Dynamic Models with Django


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Juergen Schackmann investigates the various uses cases for Dynamic Models and describes and evaluates the various options on how to implement those with Django.

Dynamic Models with Django

  1. 1. Dynamic Modelsin DjangoJuergen Schackmannj.schackmann@reliatec.de
  2. 2. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 2/28Me▸ Python & Django since 4 years▸ reliatec.de since 3 months▸ Django Web Applications▸ Focus: EDC systems for clinical studies & Telemonitoring
  3. 3. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 3/28Objective▸ Why do do we care about Django Dynamic Models?▸ Why do we have to talk about them?▸ What should we do about them?
  4. 4. Static vs Dynamic Models
  5. 5. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 5/28Models in a Django projectPhase1:Code DevelopmentModels and modelattributes are defined byimplementing those withPython codePhase 2:DeploymentUnderlying database tablesand columns are created byrunning “syncdb” commandPhase 3:RuntimeModels / DB Tables arepopulated with content aspart of the userinteractions
  6. 6. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 6/28Problem?There is no way to adapt the Django Models at runtime based onuser interactions▸ Django Models are defined and implemented duringdevelopment phase▸ Django Models are expected to be static after deployment▸ Django DB Backends only fully support SQL databases, i.e. aschema is required▸ DB specific solutions limit adoption rate of any reusable App
  7. 7. Use Cases for DynamicModels
  8. 8. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 8/28Custom Content Types for a CMS** system: dotCms (Java); source: http://dotcms.com/
  9. 9. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 9/28Customized Products for an Ecommerce Shop** system: Magento (PHP); source: averybrandandprint.co.uk
  10. 10. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 10/28Clinical Research Forms** system: OpenClinica (Java); source: openclinica.com
  11. 11. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 11/28Problem? Which Problem?▸ Models / Content Types are domain or site specific▸ Neither realistic nor efficient to implement all thinkable contenttypes into a software product▸ Configuration by subject-matter experts is better, than codecustomization by developers▸ Dynamic Models reduce the number of deployment cycles
  12. 12. Evaluation ofPatterns & Apps
  13. 13. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 13/28As a User, I ...▸ want to maintain my dynamic models easily withoutunderstanding any Django Model details▸ want extend existing (static) models without thinking aboutstatic and dynamic parts▸ do not want to think about performance, when creating mycustom fields▸ I want to be able to query/search for certain informationseamlessly over static and dynamic models
  14. 14. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 14/28As a developer, I ...▸ want my dynamic models to be integrated with Django StandardTools (admin, migrations, reversion) out of the box▸ want to apply the same API that I use for the static models▸ do not want to use or be limited to specific databases, but usethe standard Django backends▸ want to have a customizable front-end for my users to managethe dynamic models
  15. 15. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 15/28Evaluation Criteria▸ Performance▸ “Querybility”▸ Django Standard Tools Integration (Admin, Cache, ...)▸ Supported Backend▸ Complexity/ Maintainability
  16. 16. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 16/28Entity Attribute Value (EAV)Transform your table columns into table rowsAttribute 1 Attribute 2 Attribute nTableAttributeNameAttributeValueAttributeTableTable has1 n
  17. 17. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 17/28EAV Django Apps▸ bitbucket.org/neithere/eav-django/▸ github.com/mvpdev/django-eav
  18. 18. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 18/28Serialized DictionaryTransform your table columns into pickeld or jsoned dictionariesAttribute 1 Attribute 2 Attribute nTableDictionaryStringAttributes{“attribute1”:”a”, “attribute2”: 5, “attribute3”:[1,2] }
  19. 19. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 19/28Serialized Dictionary Django AppsFields▸ bitbucket.org/schinckel/django-jsonfield/▸ github.com/bradjasper/django-jsonfield▸ github.com/derek-schaefer/django-json-field▸ github.com/shrubberysoft/django-picklefieldApp▸ github.com/dobarkod/django-dynamic-model
  20. 20. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 20/28Runtime Schema UpdatesUpdate Django models and database schema at runtime using▸ syncdb functionality▸ South functionality▸ eventually: Andrew Godwins “Schema Migrations for Django”
  21. 21. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 21/28Runtime Schema Update Django AppsUpdate Django models and database schema at runtime using▸ Syncdb▸ bitbucket.org/mhall119/dynamo/overview▸ South▸ github.com/willhardy/dynamic-models▸ github.com/willhardy/django-dymo▸ bitbucket.org/schacki/django-dynamo▸ github.com/charettes/django-mutant▸ Schema Migrations▸ github.com/charettes/django-mutant
  22. 22. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 22/28Database specific solutionsHstore▸ github.com/jordanm/django-hstore▸ postgresql.org/docs/9.0/static/hstore.htmlNo SQL▸ github.com/django-nonrel▸ github.com/pydanny/django-mongonaut
  23. 23. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 23/28SummaryEAV Serialization Schema UpdatesPerformance   Querybility   Django StandardTools / SupportedBackend  Complexity/Maintainability  
  24. 24. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 24/28Schema Update most powerful, but ...▸ Name clashes between developer models and dynamic models(especially with schema migrations)▸ Multiple Users updating the same model (possibly evenconflicting)▸ Orphan database elements▸ Dynamic Model loading at startup▸ How to find/inject dynamic models into views and templates
  25. 25. Components of aDynamic Model App
  26. 26. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 26/28Must have components of a Dynamic ModelApplication▸ Meta Model Front End to let users maintain their meta models▸ Meta Model Representation to store the meta model information▸ Meta Model Analyzer to detect changes that require some furtheractions (for schema, admin or model)▸ Schema Sync Manager to update and sync the database schema▸ Admin Sync Manager to update and sync the Django admin▸ Model/Cache Sync Manager to update and sync the Django modelsand model cache
  27. 27. © Juergen Schackmann 2013 27/28More resources on dynamic models▸ code.djangoproject.com/wiki/DynamicModels▸ djangopackages.com/grids/g/forms/▸ stackoverflow.com/questions/7933596/django-dynamic-model-fields/7934577
  28. 28. Thank you very much!Questions please?