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Duffy Group


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Duffy Group

  1. 1. Scope of Services & Business Solutions
  2. 2. Have You Ever… • Hoped for better quality candidates? • Wished the resumes matched your needs? • Imagined the hiring process would take weeks not months? • Had to explain why the hiring process was taking so long? • Cringed after realizing the true cost of getting the RIGHT candidate? • Wanted intelligence about how your competitors were structuring and compensating a position like yours?
  3. 3. The Duffy Group…A New Approach • After 20 years of helping our clients with their critical hiring needs we’ve learned a lot. • We believe hiring in this economy demands a new approach. • If your business depends on finding the right candidates, at the right time, for the right price, please read on…
  4. 4. Disciplined Recruitment Process The Duffy Group approach is designed to provide flexibility and value to every recruitment task Strategy Recruitment Position Candidate PresentationDevelopment Research Promotion Evaluation and Report• Assess • Find targeted • Generates • Comprehensive • Report on all situation talent candidate background candidates enthusiasm research researched –• Sharpen • Uncover valuable for focus to drive “hidden” • Sells the • Customized in- future success talent opportunity depth interviews searches• Develop • Go well • Provides • Detailed profiles • Well beyond a customized beyond job understanding list of names strategy boards of the role, company, and • Includes • Get the right culture competitive people in intelligence front of you
  5. 5. Duffy Group Results • Meeting Your Needs and Ensuring Your Satisfaction − 95%+ business from returning customers & referrals • Delivering Value for Your Recruitment Dollar − Typical project cost is15%-17% of salary vs. 20%-30%+ for retained/contingency − Flexible model allows us to act as adjunct member of your HR team, filling in only where needed − Through capturing and sharing data, the ongoing hiring process continues to improve over time • Getting You Qualified Candidates Fast − In 2011, the first interested, qualified candidate was seen in an average of 11 – 15 days
  6. 6. Duffy Group Experience • Experience − Recruiters have minimum 15 years experience • Diversified Industry Expertise − Alternative and Renewable Energy − Financial Services − Lean/Six Sigma − Food Manufacturing − Human Resources − Healthcare − Higher Education − Non-Profit
  7. 7. Focus on Critical Positions • C-Suite • Vice President • Director • Manager • Professional-level individual contributor
  8. 8. What Duffy Group Clients Say… • “With the Duffy model, the process was shorter and more efficient, and within our budget constraints. We had the assistance of the Duffy recruiter to help us distill our thinking to clarify just what we were looking for. Her counsel was instrumental in guiding us to our decision.” • “The Duffy recruiter provided me with qualified candidates only; not a long list of candidates for the sake of a long list. She was able to fit right in as part of the team.”
  9. 9. For More Information: Kathleen Duffy Ybarra, President Phone: 602.942.7112 Toll Free: 866.452.9093 Email: Visit:
  10. 10. Thank You … Ultimately, our objective is to help you attain your goal of attracting, selecting, and retaining exceptional people. I give you my personal commitment to ensure that my company’s resources will be deployed to achieve the highest levels of success possible. Kathleen Duffy Ybarra President