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Social media 2013_02_05


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Social media 2013_02_05

  1. 1. Capitalizing on Social MediaFebruary 11th, 2013
  2. 2. What is Social Media? Social media refers to the means ofinteractions among people in which theycreate, share, and exchange information andideas in virtual communities and networks–
  3. 3. Social MediaWhen you hear social media – whatdo you think?
  4. 4. Social MediaNot this…But this!
  5. 5. The Bandwagon is Growing• Facebook – 1 billion+ users• Twitter - 500 million+ users• Blogs – 60 million+ for WordPress(42% share)
  6. 6. It’s Main Stream
  7. 7. Why Use It? Fast – easy way to get the message out Feedback – allows you to get feedback fromyour citizens Build – stronger sense of community anddevelop following for your applications(maps are popular)
  8. 8.  Benefits:• Easier to build relationships with users• Easy to solicit feedback• Users promote/market• Potential to reach audiences in new ways#$%*
  9. 9. Things to Consider Try to narrow your venues to several apps Limit the number of accounts that representyour organization Separate personal / work Resources are required – responding tocitizens comments, etc. Not all orgs are allowed to use social media
  10. 10. What Does Management Think?
  11. 11. Twitter ExamplesWendy [mapsgirl] @mapsgirlThe #GIS Daily is out! ▸Top stories todayvia@billdollins @streetviewfunny @berniejconnorsFeatured Reference: Exploring Threats to CoralReefs with online presentationand #GIS datasets:
  12. 12. How Do You Manage It?
  13. 13. One Example of Social Media A multi-pronged approach to use of socialmedia Each social media component has a purpose Not all social media types are alwaysappropriate for each type of message
  14. 14. Some Example Uses
  15. 15. What Should I Say? New data publications Press releases – e.g. new mappingapplication (voter locations) New layers added to a particular map orservice Success stories – how has your GIS helped? Announce upcoming training or orientation
  16. 16. How to Say It Brevity – unless it’s a BLOG – keep it short Short messages are more apt to be read Avoid acronyms if not common (in GIS???) Be engaging
  17. 17. Be Careful What You Write“Social Media doesn’t make a business bad orgood. It amplifies what it already is.”Unmarketing web site
  18. 18.  Additional slide credit goes to NOAACoastal Services