low pressure kilowatt steam turbine turbines, LP A and LP B
  11. 11. Using the existing Compare results at control various states layout, established bythe USMN, data can be • cold to hotcollected at the bearing • cold to ambient and recorded at • hot to ambientlocation. In mere hours we can collect and analyze measurement data.Compare inspection Compare results fromresults relative to load past and presentcapacities inspections• full load • chronologically map• partial load movement• any % of load • graph movement over weeks, months, or years • compare trends
  12. 12. Example: The removal and re-installation of a generator. “Prior to removal of the generator , its exact or „as found‟ location is recorded. This is done in reference to the master control system layout. By gathering data at the generator couplings the measurement process establishes a center point location. The installation process uses the generator couplings to relocate the component to its previous position, horizontally and vertically in relation to the center point location. This process is not only applicable to the relocation of a generator but to any component that must be removed and put back into place under stringent tolerances.”
  13. 13. Schaeffer Precision Alignment, Inc. 2510 West Main Atlanta, Texas 75551 Michael E. Schaeffer President 903.796.7941 903.826.3535