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Scarc sidwell wrkflws_feb2011


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Published in: Technology
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Scarc sidwell wrkflws_feb2011

  2. 2. Efficient Land RecordsWorkflows
  3. 3. Bill WetzelEastern Region Account Managerbwetzel@sidwellco.comTHE SIDWELL
  4. 4. Agenda• A few questions…• About Sidwell and Parcel Builder• Workflow Levels• Project Examples• Future with the Fabric
  5. 5. Three ComponentsDATAApplicationsWorkflows
  6. 6. A few questions…• How and when was it constructed?• What was the source(s)?• How was it maintained?• Any platform or format conversion?
  7. 7. A few questions…• Data Model– Points, Lines, Polygons– Content• Simple shapes• Full, robust features• Annotation– Topology rules
  8. 8. A few questions…
  9. 9. A few questions…
  10. 10. A few questions…
  11. 11. A few questions…• What mapping software is used?• Any third party solutions?• What CAMA is used?• What RDBMS is used?
  12. 12. A few questions…• How many editors?• Who generates the parcel number?• Who updates CAMA/Admin system?• Do you track where the document is?• Hard copy?• How are you deploying data to users?
  13. 13. Efficient Land RecordsWorkflows
  14. 14. Efficient Land RecordsWorkflows
  15. 15. Sidwell History– In business since 1927– Imagery services since 1960– Digital mapping/GIS since 1983
  16. 16. Industry Credentials3 IAAOCadastral MappingSpecialists4 ASPRSCertifiedPhotogrammetrists5 GISProfessionals
  17. 17. Full-Cycle of ServicesImageryMobile/FieldSolutionsGIS DataServicesProjectImplementationApplicationsDeploymentServicesGIS Program
  18. 18. • Aerial Survey fieldsince 1960• Full digital orthoproduction operation• Planimetric andContour mapping• Volumetrics• Historical ImageryImagery
  19. 19. Mobile/Field Solutions• Mapping and Surveygrade GPS units• Field data collectors• Training• Data Management• Forms Development• Technical Support
  20. 20. GIS Data Services• Creation– Original sources– Existing maps• Conversion– CAD to GIS– Legacy to modern• Maintenance– Outsource– Backlog
  21. 21. Project Implementation• Workflow Analysis• Project Communications• Data and SoftwareInstallation• System configurations• User training• User support andtroubleshooting
  22. 22. User Support• Help Desk• Tiered support levels• Remote assistance• Data diagnostics• GeoSafeTM• GIS EditCenterTM
  23. 23. Applications• ESRI Developer– ArcGIS Desktop– ArcGIS Server• System Integration• .NET Framework• Parcel BuilderTM
  24. 24. Deployment Solutions
  25. 25. Efficient Workflows
  26. 26. Administrator withParcel GenealogySidwell’s Parcel BuilderMapPlotterMapEditor & Workflow
  27. 27. Parcel Builder• ArcGIS 10 at the ArcEditor or ArcInfo levels• Data managed within the Geodatabase– Enterprise– Workgroup– File– Personal• Data model independent– Line or polygon geodatabase– Coincident Boundary Model– Parcel Fabric (coming soon!)
  28. 28. FARMS
  29. 29. Address Builder
  30. 30. Workflow Tracking
  31. 31. PORTICO
  32. 32. Efficient Land RecordsWorkflows
  33. 33. Efficient Workflows
  34. 34. Data Editors• Parcel mapping techniques– Reading and interpreting land records– Tips and tricks– Advanced editing– COGO entry– Digital submissions• Hard copy output
  35. 35. Intra Department• Managing parcel numbers– Tracking parcel history– Special property types• Integration– CAMA/Tax Admin– Permitting– Document Management– Addressing• Data Analysis
  36. 36. Inter Department• Document tracking automation– Identify maintenance tasks– Balance workloads– Track backlogs– Status reporting• Data Deployment
  37. 37. Efficient Land RecordsWorkflows
  38. 38. Project Example• Colleton Co SC– 35,000 parcels– Cadastral reconstruction• Source documents• Existing maps– Coincident Boundary Model– Parcel Builder implementation– Integration with CAMA
  39. 39. Project ExampleKGIS, TN– 150,000 parcels– Parcel Builder implementation– Integration with CAMA• Sigma (Manatron)– Customized parcelmaintenance workflows• Parcel Genealogy• Owner Genealogy– Upgrade to PB4 (2011)
  40. 40. Project Examples• Charlotte County, FL– Workflow analysis– Data Conversion– PLSS Adjustments– Parcel Builder Implementation– End User Training– ArcGIS Server Configuration– Integration with in-houseCAMASee full article in the February 2011 issue of POB
  41. 41. Project Examples• Williamson County CAD, TX– CAD to GDB migration• 160,000 parcels– GIS website using ArcGIS Server• Integration link to Tyler CAMA– Parcel Builder implementation– Customized maintenanceworkflows– Spatial data realignmentand enhancement
  42. 42. Project ExamplePolk County, Iowa1st Project (1994)– Intergraph MGE platform– Paper to seamless CAD• Full MGE Data Model– DB links– Topology– Robust content– 150,000 parcels2nd Project (2007)– MGE to GDB– Coincident Boundary Model– Parcel Builder implementation– Web based GIS deployment•– CAMA Integration– 165,000 parcels
  43. 43. Project ExamplesClark County NV– 730,000 parcels– Coverage to GDB– GDB Data Model Design• Pilot Project• Coincident Boundary Model• Robust condo model– Parcel Builder implementation• Customized tools and workflows– Integration with CAMA
  44. 44. Efficient Land RecordsWorkflows
  45. 45. What is the Fabric?• Measurement based approach• Data model of interconnected feature classes– points, lines and polygons• Continually improves data accuracy– Least Squares AdjustmentPlansControl Line PointsPoints LinesParcels1
  46. 46. Software Tools• Appropriate editing software– ArcEditor or ArcInfo– Core functionality• Transactions managed and tracked by– Plans (subdivison plats, surverys)– Jobs (splits, merges)• Quick, easy tools for splits, merges and COGOentry
  47. 47. Future with the Fabric– Analyze land records workflows– Prepare data for Fabric loading– Enhance maintenance workflows– CAMA integration– Deployment and output
  48. 48. Efficient Land RecordsWorkflows
  49. 49. Efficient Land RecordsWorkflows
  50. 50. THE SIDWELL