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Augusta maps i phone ipad app


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Augusta maps i phone ipad app

  1. 1. Augusta Maps foriPhone/iPadImplementing Esris ParcelValue TemplateArcGIS Server 10.1 and iOS SDKMichele Pearman, Jeff Lewis, Marques PerryAugusta, GA - GIS Team
  2. 2. Overview• What is it?• Why?• Challenges & Rewards• Customizations• App Stats• App Support• Getting Started• App Deployment• Server Configuration• Distributing Your App• Steps to Success• Demo
  3. 3. Parcel Value for iPhone Template• ArcGIS API for iOS• Standard overview of property data• Search for addresses• Search for parcel number• View sales/foreclosure info• GPS locator• Email parcel links
  4. 4. Why Implement the ESRI Template?• To see if we could….• Low cost solution for going mobile• Apple Developer License $100 year• Apple Hardware (iMac/MacBook Pro)• Internal staff commitment• Without Third Party Expenses• GIS Return On Investment utilizing existingArcGIS Server Environment and hardware• Deploy mobile data quickly - tax parcel data,search options, sales, and any geographical data
  5. 5. • iOS development learningcurve• Apple submission process• Adapting template to our ownGIS data• iOS meets ArcGISChallenges and Rewards
  6. 6. Augusta MapsCustomizations• First Time UseDisclaimer Pop Up• Expanded searchingcapabilities• Google Analytics• Rate Our App• App icon and launch images• App Update Notification• Status page during servermaintenance• iPhone 5 and iOS 6compatibility
  7. 7. Augusta Maps App Stats• Google Analytics - January Stats
  8. 8. Augusta Maps App Stats• Google Analytics - January Stats
  9. 9. App
  10. 10. Supporting the App• In-App Information Page•• Demo Video
  11. 11. Getting Started• Download ESRI Parcel Value for iPhone Template• Geodatabase, Maps, HTML Config File and Step By Step Instructionsfor testing their app in your environment are all included• Software Checklist• ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Desktop 10• Apple iOS SDK and Apple Xcode• ArcGIS API for iOS 2.0.1• Fiddler for Troubleshooting• Notepad ++ modifying the config file• Graphics software (Adobe Photoshop) Icon Templates• Hardware Checklist• Web Server with ArcGIS Server Configured and MS IIS installed• Mac Computer for iOS programming
  12. 12. Steps to Parcel App Deployment• Follow ESRI’s step by step instructions fordeploying the demo template• Learn as you go• Publish and Cache Map Services• Create a Geometry Service• ArcGIS Services Directory and Identify Rest End Pointnote full URL paths for services for Config File• Modify Configuration file for your environment andcopy to web servers iis directory for external access
  13. 13. Create Key Services• Base Map ServiceAerial Photo or Basic Street Map• Apps Initial screen and visualreference• ArcMap» Initial visible layers» Zoom constraints for detailed» Cache for best performance• Parcel Query ServiceParcel Polygon with Property Details• App onscreen touch selection orsearch criteria button• ArcMap» Not visible» No zoom constraints» Result page friendly namesare field alias in Map
  14. 14. Create Key Services(continued)• Feature ServicesVector Data with attributes for results• Whether it’s sales, business locations, or utilities points this map serviceincludes the layers you want to visualize along with the ParcelInformation• ArcMap» All layers visible» Cache forbest performance
  15. 15. Modify Configuration File• ChangeDefault ExtentX, Y coordinates• Change theservices withyour servicesfull URL path
  16. 16. • Change datadisplay fieldsto yourdatabase fieldnames• No aliasfield names• Change searchfield namesModify Configuration File(continued)
  17. 17. Distributing Your App• iOS Submission and Review Process• Test, Test, Test• Preparing iTunes Connect (binary)• Packaging App in xCode for upload• Enter details, screenshots, support info• Waiting for review (1-2 weeks)• Approval Process
  18. 18. Steps to Success• Plan for Implementation• Team Members Willing to Dig Deep• ESRI Technical Support• When all else fails – ask for help