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Story maps scgis 2013


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Story maps scgis 2013

  1. 1. Story Map Tours – A BIG HIT!!
  2. 2. • Many types of Story Maps – 8 downloadable templates.• Appeal to a wide range of audiences.• Super easy to implement.• Picking a story map that doesn’t require a web map from ArcGISOnline – Now only available in older template code.• Get ideas from Partner Story Maps or Esri’s story map gallery.
  3. 3. template DID NOTrequire ArcGIS online, butnow it does.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Create point layer of locations with thefollowing fields and populateaccordingly. Export to Excel and thenexport to a csv file.Set the configuration variables in theindex.html file accordingly. You can dofurther customization if you know a littleHTML 5 and/or JavaScript.Copy the files from the downloaded zipfile to the root folder of your web server.
  6. 6. Location CSV File• Create in Excel without ArcMap and export to CSV• Create a GIS layer with required fields, export toExcel and then to CSV
  7. 7. Configuration Variables• Only seven variables to change• You can add your own logo in this file
  8. 8. Customizations• Change logo inheader.• Remove links tofacebook andtwitter.• Add a retractableplacard(description area).• Add custom icons.• Add links withinthe descriptionfield.