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Your life down under


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This slideshow discusses tips and tricks essential for coping with student lives in Australia.

Your Studies 'Down Under' comprises
(1) What you shouldn't worry about, and
(2) What you should pay attention to.

What you shouldn't worry about comprises
(a) Why Australia? - discusses the advantages of studying in Australia, and
(b) Your application - discusses application for a seat and a scholarship at an Australian university.

What you should pay attention to comprises
(a) Your pre-departure - discusses what to prepare before leaving for Australia,
(b) Your arrival - discusses what to do once arrived in Australia,
(c) Your W-curve - discusses life crises one might face overseas and how to cope with them,
(d) Your 'life' - discusses how to live happily overseas while enjoying the studies,
(e) Returning your home - discusses what and how to prepare before returning home in Thailand,
(f) Your W-curve (again) - discusses life crises one might face at home and how to cope with them, and
(g) Your 'new life' -remarks how a future would be.

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Your life down under

  1. 1. Your Studies ‘Down Under’ Chacrit Sitdhiwej! | Code of Arms courtesy
  2. 2. Your “Life” ‘Down Under’ Code of Arms courtesy Chacrit Sitdhiwej! |
  3. 3. The ‘real’ issues What you shouldn’t worry about; and! What you should pay attention to.
  4. 4. 1.
  5. 5. What you shouldn’tworry about
  6. 6. Issues WhyAustralia?! Your application
  7. 7. Chart courtesy HSBC <>
  8. 8. Why Australia?
  9. 9. "Most of this country is empty. We have the lowest population density in the world ..."! ! - David Dale, The 100 Things everyone needs to ! know about Australia (1996).
  10. 10. Map courtesy
  11. 11. Map courtesy
  12. 12. It’s your problem!
  13. 13. However,
  14. 14. Map courtesy
  15. 15. Your application and scholarships
  16. 16. To dos Meet, but preferably EXCEED, the English proficiency minimum requirements! Have reasonable academic record! Consult international student office! Consult and keep in touch with prospect supervisor! Consult IDP Thailand
  17. 17. 2.
  18. 18. What you should pay attention to
  19. 19. Issues Your pre-departure! Your arrival! Your W-curve! Your ‘life’! Returning your home! Your W-curve (again)! Your ‘new life’
  20. 20. Your pre-departure
  21. 21. Your arrival
  22. 22. Your W-curve First encounter
  23. 23. FOREIGN! COUNTRY Courtesy
  24. 24. Any suggestion?
  25. 25. Certainly.
  26. 26. Overcome it, fast! Enjoy your life and studies ...
  27. 27. Your ‘life’ Live your life. It’s really yours!
  28. 28. Returning your home Or not?
  29. 29. Your W-curve Revisit
  30. 30. FOREIGN! COUNTRY Courtesy
  31. 31. Your ‘new life’ It’s entirely up to you!
  32. 32. Questions and answers?
  33. 33. The important questions!
  34. 34. Am I ready? What am I worried about?! What do I pay attention to?
  35. 35. Last but not least,!
  36. 36. Enjoy your life. It’s yours!