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Arthur robinson bestpractices


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Arthur robinson bestpractices

  1. 1. ArcGIS for Government - Best Practices Arthur Robinson – Solution Engineer, Esri
  2. 2. ArcGIS as a Platform Knowledge Workers Executive Access Public Engagement Work Anywhere Enterprise Integration ArcGIS Professional GIS Making Mapping and GIS Available Across Your Organization Transforming the Role of GIS
  3. 3. ArcGIS for Local Government A solution for Esri’s local government customers • Series of useful maps and apps focused on local government work • • Analytical Models A foundation for Partner solutions Community of users • • Focused Maps and Apps Freely available and fully supported • Editing Workflows Extensible, configurable • • Organized into modules Best Practices / Implementation Support Network of Esri Services and Partner offerings • Help users implement, sustain and enhance Local Government Information Model …..Available on-premise or in the cloud
  4. 4. Our Mission Help increase the value of GIS in land records organizations • Make it easier to deploy ArcGIS • • Stay current with future releases / avoid legacy technology • • Deliver applications quickly throughout your organization Create a platform of geospatial data that can be leveraged by many Address common constraints in local government • • Budget and time available to implement • Technical breadth and support of existing systems • • Size and skills of staff Domain expertise Empower the community to contribute • Users • Partners
  5. 5. ArcGIS for Local Government Changing the way GIS is deployed Your Needs Organizational Needs Industry Specific Needs DIY 3rd Party Apps Consulting The project… Focused Maps & Apps Harmonized information model ArcGIS for Local Government General GIS Platform Needs ArcGIS Platform (Desktop, Mobile, Server, Online) …reducing time, risk and cost so GIS is easier to deploy and maintain
  6. 6. A System View Deploying ArcGIS for Local Government Access from Maps and Apps website • • • Land Records Editing Maps • • • Water Utilities Printed Maps • Citizens Mobile Apps Web Apps Map Services Mobile Apps Web Apps Public Safety • • • Access from Centralized Information Model Standard basemaps Common Feature / Map Services
  7. 7. Making an Impact More than 170K downloads Over a 125 downloads/day
  8. 8. Land Records Maps and Apps
  9. 9. Demonstration Focused Maps and Apps
  10. 10. Configuration Patterns
  11. 11. Configuration Patterns • Influential factors - Deployment time - • COTS and configurable solutions strategy Technical expertise Three configuration patterns - Publish and adopt - • Complete system adoption Sample code and customize Where do you start? - With your business requirements - Align them with maps and apps - Review system configuration patterns
  12. 12. Complete System Adoption Configure GDB schema • Add fields, features • Configure domains Step 1: Organize your data • Set spatial reference • Load source data Configure maps • Adjust scale dependencies and def queries • Validate label expressions • Publish basemaps and map services Step 2: Author the maps Configure the desktop, mobile and web apps • Add basemaps and map services Supported by Esri Support Services Step 3: Deploy the apps • Adjust extents • Configure popups • Deploy Add-ins and models
  13. 13. Publish and Adopt Configure GDB schema Create ETL Scripts • Add fields, features • Configure domains • Set source / target • Schedule scripts • Set spatial reference • Migrate production data Step 1: Create publication database Step 2: Load production data Configure maps • Adjust scale dependencies and def queries • Validate label expressions • Publish basemaps and map services Step 3: Author the maps Configure the mobile and web apps • Add basemaps and map services • Adjust extents Supported by Esri Support Services Step 4: Deploy the apps • Configure popups
  14. 14. Sample Code and Customize Configure your GDB schema • Add fields, features Step 1: Use your GDB Schema Configure maps • Repair map layers (source and symbology) • Adjust scale dependencies and def queries Step 2: Repair the maps • Validate label expressions • Publish basemaps and map services • Or, just try to use your maps… Publish your own mobile and web apps • Customize/re-compile the apps NOT supported by Esri Support Services Step 3: Customize the apps • Add basemaps and map services • Adjust extents • Configure popups
  15. 15. Configuring the Information Model • Supports maps and apps – – • Known local government requirements Easy to adopt and extend Fully documented – Features, layers and packages • Central repository, organized around thematic content and logical permission model • Organized access/maintenance patterns – – GDB replication, layers and services Tip – Xray for ArcCatalog and ArcMap Start with the layer and field aliases and work from there….
  16. 16. Demonstration Xray for ArcCatalog
  17. 17. The Community
  18. 18. Local Government Community An online community where Land Records users and partners can collaborate
  19. 19. ArcGIS for Local Government Meetup An ongoing dialog where you can share your success stories and learn from others
  20. 20. Local Government Community There’s a place where developers can contribute too
  21. 21. ArcGIS for Local Government Training Options Introduction to ArcGIS for Local Government (Training Seminar) Free • CourseID=2557 Migrating to the ArcGIS for Local Government Information Model (Web Course) Free • CourseID=2747 Search for the course IDs on
  22. 22. Summary • Identify the business needs of your organization • Evaluate the state of your data holdings • Select a configuration pattern that makes sense for your organization • Don’t hesitate to ask for help from - Esri - Partners
  23. 23. Thank You @ArcGISLocalGov